Dreaming Of Paradise? The 5 Best Tropical Vacation Destinations

Tropical destinations can easily be found all around the globe. Selecting the ones that are ideal for you may be a whole different story though.

Whether you prefer snowboarding, skiing, diving or long walks on the beach, each season has its perks. Get rid of those winter blues with a tropical vacation destination.

Here are some of the best white beaches and sunny destinations that will warm you from inside. You can go with friends or family, or take a romantic trip for two. Soak in the sun, enjoy night life, surf, snorkel, do some hiking or relax in a spa of excellence. Your options are limitless!

Play in the Sun at Playa del Carmen


Sun, sand, shopping, parties and so much more await you on these spectacular shores. There is no excuse not to visit Playa del Carmen in Mexico at least once in your lifetime. Filled with so many sites and activities, no one will ever be bored.

Enter the heart of the Riviera Maya by making Playa del Carmen your tropical vacation destination this year. Take day trips for scuba diving, golfing or visit the spa for a refined treatment. Explore the archaeological sites where temples are filled with ancient murals or you can discover the pyramids.

Your taste buds will explode in delight when sampling traditional and exotic foods. Enjoy beach parties, reggae, rock music and salsa or go shopping. See the amazing underwater life at the cenotes or take a trip to the ecological park. Here, your life will be enriched with fulfilling and wild experiences.

Explore Rich History on Peter Island


This astonishing island (located in the British Virgin Islands) was formed from volcanic eruptions and was home to both Blackbeard and Christopher Columbus. However, it was turned into a tropical vacation destination during the 1960s.

Mr. Torlof Smedvig and his wife transformed this island into a modern resort, but the resort we know today came into being after the island was bought by a sailor in 1978. Even today this island’s glorious natural beauty, serenity and all amenities are preserved by the family of this sailor. Peter Island is known to be one of the most lavish and desirable destinations in the world.

Try some snorkeling, scuba diving, yoga, biking or hiking while visiting. Or, relax while basking in the sun and visit their top-ranking spa for some delicate soothing treatments. Spend the afternoon on one of their five luminous beaches or rent a tiki hut for extra privacy.

Shoal Bay: The Gem of Tropical Vacation Destinations


If you seek that true island vibe, Shoal Bay in Anguilla is the place to be. If diving and fishing are your sports of choice, then this destination is your home away from home. From the silky soft beaches, radiant waters and offshore islands to the reefs filled with shipwrecks and a large variety of fish, you will not be disappointed.

In the summer months, the shores never sleep. Join in the parades, boat races, beauty pageants and even dancing. There is also the Fountain Cavern close by with the wonders of nature to discover. Learn more about local history at the Heritage Collection Museum with documents that trace the history of the island, artefacts, photographs and more. Visit the tourist office in Anguilla to search their art galleries and old factories or take part in walking tours and more.

This piece of paradise is surrounded by marine parks, a double reef system, shipwrecks and corals you have never seen before. Dive with garden eels, turtles and even stingrays. Be enthralled by the wondrous serenity this island has to offer.

Fun Does not Sleep in Curacao

curacao island

If you love Holland, you will think you are in heaven when visiting this unique Dutch island. Party day and night, enjoy the clear waters, beaches, sun and more. If a romantic break is what you are looking for you will find it here, although you may run a bit short on privacy. The weather on this island is truly remarkable and rainy weather is usually only from November to January.

The architecture, social life, museums, shopping, casinos and more are sure to delight everyone. Visit the Old Town, which is a World Heritage site. This island also has a variety of resorts to select from as well as fine dining at a variety of restaurants. Be sure to see the caves, take part in the carnival or visit Christoffel Park. Drink a ponche and take a safari canoe ride. Or, you could take a turn at the sea aquarium to scuba dive or feed some tropical fish.

Be Spellbound by the Unbelievable Maldives


Searching for that perfect romantic getaway? This chain of islands are right up your alley. The Maldives offers white, sandy beaches scattered with lush palm trees and surrounded by crystal clear waters. For a relaxing but adventurous holiday and fun in the sun, be sure to visit between November and May.

If you are looking for a great tan, fishing, diving, surfing or even some time relaxing in a spa, you are in luck as you will find it all and more in the Maldives!

If exotic and fish dishes are to your, you are surely in for a surprise. The Maldives also offer a great assortment of pastries, fish rolls, fish dishes and so much more that your snacking may never stop!

So, whether you are searching for the great escape, a romantic trip for two, adventure or even relaxation, you are sure to find it on one of these magnificent tropical vacation destinations!

Have you been to a destination not mentioned here? Please do share your top selection of destinations. Also, if you have been to any of these listed here, tell us about your experience!

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