Best Places to Travel in Your 30s

In honor of what will hopefully be one of the best decades of your life (and a million times better than your 20’s), here are the best places to travel in your 30s.

Life starts at 30 and these 7 intriguing and adventurous places are guaranteed to help you usher in your best decade yet.

Fez, Morocco

Fez Morocco aerial view on a frosty foggy winter morning

There is no reason why Marrakesh should have all the glory in Morocco. Venture a few hours outside of Marrakesh and you will find yourself in the country’s oldest Imperial City. As the third largest city in Morocco, Fez is no wilting flower.

Must sees in Fez include the “old town,” which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend an afternoon winding through alleyways of Tala Kebria and Tala Seghir, ending at the towering and beautiful Bab Bou Jeloud Gate.

You really need more than a few days in Fez to really appreciate and discover all the city has to offer. However, if you find yourself with only a short time to explore, be sure to check out the Merenid Tombs. The tombs date back to the 16 century and look down upon the city. Visit this during sunset and you will have a picture perfect moment.

Why visit Fez in your 30s? Fez demands an adventurous heart and does well with confident travelers. It’s perfect for the traveler who has seen hot spots like Marrakesh and wants to explore deeper.

New Orleans, Louisiana

St Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter

Chances are, you might have visited New Orleans in your teens and twenties during Mardi Gras. While it is a great place to celebrate the city’s biggest party, there’s so much more to explore beyond Bourbon Street.

Begin your trip authentically by booking your stay in an Airbnb. There are some amazing homes in the Garden District that are often cheaper than a hotel room in the French Quarter. The food alone is worth the visit for but make sure to go beyond the touristy staples of Café du Monde. Instead, explore the Uptown and Warehouse District neighborhoods. Restaurants like Herbsaint and Jacque Imo’s are frequently heralded for their modern take on Louisiana cuisine.

Embrace the music of the Crescent City’s roots and enjoy your nightcap in the cozy jazz bars that are favored among locals. The Maple Leaf Bar in Uptown and Mother-in-Law Lounge on Claiborne Avenue are just two examples among many.

Why visit New Orleans in your 30s? You can appreciate the discovery of the city’s sultry, complex layers. Plus, pushing through throes of tourists on Bourbon Street is probably less attractive now. This is the grown up New Orleans.

Nice, France

View of Nice France

Your 30s are a time to explore beyond what you have already discovered. Perhaps you have been to France but only visited Paris. If you have, then Nice is calling you to return. If you have never visited France, then Nice is a wonderful welcome.

Few afternoons are more idyllic than strolling down the Promenade des Anglais. Full of bustling shops and restaurants, it’s a great place to people watch or sit and sip as you daydream of carbs and chocolate. The same could be said for Vieux Nice, the old part of the city. Its winding alleyways and small shops are incredibly charming and a great place for you to shop for goodies that go beyond the normal touristy fluff.

For the art lover, Nice features old and new. Among the many great museums to visit is the Musee d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain and the Musee Matisse.

Why visit Nice in your 30s? Nice, like New Orleans, is best visited when you have the time and mindset to meander. This isn’t a city to see while passing through. Instead, this is your trip to decompress, relax and restore.

Lisbon, Portugal

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Lisbon-Portugal-1-833x500.jpg

Lisbon is a city with a vibrant culture that is a mix of Portuguese and Mediterranean influences. The city is known for its delicious cuisine, traditional Fado music, and colorful street art. Lisbon is an affordable destination compared to other European cities, making it a great choice for travelers on a budget. The city offers a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget hostels.

There are several historical monuments, museums, and landmarks that showcase the city’s past, such as Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery, and Castelo de Sao Jorge.

Why visit Lisbon in your 30s? Lisbon is a great destination to visit in your 30s because it has a perfect mix of history, culture, and entertainment that can cater to the interests of this age.

Napa/Sonoma, California

vineyards of napa valley

Less than 2 hours from San Francisco is an adult Disney World, the land of milk and honey – or, in this case, the land of wine, cheese, and olive oil. Besides wine, Napa and Sonoma are home to some of Northern California’s best restaurants. Likely you have heard of the French Laundry but there’s also Kitchen Door, El Dorado, Redd, and Solbar to name just a few.

While wine country is inevitably a perfect romantic getaway, it’s also a perfect destination for a girls’ weekend. Take advantage of the many spas, book wine tour transportation so you don’t have to drive and do nothing more than eat, drink and bond. It really – really! – doesn’t get much better than that.

Why visit Napa/Sonoma in your 30s? Chances are, you have a deeper appreciation for wine than you did in your 20s. A day spent tasting the country’s best wines sounds a heck of a lot more enticing now.

New York

Central Park aerial view Manhattan

You’re older and know what you want. New York, while amazing in your20s, is really a city for people who know what they want in life. It isn’t a city for the indecisive or meek. And while you may have had amazing visits to the Big Apple before, it truly does take on a different tone when you are older (and, hopefully, wiser).

Skip the tourist traps and spend your time discovering the city’s neighborhoods and quirks. Check out SpottedbyLocals for lists of restaurants, bars and shops that the locals love. Spend a day traipsing through Brooklyn’s Community Bookstore or the contemporary art gem Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea.

Why visit New York in your 30s? Because this time, you have New York by the reins.


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Bali is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, and Jimbaran Beach. These beaches are perfect for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing, and offer stunning views of the ocean. This is ali is an adventure lover’s paradise, with activities such as white-water rafting, hiking, cycling, and zip-lining. Visitors can also go scuba diving or snorkeling to explore the island’s underwater world. The island’s natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere make it the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Why visit Bali in your 30s? Because it offers a unique combination of natural beauty, culture, adventure, and wellness that can make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Why not share some of your favorite places to visit in your 30s?


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