10 Things to Do in Malta to Make Your Trip Unforgettable

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of things to do in Malta. Here are the top 10 loved tourist attractions to get you started.

#1 Pop into Popeye Village


In the gorgeous seaside town of Mellieha lies one of Malta’s most popular tourist attractions.

A fantastic piece of film history located on Anchor Bay’s colorful coast, this quaint little village was originally built as a film set for the live-action Popeye musical back in 1980. Its unique charm hasn’t since gone to waste, however, as the gorgeous set has been turned into a wonderful open-air museum for all those young at heart.

Join in a game of crazy mini-golf, see a variety of kooky animation shows or take, a blissful boat ride around Anchor Bay.  Enjoy an adventurous swim in the lagoon-like waters, or simply relax in the Maltese sun. The park even offers the opportunity to produce your own short film – a quirky souvenir to show your friends!

If you’re visiting during the winter then you’ll be treated to a warm and cosy atmosphere. The whole village comes alive in the dark with colorful lights and seasonal decorations. A vintage comic exhibition and silversmith demonstration are included in the Popeye experience. Get a snack or cool drink at the village’s cafe – and don’t miss the cute Popeye souvenir shop.

You’ll hardly believe that this gorgeously picturesque village is even real. The park also benefits from being just a short distance away from other great beaches of Mellieha. Visit the nearby Mellieha Bay or famous Golden Bay for a fantastic day out at the beach.

#2 Learn How to Scuba Dive

There’s something so enticingly thrilling about scuba diving. In Malta, you have the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean like never before. Venture into depths unseen by most humans and explore the breathtakingly beautiful life under the sea. The Island of Malta is the perfect location for scuba diving whether you’re a passionate professional or just starting out.

Learn the art of deep sea diving at the acclaimed Dive Systems. While there are many diving schools dotted throughout the island, Dive Systems is the absolute oldest and regularly voted a top attraction amongst Maltese tourists. If you already have confidence in your diving skills, the school offers a set of more challenging programs. Equipped with all the necessary gear and guided by qualified divers, you’ll be in for an exciting yet safe undersea adventure.

Located on the scenic and event-packed coast of Sliema, the school is just a few minutes’ walk away from cafes, bars, shops, and other great tourist attractions. At the bottom of the sea, you’ll discover a haunting shipwreck, beautiful star fish, and a variety of rare sea life. Open all year around, the school operates at several different Maltese diving sites.

Get up close and personal with amazing sea creatures as you discover the true colors of the ocean. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable diving experience.

#3 Party Like a Superstar

nightclub parties DJ sound equipment

On the twenty-second floor of Malta’s tallest building (the prestigious Portomaso Tower) lies the island’s most exclusive night club. Enjoy relaxing music and mature company in the futuristic lounge of Club 22. For a snack with friends, take a look at the bar’s impressive menu of delicate sushi and tempting tapas. There’s an endless choice of refreshing cocktails made with care by the creative bar staff.

At such heights, the club offers panoramic views over Malta. You’ll feel on top of the world as you look out over the busy streets and harbor lights. Try getting to the club as early as possible to ensure you get a table – the club tends to get especially popular after 11pm.

At the bottom of the club’s building, you’ll also find one of Malta’s most trendy casinos. The VIP-style lounge offers any gambling activity you could possibly imagine accompanied by a chic bar and a bold drinks menu.

Don’t miss the stylish scene at Portomaso Tower for a full night of neon, romance and enticing sensations. Feel like a millionaire amongst a classy and lively crowd of party-lovers! Treat yourself to a night of glamor and luxury in the heart of St Julian’s nightlife.

#4 Take a Vintage Style Ride

The Church Saint Dominic in Rabat Malta

Classic and trackless, Malta’s sightseeing trains will give you a unique tour of popular island destinations such as Bugibba, Rabat, the incredible St Paul’s Bay and the historical Mdina.

For 30 relaxing minutes, you can take a break from being on your feet all day and experience an uplifting train ride. The pleasant carriages are as comfortable as the guide is informative. At a gentle speed, the old-fashioned trains cruise through the most beautiful and sunny parts of the Maltese island.

The fantastic sightseeing landmarks include buildings such as the old Royal Navy Hospital and several captivatingly beautiful cathedrals. This is a fantastic opportunity to get an authentic taste of the island whilst soaking up the Maltese sun. The train crosses over bridges, alongside coasts, and through town centers. On your journey, you’ll get a great sense of your whereabouts. You’ll probably see a number of cafes and shops you’ll be making a note to come back to!

The train staff will be able to offer you plenty of information and advice on how to get the best out of your holiday – including discount prices for other top tourist attractions. Enjoy a fun, charming, and steady-paced sightseeing tour in one of these antique Maltese trains.

#5 Shop Until You Drop at Tigne Point

There’s no shortage of places to shop in Malta. In the tourist-friendly seaside town of Sliema exists one of the island’s biggest and most popular shopping centers. Nicknamed simply ‘The Point’, this five-floor shopping center encompasses a variety of eateries, international fashion brands, and market stall bargains. Whether you’re looking for the latest electronics, top fashion stores, jewellery, or homeware inspiration, The Point will meet all your shopaholic needs!

