How To Turn On An Aquarius Man In Bed

He is eccentric, imaginative and different than all the guys you’ve ever been with. But, how to turn on an Aquarius man in bed is kind of a mystery, since they are quite unconventional.

Ladies, the Aquarius Man is the first man you will meet who is interested in brains more than your body! Think you’ve hit the jackpot and found Mr. Perfect? Not so fast…

How are you going to get him into bed if all he seems to want to do is have stimulating conversation with you? (You’d much rather him be stimulating that tingly spot just behind your ears!). Fear not, Scarlett’s done the research, listen n’ learn. Here’s how to turn on an Aquarius man in bed.

How to Turn On an Aquarius Man in Bed: Unleashing His Passion

Understanding how to ignite the passion of an Aquarius man requires insight into his unique personality traits. With a combination of creativity, communication, and a willingness to explore new experiences, you can unlock his desires and enjoy a fulfilling sexual connection. Let’s dive into the specifics of turning on an Aquarius man in bed.

First understand his personality

How To Turn On An Aquarius Man In Bed

You’re involved romantically (if you can call it that) with an Aquarius Man. I feel your pain…  I have been out with a number of Aquarian men in the past and I can confidently say that my main issue with each and every single one of them was their seemingly detached attitude towards the relationship. It drove me bonkers!

Just to check that I wasn’t being biased in my opinion, I asked a few Aquarians about their attitude towards sex, and this is what I got…

“I don’t let sex control my emotions.”

“I guess we treat sex like we treat anything else.”

And therein lies the wonderful challenge. The Aquarius man treats everyone and everything equally. He is a curious and adventurous creature, who wants to be free to go out into that big inspiring world and experience everything it has to offer.  Emotional demands hold him back.   

I guess there’s your first big clue – don’t expect too much from him. You probably hit it off as great friends before you became involved, and this is the approach you should continue to take if you want to get the best out of your Aquarius man, especially in the bedroom!

Leave your emotions at the bedroom door, you are entering a physical fun zone…

Know that he wants to talk!

When I say he wants to ‘talk’ I certainly don’t mean about ‘feelings’, unless you don’t mind him approaching it as an intellectual debate or topic of in-depth conversation that will possibly go on into the early hours of the morning, long after your knickers have dried up! You poor deprived little nymph.

Don’t be put off by his feverish intellectual urge for conversation, you can use it to your advantage.  If you drive the conversation in the direction you want things to go – i.e. with plenty of erotic talk (just make sure you say the right words, or he may even get turned off) you will be lucky enough to experience what I like to refer to as the ‘Aquarius Sexual Light-bulb Effect.’

Learn how to weave a tapestry of intimacy through carefully crafted dirty phrases that speak directly to his adventurous spirit. Unveil a new level of intimacy and reignite the flame with the Aquarius man using the power of seductive language.

A Light Bulb

Simply put, his sexuality is like a light bulb – he can turn it on at the flip of a switch, and when it’s on it’s electrifying – lucky you! But when he’s turned off, he’s off until his battery recharges.

Keeping this in mind, with a little bit of steerage and timing, what might have been a highly charged evening of conversation, can instantly become a highly charged and possibly acrobatic sexual session!

Let him share his thoughts on tantric sex, or the Kama Sutra, even indulge in a bit of debate if you have to; then take the initiative and challenge him to a sexual duel to illustrate his points.

His natural curiosity will lead him to some kinky experimental creative play. In fact, you may not quite be prepared for his enthusiasm once he gets going. He will want to try all the moves in the book!

My first sexual experience was with a virgin Aquarius. He was so excited and inspired by the discovery that he went straight out to buy me all sorts of gifts… when I opened the box I was staring at flavored condoms, ribbed condoms, a variety of lubes, and yes you guessed it, a little pocket book of the Kama Sutra!

He also popped in a packet of painkillers in case I was still hurting down there – don’t ever say an Aquarius man isn’t thoughtful, in his own odd little way, Bless!

Appeal to his spontaneity

Aquarius Man In Bed

I’m going to tell you something, which is painfully obvious but key. Your Aquarius Man doesn’t like routine!

If you want to turn on an Aquarius man in bed, you have to use your imagination, and be up for the most random sources of pleasure and opportunities for sexual exploration.

