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Top 5 Coolest First Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

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If your first wedding anniversary is coming up and you’re banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out what’s the best gift, here are 5 really great suggestions for you!

According to the traditional timeline of anniversary gifts, year one is paper, which should narrow down the choice for you, and perhaps even make you get creative with gifts such as:

#1 Home-made Coupon Book

Take your time to make a bunch of cute little coupons for stuff you know he likes, like back rubs, massages, anything from the wide range of sex related activities and more. These are, of course, things you’ll probably be doing together with or without coupons, but making it into a little game just makes it more fun. And also makes a really cool first anniversary gift that puts a little spin into the old tradition!

#2 A Book


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If he enjoys reading, a book is always a great gift. So, since he’s the person you’ve been married to for almost a year now, you’re bound to know whether or not he’s the reading type. What are his favorite genres, writers etc. If you think he would appreciate a really good book, you’ll all the info you need to get him the perfect one!

#3 Tickets

Hey, they’re made of paper aren’t they…So, they definitely fit the theme. Some people find this sort of gift a little bit too impersonal but making it personal means making it right. Like, if you know what his favorite sport teams, bands, places are, you’ll be able to surprise him with the right tickets. Going for a little trip with your husband might be really nice, plus, who doesn’t get excited about taking a little time off?

#4 A Painting or a Poster

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Again if you know his taste and think that something like that will be appreciated and liked by your man these can be really cool gifts. Pair them up with a nice frame and let him choose the place to hang it and he’s definitely going to be thrilled.

#5 Gift Certificates

Maybe he has a favorite clothing store? Whatever it is, gift certificates are always really practical to get, especially if you’re a bit unsure of what exactly is it that he wants or needs. It may not be the most romantic gift of all but it sure is the most useful. If you go with this you’re giving your hubbie a chance to get whatever he likes for himself and enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on Top 5 Coolest First Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband

  1. Thank You for the suggestions…very helpful…our “first” anniversary is May 12…:)

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