7 Ways to Look Good When you Wake up

Tired of waking up and looking like you've jumped out of a horror movie? Here are 7 ways to look fresh and beautiful when you wake up, even if you've partied hard the night before.

It’s not always easy to start your day on a good note when the first thing you see when you take a mirror are the puffy eyes, the knotty bungle that is your hair and the wrinkles from the fabric of your pillow imprinted on your face.

Yeah, we’ve all been there, and we’ve all ran out of time to get ready without managing to clean up and pull ourselves together, so most people have just accepted the fact that there’s really tough chance they’ll just wake up looking great. But still, there are some things that can be done to help out the situation, precautions, if you will. So read on and take mental notes on what to do to wake up looking good, or at least, decent, and not take forever to get ready.

1. Never Go to Bed With Your Make up Still on

Woman removing make-up

I know you already know this is the one sacred rule. But you know what? I also know you’ve probably broken the rule more than once. Rules are meant to be broken they say, but not this one, never, ever, no. Going to bed with your make up on not only does some serious damage to your skin, but also turns your encounter with your reflection in the mirror when you wake up into an encounter with the Joker himself. You can almost see him mouthing “Why so horrid looking?”

You don’t want that.

2. Rest

8 hours. That’s how much your body needs to get well rested. Anything less is going to add to that beat up look most of us have going on in the mornings. Getting more than 8 hours of sleep can also be the cause of dark circles under your eyes. I get that we don’t live in a perfect world, and more often than not our sleeping schedule is dictated by a lot of things we can’t have that much influence on, but when possible try and stick to the magic 8 hours of sleep rule. How? Simply go to sleep earlier.

3. Use Cold Water When Washing Your Face

Blonde Woman In The Bathroom Washing Her Face

Especially in the mornings. Cold water wakes up your skin, tightens it and makes it more elastic. Usually we look kind of pale and washed off when we wake up, that’s because everything in our body slows down while we’re sleeping, including blood flow, so there’s nothing like a splash of cold water to awaken your morning look and bring color back to your face.

4. Go to Bed Well Hydrated

A glass of water before bed might make you have to go to the bathroom during the night but that’s a risk worth taking, 'cause it also helps your skin stay beautiful throughout the night, and is very good for your health. You can also try using hydrating face cream before going to bed, if you have naturally dry skin.

5. Sleep With Your Lip Balm on

Chapped lips are the worst, and more often than not I wake up with chapped lips of course. So if you’re having that problem too wearing lip balm when you sleep is the solution. Most of it wears off during the night obviously, but it’s pretty good as far as damage control goes.

6. Put Your Hair in a Bun

pretty young woman with bun sleeping in bed

This way you wake up with an instant hair do – just take off the hair tie and shake your head and you have that messy I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-I-look-damn-good kind of look that all the rage lately.

7. Splurge on Satin Sheets

It’s a well-known fact that satin is the only material that doesn’t wrinkle your skin whatsoever. So, if you’re worried about getting wrinkles, throw out the old cotton sheets and get some satin ones.

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