How to Turn on a Cancer Man in Bed

Find out what makes your Cancer man tick, what he finds attractive in you, and learn how to turn him on in bed.

Did you know that Cancer men are among the most sensitive of all signs and that making other people happy is his greatest pleasure? It’s good to know a Cancer man, that’s for sure!

His caring nature makes him a great friend, and romantically speaking, your Cancer man is a real catch. He is one hundred per cent romantic, nurturing, intimate and devoted… Really, he is everything a woman needs to feel loved, special and emotionally secure.

What makes him really special is his ability to ignore all of your flaws and only see the good in you. This is definitely a man worth pulling out all the stops for if you want to experience an evening of emotionally fulfilling and romantic love-making.

The thing about Cancer men in the bedroom department is that they can come across as sexually innocent, but at the same time they possess a natural sensuality that you are bound to find irresistible!

You have to get past their sensitivity first, though. While his greatest pleasure is making other people happy, his greatest fear is making them unhappy, and this can mean that his approach is cautious.

He will keep his sexuality under wraps, harboring a fear of rejection. Don’t expect his flirtation skills to be completely obvious at first. A more awkward attempt is likely. But his apparent coyness won’t put you off at all. Underneath it you can just sense the deeper lusty part of his personality, and you will be eager to tap into it…

Getting to Know Your Cancer Man

How to Turn on a Cancer Man in Bed

Tapping into your Cancer man’s sensuality isn’t as straightforward as turning him on in the physical sense. It’s very important to understand exactly what makes the sensitive ones tick, otherwise, you can risk fatal misunderstandings that could ruin all of your intimate plans, which would be a real shame, and you would certainly be missing out!

Besides, Cancer men are driven by their emotional needs which means that your feelings for him must be genuine and you must be emotionally generous if you want to experience something special with him in the bedroom.

Understanding his personality is a good place to start.

Here are some pointers to be aware of…

1. He’s probably not going to make the first move. If he does it’s going to be subtle. Remember this a man with a pathological fear of rejection, and at the first sign of ridicule, he is going to run a mile. You need to make it very clear to him that there is nothing to fear and no risk involved. He needs to feel completely secure and trust that your feelings for him match his own.

2. He is a born romantic, which means his sexual needs are going to inevitably be routed in his romantic ideals. Know what you’re getting into, because if he falls for you, he is likely to become deeply attached, possibly to the point of obsession. This guy loves forever and ever and ever and ever… just giving you a heads up in case that isn’t what you’re after!

3. His family will always come first. He is very loyal and devoted.

4. He has very deep-seated emotions. If he is quite into you, he might run the risk of being a bit emotionally stifling and clingy. It is important to understand where this behavior is coming from and communicate with him, rather than detach yourself by criticizing him for caring.

5. He may be nurturing and receptive, but he is also wildly unpredictable and has a reputation for being somewhat emotionally stormy. His mood swings, hypersensitivity and tendency to hold grudges may be something you want to keep in mind. He also has an excellent memory, so watch out for that too! Patience will be a virtue.

Once you understand exactly what makes him tick, though, you can focus on using this information to bring out the best of him in the bedroom…

Cancer Men and Sex

 Cancer Man in Bed

Perhaps it is useful to keep in mind that to a Cancer man, love and sex are intertwined. He can’t imagine just having sex with a woman, there has to be more to it, there must be romance. The Cancer man does not have sex with a woman, he makes love to her.

If you want to turn your Cancer man on, you have to tap into his romantic ideas and exploit them to the full. For most women this won’t exactly be a chore because most of us love all that meaningful stuff, don’t we?

It’s important to get the mood right…

  • Exotic and musky scents
  • Rich foods
  • Massage and oils
  • The sound of running, bubbling water
  • Luxury materials
  • Comfortable temperatures
  • Mood-enhancing lights

You will need to create an environment that he feels comfortable and safe in

Perhaps it is best to keep him in his own territory to make sure he doesn’t feel out of his depth or let him take control of restaurant bookings.

Creating a romantic setting in places where there is water will make him feel at home because Cancer is a water sign. A candle-lit bath, for example, would be the perfect romantic setting to create an intimate connection between you both before you move onto the bedroom.

You should know how to turn him on. It is important to connect your Cancer man on an emotional level, which means taking the foreplay very slowly, and easing into your sexual play with lots of pillow talk and cuddles and caressing until you both feel connected and open to each other. Cancer men love tactile, soft and feminine women who show their affection by touching and caressing his face, and arms and hands.

Perhaps the biggest turn-on for a Cancer man is to feel needed. If you go out of your way in creating such a romantic setting, and take the time to connect with him on the emotional level that he needs, then he will feel that you also need this emotional reassurance from him, and he will be very willing to give it to you!

5 Things Cancer Men Love In Bed

1. Cancer men love to be spoiled in bed.

They can actually be quite lazy. So it’s good if you take initiative and show your submissive side. They just love being worshiped… that’s why he’ll probably go nuts if you give him a sexy, sensual and playful blowjob every now and then. All the way until the end. So he can just lie back and watch your performance.

2. Be feminine and submissive. It’s an aphrodisiac.

The more you can show your feminine energy, the more dominant he can feel. In general, cancer men can be very insecure, so if you are being too aggressive in bed that can turn him off. Instead, let him control you and be his “toy” for the night. Even better, tell him (you need to give him permission) that he can do whatever he wants with you and that you are his. Ownership turns him on.

3. Say the right words

Cancer men love that. The worst you can do is be totally quiet in bed (and then he doesn’t get any feedback from you and starts overthinking things), or, even worse — say something that will turn him off. On the other hand, if you say the right words that make him feel ownership — that’s when he can instantly have an orgasm, just based on a few dirty words. Here’s how you can say the right words every time.

