Sexy Vacation Ideas For Couples

Need a break with your partner? How about a sexy vacation somewhere? From big cities to the beach, each couple can pick the perfect spot for themselves.
Sexy Vacation Ideas For Couples

There are plenty of places that are ideal vacation spots, but—as with anything—finding the right spot is all about what you are looking for. So, I have listed some ideas below for sexy vacation spots for you —some laced with romance, others laced with naughtiness.

Paris: City of love and light

Sexy Vacation Ideas

It’s the perfect city to walk around in and get lost only to find yourself in a gorgeous park or a quaint little street surrounded by stunning architecture. It practically oozes of romance.

Winding alleyways, cobblestone streets and gorgeous architecture aside, you also have some truly romantic hotels where you can stay, so even if you don’t leave the hotel, you’re in for a sexy treat.

For example, there’s The Five Hotel, designed to tease the five senses in a sensual manner. With floating beds, stars on the walls at night and one suite with an outdoor jacuzzi, it’s definitively an experience!

If you want something cheaper and a bit more romantic in a quirky sort of way, then check out Hôtel Esméralda. Just next to Notre Dame, it’s a beautiful little hotel with all the charm (and quirks) you could ever ask for. Prefer something…naughty? Love Hotel offers rooms by the hour and a variety of naughty experiences.

While in town, stop by La Maison Lapérouse for dinner. It’se filled with history (including the more amorous and naughty kind), and offers private dining rooms that are more romantic than pretty much anything you’ll ever come across—sexy, too, for that matter.

Want more tips? Read my article about romantic things to do in Paris.

The nude vacation

Fancy a vacation in the nude? The Sea Mountain Inn has been described as one of the top celebrity spas in the world—clothing is optional. The place is so private that you only get directions after you’ve made your booking.

Although their website is more hideous than aunty Agatha’s latest hand-knitted sweater, they have received rave reviews from almost every magazine there is. TripAdvisor gives it 4.5 stars. They offer a variety of different rooms and spa treatments, as well as a private villa for two couples to share.

Temptation in Cancun


If you prefer being topless to naked, then Temptation Resort in Cancun might be for you. It’s an adults-only resort that offers three differently themed pools: one for relaxation, one for sports and one for sensual entertainment.

The rooms all have balconies and some come with private jacuzzis. There’s also a spa and plenty of sensual sports and sensual activities to get you going. Unlike many adults-only resorts, this one keeps the tone a little less naked—more sensual than sexual.

The Orient Express

There is nothing sexier than sleeping in a cabin in an old-fashioned romantic train, is there? Lucky for you, you can also take trips to some of the world’s sexiest cities: Paris, Venice and Istanbul.

Or, why not all three? If you fancy something in Asia, you can journey to Bangkok or Singapore instead. The Belmond Group offers luxury train rides that will blow your mind, including one of the original Orient Express routes from Paris to Istanbul.

River cruises

Those big cruise ships are all very well, but how about slowly floating down a river in a slightly smaller boat like in the good old days when explorers went on river cruises down the Nile? It’s one of those things you wanted to be born a century earlier to experience, but thankfully you can still do so.

Belmond doesn’t just offer luxurious train rides: they also have river cruises in Asia and France. You can happily glide down a river with your partner, sip cocktails at sunset and sit on the deck for breakfast at sunrise—and there’s something sexy about a luxurious river cruise, isn’t there?

Beach hammocks

If you see yourself relaxing in a beach hammock, living in a cabin right on the beach, then Little Corn Island in Nicaragua could be the thing for you. After all, nothing says sexy like visiting an unspoiled exotic island where you can rent a relaxing a cabin for two.

The cabins come from Casa Iguana Eco-lodge, whose economy options start at $35 per night. Those might not be luxurious, but they sure are quaint. They have excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

Sexy spas

Sexy spas

Romance is sexy. So, how about soaking in a steamy hot tub, while watching the snow falling outside? If it’s summer, you can walk through the fields instead. Later, have a massage followed by champagne.

I consider the Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado to be the most incredible spa I’ve ever seen thanks to the coziness of the place. It’s so rustic—you can have a wooden cabin all to yourself (and what you get up to with your partner in that cabin stays between the two of you). I can’t be the only one raving about this place (it’s been on my bucket list for years) as it has a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor.

I also have a certain fondness for the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur where you have stunning views over the ocean, a private fireplace and jacuzzi as well as couples massages. Plus, it’s just a short drive away from the sexy madness of L.A.


A vineyard holiday can be a unique and memorable experience, one of the best sexy vacation ideas, but make sure to choose a destination that suits your preferences and budget.

Going to a vineyard with your partner for a holiday can be a unique and memorable experience that allows you to connect with each other, explore new places, and enjoy some of the best wine and food in the world.

Here are some of the best vineyard destinations for holidays for couples:

  1. Napa Valley, California: This world-renowned wine region offers stunning vineyards, charming bed and breakfasts, and luxurious resorts, making it a perfect romantic getaway for wine-loving couples.
  2. Tuscany, Italy: This picturesque region in Italy is known for its rolling hills, medieval towns, and vineyards producing some of the world’s most famous wines.
  3. Bordeaux, France: This region is known for its elegant wines, stunning chateaux, and charming countryside, making it a perfect destination for a romantic wine vacation.

There are many destinations around the globe that can be considered sexy; it all depends on what you are looking for. Do you find decadent hotels filled with old-fashioned elegance sexy?

Then Paris, Istanbul and Venice would be a great bet for you, so why not take the Orient Express between the three? Or, do a luxurious river cruise! Like having a beach all to yourself?

Check out Little Corn Island in Nicaragua. Looking for naughty? Then the Temptation Resort in Cancun or Sea Mountain Inn in California have what you are looking for. If you want sensual spa treatments, champagne and stunning views, then head to Post Ranch Inn or Dunton Hot Springs.

Share with us your sexy vacation ideas in the comments bellow.

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