Top 5 Caribbean Beaches

When you need to get away from it all, nothing beats a gorgeous Caribbean beach. Here are five of the best Caribbean beaches, guaranteed to please and be everything you need on a getaway.

When your boss is driving you crazy and the stresses of daily life are mounting up, you need a break and nothing is a bigger break for most of us than a week of nothing but surf and sun, preferably with a cute guy to rub suntan lotion into your back. On occasions like that, the Caribbean can provide a reasonably priced vacation with loads of beautiful beaches to choose from.

Nothing is worse than getting there and discovering that the beach just doesn’t live up to your expectations. The resort may not be divine but you’re there for the beach. You won’t spend that much time in your room. You do need to eat but you are not tied to the food available at the resort either. There are always local bars and restaurants to choose from if the resort doesn’t have the best food.

But the beach has to be perfect. This is where you plan on spending your days. You intend to walk the beach, enjoy the surf, and soak up the sun. There can be no disappointments here.

The beaches discussed below have all been named best in the Caribbean at one time or another. They are known for their beauty, the amenities they offer and the serenity at day lying on them can bring. They are listed below in no particular order.

1. Trunk Bay Beach – St. John Island in the United States Virgin Islands


The National Geographic Society has rated this beach the world’s most beautiful and when it comes to beautiful views, they know their business. It is a popular stop for cruise ships and very popular. It is surrounded by the Virgin Islands National Park and as part of a visit to the park you can camp overnight on the beach.

Gorgeous aquamarine water, beautiful white sand, what more can you ask for? It has all the normal amenities like snack bars, restrooms, showers, and even life guards. The best part though is the underwater snorkeling trail. It even has underwater signs to guide you in your exploration.

2. Englishman’s Bay – Tobago


Tobago is not nearly as popular as Trinidad despite being only a twenty minute flight away. It’s a great place to go and escape the tourist crowds. Englishman’s Bay is all about serenity both on and off the beach. The waters are exceptionally calm and suitable for those who want to give snorkelling a try but are a bit nervous.

The reefs are gorgeous and it’s a great place to get acquainted with the sport. It’s also a great place for swimming. Almond and coconut palms surround the beach, providing a shady area to take a break from the sun in. There are local craft stalls for some shopping and restaurants featuring great local cuisine.

3. The Baths – The British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands have lots to offer travellers as well as a wealth of history as a pirate haven. They even inspired R.L. Stevenson’s classic Treasure Island. Like Tobago, they are not as crowded as many other more popular tourist destinations. The Baths offers a combination of beaches and boulders for those who want something a bit different.

The boulders are gigantic, with some having diameters of as much as 40 ft. They are believed to be the result of volcanic activity. Now they form tunnels and grottos perfect for swimming, snorkelling and just relaxing alone. They were declared a national park in 1990 and encompass 7 acres of land. In addition to the unique boulders, the beach offers great swimming, snorkelling, and sailing.

4. Grand Anse – Grenada


Grand Anse is located on the leeward side of the island. This gives it incredibly calm water conditions suitable for even the most junior snorkelers and nervous swimmers. The white sands will call your name in between dips into the water. There is a dive site where you can organize trips to many local islands and other diving sites.

Water sports are popular including scuba diving, snorkelling, and sailing. There is also a great vendor market that offers many local crafts. This means fewer people selling things on the beach and interrupting your tan.

5. Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman Island


The Cayman Islands are admittedly not cheap but they have so much to offer that they’re worth spoiling yourself. Think seven miles of soft coral sand between your toes and some of the best snorkelling in the Caribbean. The reefs offer a beautiful array of tropical fish for your viewing pleasure. If waters get too rough, Smith Cove can offer an alternative.

There are playgrounds, restaurants, bars, restrooms and showers. You’re also not that far from Stingray City. The latter is a site where you can get in the water (about 3 feet depth) with wild stingrays that regularly visit the area to feed. There is also scuba diving and parasailing available for the more adventurous.


These five may be the best beaches but the Caribbean has thousands of gorgeous beaches to relax on. Tow that didn’t quite make the list but are still really worth considering are Maundays Bay in Anguilla and Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas.

Anguilla has embargos on cruise ship, casinos and high-rise hotels. It tends to offer a more authentic island experience. It’s also the site of a booming live music scene. There are several great beaches in Anguilla. Maundays Bay is surrounded by high end beach villas but is open to the public. It’s a great place to relax during the day and then dance the night away.

The Bahamas are a perennial tourist favourite. They have great beaches, lots of water sports, and all the normal things you look for in a resort. They also have tons of a red species of foraminifera that live in the coral reefs. These are tiny microorganisms that get washed ashore after they die. The red tests of the foraminifera mix in with the white sand, creating a pink beach. Three and a half miles of pink beach, to be more precise.

All the beaches mentioned in this article are public beaches, open to everyone. You can stay at any resort and visit them. Most of them are surrounded by hotels, villas, and resorts. It is definitely easier to stay at a nearby place if your intention is to visit a specific beach.

As always, when sun worshipping make sure you use a good suntan lotion to protect your skin and wear a hat. It should be water proof since you will be getting in and out of the water. Reapply it frequently – actually, make him reapply it frequently for you. Oh, and have a beach cocktail for me please.

Admittedly there are days when any beach will do when the alternative is another day at work but if you are going to spend the money, you should go to one that is going to give you everything you want and so richly deserve. After all, when you return your boss will still be waiting.

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