4. How you look

Cancer men are especially visual. They really like luxury and hedonism. And when they see you naked, they will be quite judgemental. They’ll compare you to all the other women they’ve been with. Once they get used to a certain standard, they’ll expect the same. So it’s quite important that you don’t gain extra weight when dating a Cancer man. Continually look better and better. Even just a few extra pounds can turn him off. This is especially the case once you spoil him already, he’ll expect the best from then on. When you value your body and work out regularly, Cancer men really appreciate that and see it as some type of effort for keeping him. For Cancer men in bed, how you look is very connected with how you make him feel.

5. Cancer men love big booties.

For them, it’s a sign of your feminine energy and sexuality. Anyone can get a surgery done or get bigger breasts, but most men consider a bigger, firmer, rounder booty a sign that you work out regularly and take care of yourself. Cancer men appreciate this effort. When they see you twerk that sexy booty in bed, they really, really want to own it. And keep it forever.

Love Compatibility

The romantic compatibility between Cancer and the rest of the zodiac signs is generally pretty good. Cancerians can get along with almost anyone, despite not being super compatible astrologically. An easy rule of thumb is that Cancerians get along with everyone, but not everyone gets along with Cancerians. The Fire signs are a tough group to get to fall for a Cancerian, though. The best signs to be with a Cancerian long-term are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. If you want to know more about love compatibility with Cancer read this article

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

The thing is… Cancer men don’t have to be that difficult, not at all. I’ve learned how to read (and please) the Cancer I liked from Anna Kovach’s Cancer Man Secrets, it’s crazy what a difference it can make to your relationship when you finally“get” him.

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I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • They want a perfect supermodel, c*ck sucking slave in bed that cries about him everyday because it makes him feel desirable. He is void of empathy, all that matters is his own feelings. wont do anything for you in bed or out of it, because that means he likes you, and that means you could reject him. So if youre with him you wont have any orgasms. Again, all that he cares about is his own self. 1 quarter star out of five

  • They want a slave to disrespect a woman do freaky weird crap not at all romantic that’s bull sh*t I seen no romance and I’m sick of oral all the time seems to be all they like threw out the whole sex act oral oral again and again selfish to so I got fat and gave up sex

  • I’m a Scorpio female I’m 37 a,widow of a cancer man. After being single for yrs and dating. I ran into an old friend a few yrs ahead of me back in high school. He is 39 a cancer 7/12. I have to say the sex is mind blowing. All about me. We been togather 6 months now. We are both a lil guarded but with time that has faded. He is kind a get dad a great man. Just my experience!#! I love my cancer man…

  • I am a cancer man, and this is not true at all.
    In fact I have to go out of my way and say that I am quite the opposite in terms of sexuality, I don’t want a “submissive” woman, I want a strong woman.
    To be more accurate, I want a woman who “demands” something from me while in bed, that’s the biggest turn on for me.

  • As a Cancer man, i’d prefer rather a “demanding woman”. i get very bored with submissive girls and i tend to lose excitement.

  • Also a cancer guy and this is f**kkn bulll. I (and I bet the majority of us) like a more dominant girl – one who owns ME. I like feeling needed in that way. Also the majority of us like big titties – not asses. ALSO, I don’t compare and I don’t judge bodies and I wouldn’t give a sh*t about weight gain – my mama raised me right. How could one want a “soft” girl, and big titties but care about weight? This article sound like is was written by an old angry woman.

    • Lol! Whew I’m glad you responded because I’m a petite curvy taurus woman. I’m not heavy but not skinny either! Like…an hour glass dipped in cotton candy

    • thank you for saying!!! I was wondering as a scorpio, Im 4’11 with dds which look humongous on my little frame and I know a cancer guy who has a crush on me, he stares like he cant help it at my chest, just fixated on them. hes pretty shy and im slightly older but nope his eyes go right from my face to my chest, the article is off putting that’s for sure. I have never met a cancer guy, even as friends who judged weight usually they are the ones wondering if they are good enough

  • I’m a cancer woman and even my spouse is cancer.. Being a cancer I can say on the behalf of both of us.. Cancers are paradoxical. I agree to the content above and go against too. Not to be harsh though. I was giggling throughout the post. It’s a helpful one. I really appreciate the words.

  • Not entirely true. My boyfriend is a Cancer (and I am a Scorpio), and even though I have gained a lot of weight, he still appreciates what I look and even call me sexy. He doesn’t tell me to change even a bit just for him. This article is kind of contradicting. It says the Cancer man sees past a woman’s flaws but even her little extra weight turns him off. It’s not true of my bf. He appreciates what I look no matter what. Your article sound like what the Cancer man is looking for is someone with a fashion model body — too unrealistic.

    What’s true though is that that he also sees beyond my flaws and bad past. I have spilled all about me even the ugly details (and I even expected him to leave me) but he still stays with me and says that he loves me. I feel comfortable with him.

    While he enjoys sitting back and watching me going down on him, he’s not entirely lazy… he would tell me out of concern if I get physically tired of doing this to him.. though I tell him that I still haven’t been exhausted, he would lift me up and make me relax when it’s his turn to please me. I love my Cancer man a lot.

  • I am a cancer male. First of all I have found that I am submissive to women and I tend to to be more to being feminine. I like women to be in control sexually. My wife for years told me she wanted me to be dominant, however, when I tried to be dominant she would prevent me from doing so. Therefore, I would immediately become submissive. Which of course she did not like. I was always the one ask for sex (more like begging). Hopefully one day I’ll find someone who will like and enjoy my being submissive and feminine.. I do enjoy pleasing a woman sexually.