7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Malta

Choosing the perfect Mediterranean holiday spot might sometimes prove tricky. Don’t overlook the magic of Malta. Here are 7 awesome reasons to visit Malta.

So you’re planning your eagerly-awaited summer holiday. Your bikini’s packed along with your biggest pair of sunglasses and new book. You’re visioning long sandy beaches and romantic art galleries. So where do you go? Ibiza has the promise of a wild party and Greece tempts with clear blue waters – but then Sicily’s the one rich with culture. Where in the Mediterranean do you go to experience that perfect break without having to drain your bank account? The answer is Malta and here’s why.

#1 Fun in the Sun

Riviera Bay at golden Sands on Malta

It’s not unusual for summer temperatures to reach 40°C on the Maltese islands. If turning a few shades bronzer isn’t on your list of priorities, then look into booking your holidays for May or June when temperatures only hit around 31°C. You can count on all that sunshine being good for your happy hormones – just make sure you bring appropriate clothing!

Amazing beaches can be found dotted all throughout Malta – some tourist favorites being Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, and Ghajn Tuffieha. The near-tropical lagoons of Malta provide heavenly swimmer-friendly sanctuaries. Float in the relaxing mild sea, snorkel amongst colorful fish in crystal clear waters, or swim deep inside one of the island’s epic rock caves. Take a cheap and quick boat ride to Gozo where you’ll be treated to amazing views of the iconic Azure Window. It’s not a Game of Thrones filming location for nothing, you know!

#2 Scrumptious Cuisine


Malta, like any well-located island, has a great deal of fish to form its unique cuisine. Wholesome tuna, top-quality salmon and all kinds of delectable shellfish make for delicious pastas, soups, and salad dishes all across the island.

The Italian influence on the island presents itself in many ways, one of which is the mind-blowingly large variety of ice cream flavors that are perfect for when you want to cool down! You can find exceptional Gelatarias pretty much wherever you are.

If you’re looking for a different kind of dessert, try one of the island’s traditional almond, orange or date-filled biscuits. Don’t miss the Mdina Restaurant, Surfside, or Tate for exceptional Mediterranean cuisine and drink. An authentic Maltese restaurant will offer you a taste of the island’s prickly pear liqueur and trust me: If you have a sweet tooth then this is definitely a treat for you.

When travelling in groups you might want to try one of Malta’s award-winning Spanish-style tapas bars. Often these bars also double-up as classy cocktail lounges, so that’s always a plus!

#3 The Island’s Past

With strong connections to Britain, amazing remains from the Middle Ages, and Arabic-influenced architecture, Malta is a fantastic mix-match of culture and style. This diversity is just one of many Maltese qualities reflected in the island’s people.

Visit Mdina and learn about the Knights of Malta whilst being treated to some amazing views over the island. History buffs should also go to Valletta to appreciate fully why the capital city is classed as a World Heritage Site.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the other breathtaking historical sites that give Malta its unmistakable identity.

#4 Dance the Night Away

View of Sliema seaside in night

Lying in the sun all day is bliss but you’re gonna end up with a lot of unused energy, right? In the heart of St. Julians lies Malta’s ‘club city.’ If burlesque and ravine clubs aren’t exactly to your taste, stick to the countless number of classy cocktail bars, night markets and neon arcades.

For those wanting to stay somewhere that comes alive at night, Paceville is the place to go. You’ll also find yourself amongst your own kind. St. Julians is perhaps the most tourist-friendly of all places in Malta as evidenced from the large group of party-keen travellers residing there.

Cocktails are not only cheap but made with amazing care by skilled bartenders. You’ll be spoilt for choice when faced with a cocktail menu from Paceville’s trendy Estilo Cascata, Barcelona, or Tapaz bars.

#5 Famously Fashionable

Being a multicultural island, Malta has an international fashion sense. Whatever style, brand, or price range you’re looking for – you’ll find it in one of Malta’s apparel shops or fashion stalls. Be sure to leave space in your suitcase as you’re more than likely to find a gorgeous handbag or pair of shoes that you just won’t be able to pass up – not for those prices!

There’s an endless variety of unique and low-priced places to get jewelry, shoes, accessories and anything else you want to express yourself with. Many shopping centers stay open until late, meaning you can make a fun night out of shopping. The best places to shop in Malta include The Point, The Bay, and Plaza Complex.

#6 Exactly Where You Want to be

Large cruiseliner berthed in the Grand Harbour in Malta

Just because you’ve booked your flight for Malta doesn’t mean you’re gonna have to wait until your next holiday to visit somewhere like Italy, Tunisia or Greece. A reasonably priced cruise fare will get you to Sicily in 90 minutes! But before making a day trip to distant shores, be sure to check out Malta’s Gozo and Comino islands first. Each island has its own special charm to be discovered by the adventurous.

#7 ‘Parle du Español?’

This little gem of an island surely must have some drawbacks, right? What are the people like? How will you communicate? Rest assured that the Maltese are well-accustomed to welcoming visitors and giving you the best deals throughout your holiday. What’s more is that the locals speak English. That’s right, you’re not going to have to memorize phrases from a complex language unless you want to. You’ll be able to communicate in English everywhere you go whilst still enjoy being exposed to Italian, Maltese and a number of other romantic European languages.

Could Malta be the dream destination you’d never even considered? Everything from the food to accommodation is low-cost, accessible and exotic yet welcoming. The weather is bliss, the people friendly, and the history captivating. These are just some of the reasons why you should visit Malta.

A little island with so much to offer… what more could you ask for?

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