Interpreting dreams isn’t an exact science, so if your dreams of pregnancy are recurring, take a look at what’s going on in your life to try to figure out why you’re having them. Here’s a couple of the usual meanings.

Pregnancy is a fairly often symbol in dreams, and like many others, it can be interpreted in many ways, often triggered by conflicting emotions. The dreams can vary, too. Are you just finding out that you are pregnant, or are you “ready to pop?” Are you happy, or anxious? Funnily enough, guys have these dreams, too.

Stress And Anticipation

pregnant woman sleeping

Sometimes a dream of being pregnant will occur as a symbol that you are stressed, and the last thing you would need is another big commitment – such as a new baby in your life. Doing way too much on your job, getting too involved in somebody’s hard times, or going through a rough patch in your relationship?

Your mind is trying to tell you that maybe you have too much on your hands, by putting you in a dream situation in which you know that soon there will be even more to worry about.

If you dream that you will be giving birth soon, maybe you are also fearing some change in your life that you know is bound to happen. In these dreams, you’re usually not happy about being pregnant.

Wanting A Baby

Whether you’re in a steady relationship, married or single, depending on your age, sometimes this is your mind’s unconcious, or concious, desire to actually have a baby. If the dream is blissful and you can’t stop smiling looking at your growing belly, maybe you secretly want to take it to the next level and get pregnant.

Wanting a Change

Young couple relaxing on sofa at home

Maybe your personal or professional life needs to change. Are you bored of your partner, or have a secret desire to switch careers? The symbolism of soon-to-be motherhood in a dream can also mean that you are ready for a life-changing decision, one that only you, or you and your partner, can make.

Again, interpret this according to your mood in the dream. Being happy usually means that the thing you are dreaming is what you truly desire, in this case, a radical change.

Are You Being Put to the Test?

Dreaming that you think that you’re pregnant, but you are not sure and you’re taking a pregnancy test, can easily be “translated”. You feel that something in your life is going to be put to the test – your position in your professional or personal life, and you fear the results of that test.

Maybe you are feeling insecure about your abilities and success? Has anyone around you made you feel inadequate, or like you got something that you didn’t deserve?

Wanting to Express Yourself

Is there an emotion that you have been secretly nurturing, or have you been wanting to express yourself more abstractly (as in taking up some art)? The belly’s symbolism in a dream is processing some sort of information, like in the digestive system, and seeing a pregnant or growing belly means that the emotion will soon be “digested”, and expressed. Don’t hide it.