When it comes to dining, you’ll have a hard time choosing between the wide range of cuisine on offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for some light sushi, some energy-rich fast food, or a sweet treat together with a smooth latte – The Point has everything from food stalls to chain restaurants to supermarkets. Feed your lunch-time hunger at the stylish Posh Nosh or satisfy your sweet tooth cravings at Millie’s Cookies.

Don’t miss out on retail bargains at Malta’s favorite mall. The center is easily reached – just take any bus to the Sliema Ferries. Being so close to the ferries, you’ll also be in a prime location to take a boat ride to the capital of Valletta or simply enjoy a stroll along the seaside.

Connected to The Point’s main building is a large jetty that overlooks the harbor. Attached to the bridge are hundreds of lovers’ padlocks. Add your own or simply enjoy a romantic moment with someone special. If you’re feeling spontaneous, you can even dive into the sea for a cooling swim in the safe and clean Sliema bay!

#6 Have Your Feet Kissed by Fish

Rufa garra fish spa treatment

Every woman will, at some point, look at her feet and groan at the sight of some unappreciated hard skin. Dead skin cells can be stubborn and difficult to remove. There are countless scrubs and creams claiming to solve this problem, but nothing beats an authentic Kangal Fish spa treatment. You’ve probably heard of it before, but most people are unsure whether the treatment is really for them.

The nibble fish, as they are known, have historically been used to treat sufferers of a skin condition called psoriasis. These ‘doctor fish’ have since entered the spa market as a natural and effective way to remove dead skin. Various tourist outlets have jumped on the increasingly popular trend, and you can find low-cost spa treatments that use these nibbling fish throughout Malta.

Simply wash your feet and step into a glass box of room-temperature water. The small and friendly fish begin their work by gently eating away at your dead skin leaving your feet feeling soft and refreshed. This amazing treatment nourishes every part of your feet, from your heels to your toes. It’s a fun holiday experience you’ll be recommending to your friends. Just be warned – those miracle fish can really tickle your feet! Try The Fish Lounge in St Julians or Dr Fish’s Foot Spa in Sliema for the full experience. Give your feet the break they deserve.

#7 Get Blown Away at the Teatru Manoel

Valletta, the romantic capital of Malta, is a UNESCO World Heritage site – and for good reason. A piece of this historical city’s captivating charm comes in the form the Teatru Manoel Opera House. As the third-oldest working theater in Europe, the Teatru Manoel is an absolute gem.

Built in 1732, the magnificent theater hall provides a venue for grand orchestral concerts, chamber music, drama, and opera. Enjoy an emotional evening at the grand and opulent Teatru Manoel, or visit the theater’s museum to see beautiful exhibits about the building’s amazing past.

This architectural jewel is in the very center of Valletta – just a short walk away from the renowned National Library of Malta, St John’s Cathedral and the splendid Lower Barrakka Gardens. Be mesmerized by the luxuriously royal interior and immerse yourself in a show at Valletta’s beautiful Teatru Manoel.

#8 Find Treasures at the Marsaxlokk Market

Among the best things to do in Malta is to breathe in the delicious scents of local produce, fresh flowers and rustic antiques at the famous Marsaxlokk market. Whilst the popular market focuses primarily on fresh seafood (usually caught the same morning!), the various stalls have a lot of unique items on display for tourists and locals alike.

Forage through treasure boxes or browse through books and postcards to find incredible souvenirs. The market depicts a fantastic mix-match of culture with its fabrics, accessories, decorations, and food. Strolling through the traditionally Maltese market, you’ll instantly feel like a local in the welcoming and cheery atmosphere.

#9 Discover the Fish of the Mediterranean


Extensive in its collection of Mediterranean sea life, this newly-opened sea center has already become one of Malta’s top tourist attractions. The National Aquarium of Malta allows you to discover aquatic secrets in a state-of-the-art center that will keep you fascinated from beginning to end.

The aquarium is home to some of the Mediterranean’s most important fish and plants. In the interest of preserving sea life and furthering education, the center takes good care of its animals and hosts great exhibits for its visitors.

With the opportunity to swim with dolphins and see camouflaging sea urchins, this center is more than your average aquarium. Watch sharks get fed and crabs get busy in their well-designed Mediterranean tanks. The aquarium is situated in Qawra – not far from the town of Bugibba. If you have a passion for marine life or simple a love for unusual creatures, this place is definitely for you.

#10 Join the Maltese Magic

That this little island likes to party is no secret, but what is less known is that Malta’s firework displays and town festivals are among the best in the world. Make sure to check whether any festivals are happening near you during your stay on the Island of Malta.

Catholicism plays a big part in Maltese life as evidenced in the island’s many beautiful cathedrals and traditional values. Religious holidays are subsequently a cause for great celebration. Easter brings about impressive parades and parties, whilst Christmas time brings with it decorative displays and cosy markets. You’ll be guaranteed to find spectacular firework shows throughout the island on national holidays.

Buy a ticket pass for a night boat party to view the fireworks from the sea. Most Maltese festivals offer a wonderful combination of lights, food, dance and music which you do not want to miss out on. Keep an eye out for upcoming festivals such as the Jazz Festival, Mediterranean Food Festival, Arts Festival, and Fireworks Festival. Get caught up in the excitable atmosphere and make long-lasting memories amidst the crowds at one of Malta’s fantastic festivals.

With such a varied mix of attractions waiting to be explored, you won’t ever find yourself short of things to do in Malta. Check out some of these top 10 attractions for yourself and I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time. 

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