Play an active part, and be mentally prepared… for anything! Speaking from experience, if you’re mentally prepared, his appetite for the unplanned and spontaneous won’t stress you out as much, if you get stressed out by that sort of thing.

I suggest doing lots of research in your own time. Go online, watch some porn to get rid of your squeamish streak if you have one.

Gear Him Up With Dirty Talk

Of course, you’ll need to turn on his mind before you can entice him to the bedroom or the other place for some sexy fun. Get explicit with him.

You’ll need to approach it in a way that appeals to his preferences. If you’re unsure of what that is yet, you can give some suggestions and observe his reaction. Observe his body language and facial emotions.

Finding out what interests him shouldn’t be that difficult. You can recommend positions, try out different things, etc.

Surprise Him First

Read and educate yourself on all the sex positions you can, so that you can surprise him with a few hot tricks instead of being taken by surprise yourself – he will love the fact that you’re knowledgeable and up for whatever kinky direction his imagination dares to take him!

But be aware that just because he is spontaneous, it doesn’t mean he is going to pounce and ravish you, although he might, you never can tell. The Aquarius Man’s approach tends to be more delicate and slow, mainly because he enjoys foreplay. He wants to investigate, explore and discover. With an Aquarius man it’s always about further exploration, keeping it fresh and him wanting more of you. If you ever run out of fresh ideas, try one of these 100 hot sex games for couples. So you never have to wonder what’s next. He’ll love that he’s not always the one that has to initiate something fresh. Then you just repeat cycles.

You may find that initially you need to take the sexual initiative, especially if he’s about to get absorbed in one of his verbal marathons.

Once you are getting physical with him though, he’ll like to be in control, so prepare to be flipped over into this position and that position, and be taken from all the angles under the sun – woohoo!

Oh… and a word on oral sex… Ladies, you will want to let this man go down on you!  Your vagina is going to be a major curiosity zone, don’t deny him.  You can look forward to all sorts of yummy surprising sensations from his experimental tongue.  If he is inspired… lay back and let him go with it!

10 bonus sex tips to turn on your Aquarius man

Aquarius Man

1) Aquarius man has a rather random erogenous zone – his ankles!

Don’t ask, I have no idea.  But if I were you, I would offer him a massage and zone in on his calves… he might like his ankles being kissed and caressed… do it while going down on him… just a thought.

2)  Awkward about expressing emotions

Remember, he will be awkward about expressing his romantic feelings through physical contact.

So, don’t get soppy, you will turn him off.  Focus on fun and physical pleasure, have a good time!

3) Go outside

Try having sex or indulging in some playful petting outside in the open air for that spontaneity he craves – that will excite him!

4) Role-playing is a key

Role play likely to rev up his imagination too.  Remember, his interest is in people, so be as many different people as you like.

5) Get him in the mood for whatever you have in mind by bringing it up in conversation first.

6) Be prepared for lots of foreplay

He needs plenty of it, otherwise your sex session is going to be a bit wham bam thank you mam!  Encourage Aquarius man to experiment with you, and make the most of his inquisitive and adventurous personality.

7) Expect to keep the lights on

this curious man is going to want to have a look!

8) He is unconventional and emotions freak him out

So don’t expect a traditional Valentines with him.  Just be your open, quirky, intelligent self and don’t let your romantic expectations get the better of you.

9) This goes for any day – not just Valentines

Your relaxed, carefree attitude will make him want to be around you.

10) Brush up on your knowledge of current events

It may sound like a random thing to do in order to turn a guy on, but an Aquarius Man will appreciate if you know what is going on in the world around you and can hold a stimulating conversation with him, and have an intelligent opinion.  If he thinks you’re on the same wave-length with him, you’re on to a winner… just don’t fake it, he will see right through you.

Be yourself

Be yourself and don’t get bogged down in the conventions and traditions of relationships.  An open-mind is what an Aquarius man will find attractive at the end of the day.

But, if you really want to seduce an Aquarius man and make him yours for good, you definitely must check out Aquarius Man Secrets, an amazing book  by Anna Kovach. She really goes into details and explains the deepest secrets of Aquarius men that will literally change your life. After I read this book, my Aquarius boyfriend went completely crazy about me and in a short amount of time he became my Aquarius husband! Check it out and see for yourself. Thank me later :)

Q&A About Turning On an Aquarius Man in Bed

Can I use sexting to turn on an Aquarius man?

