Best Restaurants in Rome: 10 Places to Eat Like the Romans

If you are going to Rome you simply have to try out the best restaurants! Making love in lasagna and swimming in gelato should definitively be vital parts of the itinerary…

When in Rome, do like the Romans. In other words: Indulge in as much pasta, pizza, and gelato as possible, and swallow it down with plenty of Italian wine, limoncello, and espresso. Then walk it all off as you scour the city’s beautiful architecture and historical monuments – the city is filled with beautiful architecture and there are historical monuments a plenty, so walking off the food is not a problem.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Rome. Enjoy, indulge, and make love to the food like a real Italian!

La Tavernaccia – Do it like the Italians

If you always dreamt of visiting a proper family run taverna with real homemade Italian food then La Tavernaccia is a restaurant you have to visit. Mama’s pasta is on the menu. Literally.

Roma Sparita – Food on the Piazza


If you wish to enjoy food outside on a beautiful piazza then Roma Sparita is for you. It’s uncomplicated but has great menu that should satisfy your taste buds. And who would not want to sit on an Italian piazza sipping wine and munching on delicious foods – especially when it doesn’t come with a Queen’s price tag.

Vascello – Sardinia on a Plate

They don’t only serve sardines in Sardinia. In fact, they have a great cuisine that will make your mouth water. Vascello, run by Sardinian couple, will definitively enlighten you on this topic. Be prepared for mouthwatering dishes and a legendary ricotta cake for dessert.

Antico Arco – For the Foodie

If you like innovative cuisine, try Antico Arco, a restaurant known for its culinary delights. It was started by three friends who were in love with… you guessed it: Food and wine!

La Pergola – The Michelin Star Experience

If you want a restaurant with a view and a menu that happens to have been awarded three Michelin stars then La Pergola is the place to go. Like wine? You are in luck. This place hosts a wine cellar with wine dating back to 1888. They have around 53,000 bottles in store. Not bad; not bad at all.

Il Pagliaccio – The Cozy Gourmet Option


A small restaurant that seats only 28, Il Pagliaccio has received two Michelin stars and offers food that will make you swoon. If you love gourmet food in a small, comfortable setting, this is for you.

Aroma – With a View of the Colosseum

If you like dining on rooftop bars then Aroma will tempt you with its delights. With a stunning view of the Colosseum, this gourmet restaurant is a great place for a candlelit dinner at night.

Agata et Romeo -Food by Romeo

Agata et Romeo is a restaurant owned by Agata and Romeo! This married couple serves up traditional Roman dishes with an innovative modern twist. And let’s face it: You simply can’t miss the experience of having your food served by Romeo.

L’Arcangelo – The Gourmet Trattoria


Love trattorias and gourmet food? The two are beautifully combined at L’Arcangelo. The great thing about this upmarket trattoria is that it doesn’t cost the world to eat there either. If you love fresh simple food that’s been taken to the gourmet level, this is the place to go.

All’Oro – Playful Roman Food

If you want something a bit different, then check out All’Oro. Chef Riccardo di Giacinto sets his imagination free and plays with traditional Roman dishes. The result is astounding. In summer, the restaurant also offers a rooftop space called 0° 300° – named after the temperature the restaurant specialities have been cooked at: Raw platters (0°) and roasted meat and fish platters (300°).

If you are looking for inspiration before a trip to Italy apart from reading restaurant reviews try reading a couple of novels about Italian food. Books such as The Food of Love, The Wedding Officer, La Cucina: A Novel of Rapture, Delicious, Georgia’s Kitchen, Under the Tuscan Sun and The Food of Love Cookery School all offer plots that involve both Italy and Italian food. They may not all be to your taste, but at least one will tickle your taste buds! Great way to get in the mood for food in Rome.

Let us know if you visit any of these restaurants in Rome, which one did you like most?

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