Solo Travel: How to Make Travel for One Fun

Who said one is the loneliest number? Pack your bags and treat yourself to an amazing trip—no companion necessary.

While not the most economical and, let’s be honest, always the safest option, solo travel is one of the most enriching ways to explore the world and discover new places while learning to have a great time in your own company.

Whether it’s a beach getaway, touring a new city or going on an activity-filled hiking trip, there are endless ways to keep yourself entertained without loneliness or boredom ever entering your mind.

Here’s how to ensure you enjoy these “me moments” while uncovering the secrets of your destination!

1. Remember: You’re the Boss!


One of the best things about traveling alone is that you can do exactly what you want, how you want and when you want. Pick a destination that offers sights and activities you enjoy so that you look forward to immersing yourself in the spot of your choice before you even get there.

If you love history, I assure you that you will have a ball exploring European cities and Asian landmarks. If you’re a foodie, head to a city with cutting edge cuisine where you can take a class or explore mind-blowing restaurants. If you do what you love, you’re bound to have an amazing time with or without company.

2. Pick the Right Home Away From Home

No matter how much you want to be out and about on your vacation, there will be times when you will want to rest and recharge.

With that in mind, be sure to pick a hotel with facilities that don’t require you to have a partner in crime for good quality downtime.

There are basics like WiFi, TVs in the room or a gym, or more elaborate options like a nice spa, live music in the lobby lounge or a terrace with a good view where you can read instead of being stuck in your room.

3. Make a Game Plan

Even the most creative of us can struggle to make our own fun without any preparation, especially as some popular destinations require advance bookings for activities or call for a specific wardrobe to participate.

Read up on things to do in the area you’re headed to so you know your options ahead of time. Whether you book in advance or choose to go with the flow, at least you’ll know what you’re working with!

4. Let Others Entertain You


When I first started traveling alone, my biggest struggle was finding things to do in the evenings after dinner. As a girl, going to a bar alone is barely an option and, unless you’re looking for trouble, it’s best to avoid clubs.

After my first few trips, I discovered the joys of going to live performances, cinemas and sports bars where you can have a great time watching great entertainment without the need for a plus one.

Even if you have little interest in sports like me, something as low key as a soccer match at a local pub is great for people watching and being among other people in a safe environment with wonderfully fun energy.

5. Be a Joiner

Touring a city alone allows you to uncover local secrets, non-touristy spots and forget about home. But, from time to time, it might be worthwhile to join a group tour to explore some of the local landmarks or engage in an activity.

Not only will you meet like-minded people and make new friends, you will also gain context for some of the culture of your destination. When on a beach trip, join a fun class for water sports or yoga or find your a hiking group and you will be bound to feel great afterwards!

6. Post and Connect

These days, with the social media resources we have, it’s easy to find out if we know anyone who is heading to the same location—whether it’s friends, friends of friends or friends of our friends’ friends.

A post on Facebook or a group email may be all you need to figure out who is in town and if there is a friendly face for you to meet up with for lunch or a drink!

7. Go Local


If you’re shy, this may not be for you, but try to spend time with locals if you can. One way to do this is through services that connect you with locals who are eager (and qualified) to show visitors what all the guide books leave out. You can have a delicious meal in a chef’s home, learn a lot about the culture and truly experience living in a different place.

8. Bring Your Bucket List

The book you’ve been trying to read for the last few months, the new ways to photograph you’ve been trying to master, a new sport—whatever it is that you’re looking forward to doing, bring it. The sky is the limit!

There you have it! With the right preparation, resources and mindset, traveling alone can be just as enjoyable as vacationing with friends—maybe even better.

So YouQueeners, how do you make the most of your solo trips?

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Eva B.

Eva is a NYC based Marketing specialist who spends a third of her time traveling for work and fun. She launched Travelle, an online platform for female business and leisure travelers featuring beauty, wellness and style tips. When not traveling, Eva can be found in NYC writing, photographing, spending time with friends and scheming her next getaway.

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