Heidelberg: The European City You Should Visit Next

Want to travel to Germany? Here are the most attractive locations we suggest you visit next.

You’ve decided to visit Europe, but you still don’t know where to go for a romantic trip? You may be surprised to hear that we recommend Germany where you’ll find the charming city of Heidelberg.

It’s romantic, idyllic, cosmopolitan and dynamic. Here are some travel trips to help you make your trip as memorable as possible.

1. Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg castle

Even the famous Johann Wolfgang Goethe found his inspiration on one of the terraces of this magnificent medieval building, so why shouldn’t you! Above the old town, amidst picturesque and tranquil greenery, sits Heidelberg Castle with all its Gothic and Renaissance character.

It can be reached by foot through the narrow streets of this charming city or by cab, which will cost 10 Euros.

Stepping into the grounds of Heidelberg Castle, you’ll feel as if time has stopped and you’re lost in a fairy tale. Many festivals, theater performances and ceremonies are held in the castle throughout the year, which makes this place more magical.


Besides idyllic gardens and an amazing lookout point over the river Neckar, you will find an old museum of pharmacy, which covers the history of apothecaries during the 18th and 19th centuries.

You’ll also encounter the famous wine cellar where you can see the largest barrel in the world that has an incredible capacity of 221,726 liters. Here, you can taste famous wine from this region before continuing on your adventure.

2. River Neckar

The appealing River Neckar makes this city seem even more vivid and attractive. Taking a two-hour boat trip down the river is an excellent way to experience the beauty and charm of the city.

Of course, you can be just as charmed while relaxing on the river bank, surrounded by scenes of true beauty. While enjoying the beautiful view and tranquility, you’ll likely encounter musicians, painters and writers who, like many locals, favor this oasis when seeking inspiration.


3. Philosopher’s walk

Near the River Neckar, you can walk one of the most attractive paths in Europe, known as the Philosopher’s Valley. Under the walls of the old Celtic fortification in this valley, many famous scientists, philosophers, writers and painters walked this path while looking for inspiration and conclusions.

Take a walk here and enjoy the incredible views of Heidelberg while you step back in time. Then, visit the 11th-century Monastery of St. Michael and Thingstätte, a pre-war amphitheater.

4. Heidelberg University


After your refreshing philosophical walk, your next stop should be the University of Heidelberg. Explore the trip by bike in honor of the late Karl von Drais, a student of the university, who first patented this mode of transport.

Over the years, some of the world’s most important philosophers and scientists have studied at this prestigious university, including: Friedrich Hegel, Robert Bunsen, Dmitri Mendeleev and Max Weber. Today, Heidelberg University has about 30,000 students.

We recommend visiting the University Museum as well as the unusual student prison. Until the late 20th century, this prison served as a safe haven for students who, in some way, interfered with the work of the university.

It’s an interesting place to visit. Nearby, you’ll find the fully equipped university library. It’s most attractive treasure is the 14th-century Manessische Handschrift, an illuminated manuscript of medieval songs.

Also of note are the Seminargebäude, the Mensa students’ refectory and the 15th-century Peterskirche, a tiny chapel now used mainly as the university church.

5. Heidelberg zoo and Botanic garden


The fantastic complex that is the Heidelberg Zoo extends over more than 10.2 hectares. You’ll find a lot of rare animal species here, including: Sumatran monkeys, Asian lions and Siberian tigers.

There’s also an elephant reserve while cheerful seals offer aquatic performances and flamingoes dazzle with this exotic appearances. With every step, you’ll be surrounded by various works of art, too, which makes this a unique safari-type experience.

The Botanical Garden, which was established in 1953, is equally fascinating. It’s one of Germany’s oldest and biggest botanical gardens—a must for every nature lover!

6. Old town charm


Last but not least, the ideal place for a leisurely stroll is Heidelberg’s old quarter. In this part of the city, you can visit Hauptstrasse—a street that is famous for its romantic colors, small shops, cafes and hidden restaurants.



And, if you happen to be in Germany around Christmas or Easter, don’t miss the world-renowned traditional markets that are postcard perfect!

Have you been to Germany and Heidelberg in particular? What were some of your favorite things to see and do in this romantic city? We’d love for you to share your tips and suggestions with other YouQueen readers!

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