Looking For Cool Valentine’s Day Travel Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered

There are Valentine’s dates and then there are THE Valentine’s dates. We'll give you Valentine's day travel ideas that will swipe him off his feet.

If you are looking to impress someone, or just to dream, I’ve come up with a few Valentine’s dates that are sure to blow anyone’s mind. Then again, it’s a matter of taste—one man’s pain another man’s pleasure.

So, before you go ahead and create your own date, take a moment to ponder what your date would truly love. Whatever you choose, add personal touches—little things you know will be special to them.

City of romantic gondolas

venice gondola against colorful sunrise

The annual Venice carnival takes place in February. It offers a chance to explore an incredibly sexy event in the city where Casanova used to roam. If you enjoy masquerade balls, this is the event of the year.

The carnival is conveniently taking place just a few days before Valentine’s, so you could combine a week long trip to Venice with a Valentine’s date in one of the world’s most stunning cities. If gondola rides, Italian food and stunning architecture do not make you walk on clouds, then what will?

Beautiful California

A photo posted by Post Ranch Inn (@postranchinn) on

Maybe it’s because I love California, but have you ever seen a more romantic hotel than the Post Ranch Inn? Fireplace, jacuzzi and a view of the ocean. It’s located in Big Sur, so there are also some epic cliff formations to check out. You can have couples’ massages, chill in your room, explore nearby areas and drive to L.A. and stay a night when you need a thrill from the big city. Personally, I’d swoon if anyone took me here. Hopefully not anywhere near the cliffs though…

The most romantic city ever


Paris: la ville lumière and la ville de l’amour—the city of light and love. If you’ve been, you’re bound to agree. Walk along the Seine at night, and stroll around the Louvre. And, what better way to spend Valentine’s than in Paris at the Five Hotel, designed to bring out the five senses in a spectacularly sensual way. They even have a love capsule.

If you prefer something more traditionally French, there are plenty of romantic and sensual hotels in Paris, including Maison Souquet in Montmartre, which was once a pleasure house. Montmartre, up by Abbesses, has some incredibly romantic little alleyways, old-fashioned fromageries, boulangeries and so forth. The museum of erotica is also conveniently located nearby if that’s your cup of tea.


There’s something to be said for romance combined with hot tubs and hot springs. Dunton Spa in Colorado offers hot springs in an incredibly romantic setting, where you can also get all the spa treatments you’d ever care for.

Just imagine a roaring fire, snow, hot springs and your loved one. I’ve been wanting to go to this place for years, so I may be biased, but I’d wager quite a few people would agree with me that this looks to be one of the most romantic spots on Earth.

Adrenaline rush


Not everyone is into weekends or a week away for Valentine’s. If you are looking for thrills closer to home, you could try a helicopter ride, sky diving, driving a Maserati or paragliding—definitively things that will raise your adrenaline, which has been linked to falling in love faster if you aren’t already in love. It appears that situations that get our pulse racing also make us bond.

Following your adventure, you can have a picnic or go to a super fancy restaurant? For a unique experience, you could also consider a restaurant where the dinner is served in the dark. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s extraordinary and something you’d both enjoy.



Kidnapping is only allowed in certain circumstances. In this case, it’s perfectly legal as most men and women want to be kidnapped by their partner and whisked away to an unknown destination for the night or weekend. A blindfold is highly recommended for this operation as is packing their bag in advance; make sure to pack an unexpected gift or love notes in their bag, too.

Kidnapping requires a bit of planning. First, you need to figure out where to take them. It obviously needs to be a place that will make them swoon. If you’re on a budget, find the nearest AirBnb and deck the halls with rose petals, chocolate and champagne, or go for a more kinky affair and add handcuffs and the likes (or mix and match—there’s nothing to say that you can’t drink champagne wearing handcuffs; it just might be a bit trickier).

Again, it’s a matter of creating something you know your date would love and, of course, which you would also love.

Other Cool Ideas


Granted, we aren’t all Christian Grey (i.e. we aren’t all billionaires with access to private jets and the likes, though that would, admittedly, be a cool date.), but there are still lots of amazing things you can do on a budget.

If you want to go away without paying, swap houses with friends for a weekend. You can even go so far as to deck out your places like hotels with fresh satin sheets, welcome gifts, champagne, clean towels (all rolled up nicely, of course), candles, a mini bar and so forth. If you like, you can prepare meals for each other, too, if you know each other’s tastes well enough. Otherwise, you might have to turn it into a hotel yourself before your date arrives.

Then, go about exploring your own town/village as if you were a tourist for the weekend. It’s amazing what you can discover when you try to do the things tourists do. Often, we get a bit caught up in routine when we live somewhere and miss out on rather obvious things.


As it’s winter in most places, a picnic in the snow with both hot chocolate and champagne can be quite romantic, especially if it’s followed by something involving a roaring fireplace or a hot tub. There’s just something romantic about the winter landscape and being bundled up in blankets together.

In places like California, you just have to head to the nearest mountain to get that winter feel. If you want hot springs, but aren’t interested in paying for a place like Dunton Hot Springs, then google places that have free access in nature.

The most important thing to remember is to do something that is personal to you, be it walking around the city to places special to the two of you or doing something you know caters to your interests.

Also, try to do something out of the extraordinary, meaning you don’t do dinner and a movie if that’s what you always do, unless you add a unique element to it like hiring the entire cinema or screening movie outdoors with a projector (given it’s winter, this might not be the most feasible of plans though).

Let us know what you’ll be doing this Valentine’s Day. How will you show your love to your partner?

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