7 Fun Things To Do in Cuba to Tantalize Your Senses

All you have to do is go and enjoy all the wonders that this fascinating Caribbean country has to offer! Here are some of the fun things to do in Cuba.

Cuba is a beautifully colourful place to visit, with a curious mix of Spanish, African and American influence. Its capital Havana is a popular tourist and resort destination that offers great drinks and parties, but to experience the full Cuban culture, it may be worth stepping off the resort and doing some exploring.  I’ve done the research for you, so you don’t have to, and found the top six things to do and experience to tickle each of your senses. All you have to do is go and enjoy all the wonders that this fascinating Caribbean country has to offer!

#1 Try Some Traditinal Cuban Food

ropa vieja

Taste some traditional Cuban fair and try some ropa vieja, which literally translates to ‘old clothes’ in English. This authentic Cuban dish is a shredded flank steak (hence the old clothes term) in a tomato sauce base, usually served with black beans, yellow rice, plantains and fried yucca with beer.

Cuban cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences. Try more local dishes like Moros y Cristianos, or Lechon Asado for a taste of Cuba.

#2 Drink a Mojito

Fun Things To Do in Cuba to Tantalize Your Senses

Mojito is a Cuban drink made of rum and other good stuff! This was the favourite thirst quencher of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway. You can even enjoy this drink at his favourite bar, La Bodeguita del Medio bar.

The traditional Mojito is a rum-based highball from Cuba. It’s super delicious and very refreshing, and so are these 4 variations of this amazing Cuban cocktail!

#3 Listen to The Pulsing Beats of Cuba

Listen to the music of Cuba, a true expression of their culture. Whether it is salsa, mambo or rumba, the pulsing beats will get you on your feet and grooving. Each style is great, but it’s been said that Cuba without rumba is not Cuba. So get a taste of some rumba at the Callejon de Hamel, which offers live music every Sunday at noon. One of the shortest streets in Havana, this colourful alleyway is full of Afro-Cuban mural. It’s like an outdoor art gallery, but without the black ties and snooty art connoisseurs, this art gallery is full of music, dancing and an electric energy.

#4 Go Sight-Seeing

Things To Do in Cuba to Tantalize Your Senses

See the vibrant neighbourhood known as Vedado. A walk to the Plaza de la Revolución and up the José Martí Memorial will give you an awesome panoramic view of the city.  Vedado is also home of the tallest building in Cuba, the FOCSA Building – one of the seven wonders of Cuba! If you’re not so into architecture and scenery and want some different kind of partying, Vedada is also the centre of the city’s gay scene. Explore the rainbow!

#5 See the Vibrant Colors

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The streets of Cuba are filled with vibrant colors, from the brightly painted buildings to the colorful vintage cars. Take a walk around Havana or Trinidad and marvel at the colorful sights.

#6 Habana 1791 – The Elegant Perfume Shop

Smell the sweet fragrances of Cuba at Habana 1791, an elegant perfume shop inside an 18th century mansion found in Old Havana. This shop/museum/lab is a great place not only to buy souvenirs, but to also create your own one of a kind scent! Not only do you get to have a signature scent created for you, you also get to choose the presentation, from bottle to stopper!

#7 Playas del Este

Playas del Este

Touch the soft, warm sand along the Playas del Este – a chain of beaches that stretch along the northern coast of Havana. There are multiple beaches along this strip, but the most popular beach area for tourists is Santa Maria. Go there on the weekend to enjoy a lively crowd and sun bathe, swim, drink or frolic to your hearts content!

So there you have it: An exciting way to experience Cuba and indulge each one of your senses. 

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  • The boyfriend and I are looking for an affordable destination to visit. Looks like Cuba will be a great option as there’s more to see and do than simply laying on the beach. Thanks for the article.

  • Sure wish I could go, but do NOT want my passport taken away, so I guess I’ll never get to go.