Top 5 Travel Accessories You’re Going to Love

Traveling somewhere? Well check out top 5 travel accessories first! These things are very useful and are going to make your trip much more pleasant and easier!

1. Hydro-Photon SteriPEN

steripen freedom

With this little useful gadget you won’t have to worry about water-borne diseases ever again, no matter where in the world you find yourself! Just hold it in your hand and stick it in a glass of water like you see here and in about 48 seconds 99,9% of all harmful microorganisms that may be in there will be destroyed with its ultraviolet lights. It’s that easy and it doesn’t change the taste of the water, it just makes it a whole lot safer for you to drink.

2. SleepPhones


SleepPhones are flat, removable speakers built into a soft fleece headband perfect if you wish to sleep in the plane/train/car while listening to some relaxing tunes.

3. Balanzza Truco

balanzza truco

This super convenient Truco (meaning Travel Utility Carry-On) is made out of 3 very functional separate pieces that easily come together to spare you the hassle of having bazillion carry-on bags with you when you’re checking into the terminal.

4. SleepTracker Elite Pro

sleeptracker elite

This little gadget makes sure you wake up at the perfect time, and that you always look well rested, no matter how many hours you’ve spent traveling. SleepTracker ensures you don’t wake during a deep-sleep cycle. You tell the watch when you’re off to bed and enter an acceptable waking window.

Throughout the night, its accelerometer monitors your body movement. And in the morning, its alarm rings and/or vibrates when you’re in the lightest possible sleep stage within the specified time range.

5. SeV Women’s Trench

sev womens trench

Check out this fashionable trench that’s definitely more than it seems! In fact I’d say it’s worthy of Inspector Gadget himself, and you’ll be saying it too once you get just how savvy this thing is: 18 specialized pockets, enough to comfortably keep keys, glasses, money, documents, a water bottle, a phone, a camera, a tablet, and other electronics discreetly hidden but accessible. Oh, and it’s also waterproof.


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