3 Little Known Awesome Places to Go for Your Honeymoon

Planning your honeymoon is not really an easy task. After all, you do want it to be perfect. But do you really want to visit one of those super famous destinations that everyone goes to? Would you rather visit a little known but awesome place? If your answer is yes, keep reading – here are 3 little known awesome places to go for your honeymoon.

1. Galway, Ireland

In case you’ve seen the movie “P.S. I love you”, you must have noticed the beauty that the country of Ireland has to offer. Choose Galway City on Ireland’s cost for your honeymoon destination.

The city itself is beautiful and it’s known as Ireland’s Cultural Heart. There are a lot of festivals throughout the year and a lot of interesting places to see. It is also the capital of Irish Traditional Music and the place where you can hear true Irish language, since 10% of population here speak it.

Just outside the city, lies the suburb known as Salthill. It offers simple inns as well as luxurious hotels to stay in. The two mile long promenade along the Galway Bay is just close by and packed with restaurants where you can try original Irish cuisine. Don’t be surprised if someone offers you to hop on a Galway hooker – it’s a local name for sailboats.

Check out this really nice video guide below, and find out more about Galway.

Although it is not very popular as a honeymoon destination, Galway City will sweep you off your feet. Enjoy the walk down the Galway Bay and be your husband’s Galway Girl, with a hair so black and eyes so blue.

2. Rottweil, Germany

For all of you who would love a medieval city at the corner of the famous Black Forest, there is a place called Rottweil in Germany. The town was spared from bombing during the World War 2, so it still shares all of its remarkable beauty with rare visitors every year.

Rottweil is a perfect place if you’re looking for some peace and quiet. The town itself has around 25,000 inhabitants, and visitors are quite rare. The architecture that looks like it has just come out of a fairytale will blow your mind and the view to the magnificent Black Forest and the Schwabian Alps will simply leave you speechless.

Stay at Ringhotel Johanniterbad, which is a combination of history and luxury. It is a three star hotel today, but it was built back in 1312. It is located on a hill overlooking the town of Rottweil and all rooms have a private balcony that offer a stunning view.

3. Kiruna, Sweden

wooden sign in norway nordkapp kiruna ivalo

Kiruna is a city in Northern Sweden, located in the Kiruna Municipality and the province of Lapland – the place where Santa Claus comes from. It is a place you might have heard of, because the famous “Ishotelet” or The Ice Hotel is situated in the nearby village of Jukkasjärvi and it is most certainly a place worth visiting.

Kiruna is a beautiful city and its surroundings offer you tons of interesting activities. Don’t miss a ride in the famous dog sledge or the unique Sami cuisine. Sami are the indigenous people of Lapland, and their cuisine mostly consists of reindeer and moos meat and forest fruits. Don’t be surprised to see whole wooden churches; they are a common sight in Scandinavia.

The most famous attraction of Kiruna is of course the Ice Hotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi. Kiruna’s Ice Hotel is the first ever build ice hotel in the world. It was first built in 1990 and it is open every year since then from December to April. The entire hotel is made out of snow and ice that melt every spring and it is being rebuilt every winter. You can find more information about the Ice Hotel at its official page.  Book your stay exactly here, if you don’t mind sleeping of a block of ice covered with an animal skin.

If you don’t mind the cold and the lack of sunlight, winter is the time to visit Kiruna. It is quite cold, but you may get a chance to see the amazing Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights; the sight that is worth freezing for. If you choose to visit during the summer though, expect not to see the night, because sun slightly sets only for couple of hours a day.

In any case, Kiruna is a place like no other in the world and it is definitely worth your money and time. Choose it for your honeymoon destination and enjoy the full experience of vast nature and beautiful views. You will love Kiruna.

Have you already visited one of these awesome places? Do you think that some other little known location would be a perfect one for a honeymoon? Feel free to add to this list in comments.


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