The Best Vacation Destination You Never Knew Existed

Have you ever wondered if there truly is a paradise vacation spot that has everything you could ever ask for? A place that was like a magical Disneyland for adults? The Atlantic’s Canary Islands are fantastic vacation, but one island in particular will have you begging to stay.

Everyone looks forward to vacation time. For some of us, it is what we save up for all year. If you have a bucket list of places to go, or just want to find an amazing vacation destinations, Tenerife is it.

The largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife was also the last of the islands to be conquered during the Spanish Inquisition. This is important because it has created such a strong cultural and historical feel here that you are almost taken back in time, and then brought quickly back with the amazing things available to you on this island.

#1 Things That Will Have You Asking if This Place is For Real


Tenerife if not your typical island: It is a sort of paradise for those who are lucky enough to find it and a best kept secret for those who live there. The island is separated into 31 municipalities, each with its own distinct sense of charm. You can enjoy a day at a secluded beach, accessible only by boat, or you can Visit Siam Park, their world famous waterpark.

Tenerife is well-known throughout Europe, as it hosts European windsurfing and surfing championships off the coast yearly. The weather is always perfect. Because of the placement of the island, along the Tropic of Capricorn, the temperature is actually so perfect all the time that it has been deemed the “Land of the Eternal Spring.”

#2 Activities That You Never Imagined Would Be an Option

Teide National Park Tenerife Spain

How would you like to spend the day horseback riding along the coast of the Atlantic? Here, you can do that. You can do a half day, full day, assisted ride or go it on your own. You can explore the mountains and the countryside or the coast. What could possibly be more romantic than a sunset horseback ride on a secluded beach? It sounds like a romance novel, but it could be your reality.

If you like nature, Tenerife has plenty to explore – including el Teide, which is the highest point in Spain, and also a volcano. The entire island is created from a volcano since the eruptions caused them to rise above sea level and become an island. For this reason, many people think that Tenerife could be the lost Atlantis. The location, timeline and description of Tenerife match writings of Plato, leaving this a question that may never be answered.

You can explore the volcano on a hike, or take an escorted trip to the peak. After your hike, depending on which company you use, you have the option of being greeted with cheese and wine for which the island is famous throughout Europe. With five main wineries and vineyards around the island, wine is served with every meal. You will love Tenerife if you love wine.

#3 Take a Guaranteed Fun Sea Adventure


That’s right: You are guaranteed to have a good time when you indulge in one of the sea adventures in Tenerife. You have a 99.8% likelihood of seeing whales and dolphins when you take the whale and dolphin watching tour. You can go diving and enjoy the sea life under the sea, or stay onboard and watch the sea life as you admire the coast and mountain views.

The scenery is among the most amazing in the world; you can see everything you could dream of all in one spot. The forests and trees, coastlines, mountains, and expansive sea views are truly amazing. You can also take surfing or windsurfing lessons, or simply relax on the beach. Everything is accepted in Tenerife. If you like New Orleans, you will fall in love with Tenerife.

#4 Tenerife Nightlife: The Adults Only Adventures


Aside from the family friendly waterparks and nature parks, Tenerife has a darker, more exotic side. You can find almost anything the devil inside of you could ever wish for if you can find Valencia Street, in Playa Las Americas. Everything is legal: The brothels, escorts, several different “mood enhancing” substances…. It is truly a playground for adults.

Visit one of the many nightclubs in Tenerife. Many of them even advertise that the club is there to facilitate sexual experiences, and many clubs allow you to rent areas you and the couple of your choice can do whatever your imagination can come up with. It is not a sleazy type of environment; everything is luxurious and everyone is very friendly.

Not everyone wants to indulge in this type of activity, and that is why it is secluded to a specific area of the island. You can have a wholesome, family oriented day and never even know the X-Rated portions of the island exist. There is something for everyone; that is what makes this place so magical. If you have ever wanted to just enjoy life and do what you want, Tenerife should be your next tourist destination.

There are many places that can facilitate you planning your trip to Tenerife, the best I have found is for planning your trip and gaining all the info you could ever wish to have. These people are locals who have the down low on where to go and what to see; you can even browse photos of places on their website before you go. I found it exceedingly helpful, and I count the days until I can vacation there again.

Fun Fact: There is a community of people in a Parrish close to the French Quarter that is made up of traditional Canarians. Coincidence? I think not. The largest carnival of the year, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is held at the same time that Mardi Gras happens. 

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