How to Keep Him Hooked in 5 Easy Steps

You have noticed that men have a short attention span, and your boyfriend is a proof of this claim. Still, you are much in love with him and you’re afraid that in time he will lose interest in you, and replace you with some other girl. And you really want to keep him interested. But, how do you do that? Let´s begin!

How do you make a man feel like the relationship he’s in is an everlasting first date? Well, here are 5 steps that will help you keep him hooked for as long as you want – maybe even forever.

1. Don’t Be a Drag

Don’t be annoying. Don’t let your infatuation with him become some sort of his baggage. Control your jealousy.

Yes, of course you might hate his gorgeous best girl friend, but don’t ever let him see that. Don’t call him ten times a day just to check upon him – men are really not the phone kind of people. Call him only if you actually have something to say. If you’re constantly chasing him, he will eventually run away from you.

2. Keep Things Fresh

If you’re not living together, don’t see him every day – make your dates his favourite time of the week. Something he has to look forward to, not something of his “to do” list. Do different things – cook a romantic dinner on Wednesday and go paint balling on Saturday. Don’t let him get bored. Routine is a serial killer of relationships.

3. Fall in Love

You’re already in love? No, we mean fall in love with yourself. The only way for him to appreciate you is that you appreciate yourself first. Don’t make your life all about seeing him or making him happy.

Spend quality time with yourself. Take good care of yourself, not because of him but so you can feel good in your own skin. Don’t skip a wax, keep your hair beautiful at all times and find the time to read that book you always wanted to read.

4. Sex Craze

Don’t let your intimate moments become ruled by routine. Surprise him once in a while with some real male fantasy. Let him tie you. Put jelly on him and lick it off. Do a striptease. See a “dirty movie” together. Sex is supposed to be fun, you know? Don’t let it be choreographed and predictable. Try learning the secrets of tantric sex.

5. Relax

pretty girl taking bath

Don’t make him think you’re too desperate to keep him – make him fight for you, too. Let him know that, just like him, you have some other place to go. Don’t act like a ‘50s housewife. This is the 21st century and you should act like an independent woman.

Make him chase you a bit. Don’t run from the bathroom to pick up the phone because it might be him.  Relax, you can return his phone call in 10 minutes.

These steps can do the magic. Your man will be satisfied, and, more importantly, you’ll be too.

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