Sightseeing Guide To North Carolina: These Hidden Jewels You Have To Visit

Beautiful, majestic and brimming with culture—East Coast has much to offer. Read our sightseeing guide to North Carolina and enjoy its hidden jewels.

There is a reason people advise visitors to make time for North Carolina when you’re heading to the East Coast. It is a beautiful state with a rich history where you can enjoy great foods and drinks and have a great time with little more than a pair of comfortable shoes. NC has a diverse landscape ranging from the Atlantic Ocean beaches to the Appalachian Mountains. It can be a magical place to spend some time whether you live here or are just visiting.

North Carolina is one of the greatest states on the East Coast. With our sightseeing guide to North Carolina learn how to explore it and where to go, so that you can dig right into the soul of this majestic place filled with cultural history, amazing food, great shopping, and interesting sites.

When you live in a place all your life, everything is boring, so you have to find things in your area to do. In almost every state, there are uncovered treasures; you just have to search for them. In North Carolina, so far, I have found 13. If you live in North Carolina or find yourself there, these places can be a great adventure.

1. OZ Land


This is an old theme park that been closed for a while; however, you can get a personal tour or host a birthday party or other private function inside the park. The park includes Dorothy’s house, the yellow brick road and the fountain of youth. Be a kid again!

2. Biltmore

The Biltmore Estate is a large, private estate that has a hotel on the grounds and is open for weddings and events. It also has an annual flower festival.

3. Seely’s Castle


This is literally the castle of a horror movie. It has been shrouded in rumor since almost the beginning of its history. Some of these rumors involve satanic rituals and blood sacrifices.

It is now rumored to be owned by a religious group, and no one is allowed past the gates. It is very beautiful, though, in a spooky kind of way—the perfect place to face your fears of a haunted house.

4. Hobbit House Micro-Castle

This is a tiny hotel nestled deep in the mountains which is perfect for a getaway. It has two bedrooms and pets are allowed.

5. Barclay Villa

This beautiful villa looks like an amazing castle. This inn is known for its food and hospitality. Its claim to fame is that many famous people have stayed in its walls.

Marquis de Lafayette and Santa Anne are some of the most famous people rumored to have stayed here. You could sleep in the room that Santa Anne once did!

6. Castle Ladyhawke


This castle gives you a taste of Europe in North Carolina. An authentically recreated Scottish castle, it offers you the opportunity to make magical moments. It is open to the public for weddings and other events.

7. Pink Beds Loop National Forest

This is the perfect place for a hike with crystal clear brooks, wildlife meadows, scenic, fern-filled woods and a beautiful waterfall.

8. Korner’s Folly


This is now a museum that you can explore with 22 rooms, original furnishings, artwork, woodwork and elaborate hand-laid tiles. Originally, it was the home of artist Jule Korner who used the house to display his interior design skills. You could say that its destiny was to become a museum.

9. Castle Mont Rouge

A castle of fantasy fallen on hard times, this structure was abandoned during its construction. The outside is complete, but not the interior, so it is not recommended to go inside.

It has stood abandoned for years, and has become a haven for graffiti artists who have covered most of the castle’s interior.

10. Lower Cascade Fall

This park is home to several nice waterfalls and smaller cascades. It is a very popular place on weekends.

11. Craggy Gardens and Pinnacle


Although this garden shares the Blue Ridge Parkway with the Lower Cascade Falls and other North Carolina wonders, it is one of the most dramatic viewpoints on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Stunning vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains stretch far into Tennessee to the west and toward central North Carolina to the east.

12. Castle McCulloch

McCulloch is a beautiful castle built on water. It is open to the public and is an event venue of picturesque beauty for whatever event you may have. Originally built in 1832, the castle offers luxurious facilities, warm ambiance and exquisite surroundings.

13. Carrigan Farms

Carrigan Farms is home to the Quarry where visitors marvel over the perfect ambiance, which blends mountain and beach vistas. The curving boardwalk that filters into a white sugar-sand beach is reminiscent of time-honored beach style.

The large, covered pavilion and beautiful grassy area are the definition of charm, while deep blue water and massive granite walls combine to form an incredible wedding backdrop. Carrigan Farms is also a working farm that offers homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Come with friends and family and take in its largest city, Charlotte, for sure, but try to ensure that you visit some of our other towns and cities—they’re definitely worth it. Feel free to comment below!

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