Top 10 Things to Do In Bangkok

Adventures abound in the jeweled city of Thailand. Check out the top 10 things to do in Bangkok and have a fabulous time, just without the hangover.

My first trip to Bangkok was my first trip outside of the United States. Needless to say, it opened my eyes and set a course for wanderlust that I have yet to sedate.

Bangkok is Thailand’s jeweled city for a myriad of reasons. It is seductive, full of flavor, and a twinge of mystery.

There are a million different things to explore. But don’t be overwhelmed! Whether you have two weeks or two days to spend, here are the top 10 things to do in Bangkok that will make your experience unforgettable.

1. Magical, Floral Floating Markets

Traditional floating market Thailand

The smells of Bangkok are almost as memorable as the sights, and when you explore one of Bangkok’s floating markets, your senses will be overwhelmed. While the most popular floating market is the Damnoen Saduak, venture just outside Bangkok for a more intimate and authentic experience at the Taling Chang market. To best explore the markets, take a guided boat tour. Your guide will also be able to help you discern exotic foods and haggle when making a purchase.

2. The Grand Palace

Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace is a Bangkok landmark for good reason. It is a glittery, gilded example of Thailand’s architecture. Built in 1782, it is divided into three sections – the Outer Court, Middle Court, and Inner Court. One of the most iconic staples in the Grand Palace is in the Outer Court. There sits the Temple of Emerald Buddha. This Buddha statue is carved from jade and a sacred spot for Buddhist around the world to visit.

3. Kohn Dancing


Thai dance is a beautiful art to behold. With roots in the ancient, sacred rites, the Thai believe their forms of dance are gifts to the spirits. If you only have time to see one show, be sure to check out Kohn – a dramatic, masked dance. Check out the Sala Chalermkrung for a Kohn show. Another form of Thai dance is the Likay. It is lighthearted fusion of folklore, fables and comedy. The best places to see Likay are temple fairs or the Makhampom Studio.

4. Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park in Bangkok at night

After a few days of walking, it is the perfect place for you to rest your feet and enjoy the prime spot for people watching. Lumpini Park has been called the “Central Park” of Thailand for good reason. Offering locals a treasured space for fresh air, it is the first public park of Bangkok and has more than 140 acres of green space. Though there is a smoking and dog ban in the park, you can rent a bike and cycle through the park. It is also a great spot to bring a picnic and take a breather before the sun sets and nighttime adventures begin.

5. Thai Massage


You cannot leave Thailand without experiencing an authentic Thai massage. You will notice that there are feet massage spots on the side of the road. For a mere few Baht, it is a quick way to rejuvenate your tired feet.

If you are interested in going deeper and learning about the art of Thai massage, consider booking an appointment at Watpo Massage School. They offer several classes to choose from and the experience will leave you with a new appreciation for Thai massage.

6. Scrumptious Roti


Roti is the Asian answer to crepes and all sorts of wonderful. Until you’ve had buttery roti with bananas and chocolate, you haven’t lived. Best of all, roti is sold all over the city, so you are never far away from the sweet treat.

7. Kick Some Boxing Butt

Experience Thai boxing up close and (intimidatingly) personal at Lumpini Stadium. You can even get in on the sport yourself by taking a class!

8. Tuk Tuk Your Way Around The City

Backside TukTuk Thailand Car Scooter

Tuk Tuks are like more adventurous and somewhat frightening taxis. They’re all an excellent way to see the city in true Thai fashion. So if you’re game, brave a Tuk Tuk and let the driver wind you through roads and alleyways. It’s a deliciously exciting way to see the city.

9. Discover Chinatown


Bangkok’s Chinatown is a great spot to explore exotic cuisine and souvenirs to fill your suitcase. In Chinatown, you’ll find cart after cart of bites to sample. I recommend letting yourself wander down the streets sans GPS. Just explore the sight, sound and smells.

10. Become a folk History Buff


You should always get to know the history of the city you visit. While in Bangkok, be sure to stop by the Bangkok Folk Museum and discover a bit of history about the jeweled city. It’s a great way to begin or end your visit.

Bangkok has so many treasures to discover, this list only skims the surface. Use them as a guideline and set out on your own Thai adventure. Now if only you could bring home some roti…

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