Absolutely! Aquarius men enjoy intellectual and creative stimulation, so sending him flirtatious and suggestive messages can be highly arousing. Use your words to paint vivid pictures and ignite his imagination.

How important is foreplay with an Aquarius man?

Foreplay is essential for turning on an Aquarius man. They appreciate the buildup of anticipation and enjoy the exploration of senses. Take your time with sensual massages, kisses, and gentle caresses to heighten their arousal and create a deeper connection.

Is it important to respect an Aquarius man’s boundaries and limits?

Respecting boundaries is crucial in any relationship, and the same applies to an Aquarius man. Understand his limits and ensure that both of you are comfortable with the activities you engage in. Consent and respect for each other’s boundaries are essential for a healthy and enjoyable sexual relationship.

Are Aquarius men open to trying new things in bed?

Yes, Aquarius men are generally open-minded and willing to explore new experiences. They enjoy variety and excitement, so introducing new techniques, positions, or fantasies can enhance their arousal and pleasure. Just make sure to communicate and respect each other’s boundaries.

How can dirty talk enhance the sexual experience with an Aquarius man?

Dirty talk can add an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the sexual experience with an Aquarius man. It stimulates his mind, ignites his imagination, and creates a sense of erotic anticipation. It allows for deeper exploration of desires, fantasies, and boundaries, ultimately enhancing pleasure and intimacy.

Confidence is key when it comes to dirty talk. Remember that your Aquarius man desires you and wants to hear your desires.

Unleash the power of 27 dirty phrases to Turn on your Aquarius Man in bed and experience mind-blowing intimacy.

Embrace your sexuality, trust in your words, and let go of self-doubt. Are you ready to explore the realm of dirty phrases and unleash the passionate beast within your Aquarius man?

About the author

Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)


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  • This is so true! I recognise each and every part of this article from a guy I dated (who, indeed, first became one of my best friends before hitting on me). Especially the endless foreplay and the talking haha.

    • It’s crazy weird isn’t it, when you realise that star signs can give you a useful bit of insight into a guy’s behaviour, and help you to understand what makes them tick? :)

      It’s interesting to compare guys that you have dated or know well who are of the same star sign, just to see how the same personality traits can apply but in different ways.

      Glad you enjoyed the article :)

  • Do you mean Kamasutra? Kama means desire, passion and sexual pleasure. Karma is a different concept – it’s more like a law of nature that guides the cycle of cause and effect in a journey called samsara. It’s pretty interesting. An Aquarius might enjoy talking about it. :)

  • im dealing with aquarius and he is indeed distant im a Gemini im trying so hard to not care about him but i can’t i want him around most of the time but i guess he has other fish to worry about im backing away slowly but surly…when i try to start convos with him he’ll stop talking to me dead smack in the middle just rude..i asked was he interested he said yea but he doesn’t act like it…our sex is out of this world i believe its because of me but i cant keep doing this he makes my brain hurt with his sometimey actions so ima just leave him alone

    • I’m having the same issue with my aquarian boyfriend ,I too have decided to fall back he’s getting on my nerves.

  • Ugh! I can not stand aquarius men… I’m a Leo meaning I need a lot of time, attention, and enthusiasm. Aquarius men offer none of that. Oddly enough I found myself attracted to 2 of em… Sex- Great! Friendship- ok… Emotional support-nonexistent! I thought I had one but after a disagreement from one convo, we barely spoke to one another. I’m stubborn n I believe they are too. So when he went from texting me daily to not texting me at all I was over it. He texted me two weeks later saying he was thought about me… Wateva…

    • I think we’re just a little self-absorbed. I’ve only fell in love with two women and they were both Aquarius as well. You also can’t disagree with an Aquarius we also have a bit of a superiority complex. We are kind of the s*it. Most of the time our inability to show emotions is misinterpreted by other signs. We are happy-go-lucky and usually get aggravated when people show more emotions then we need to see.

    • Omg I’m a Leo and my guy is an Aquarius and it’s so frustrating being with them. Like you only want I be with them and get attention from them but thy make it so hard. I would have to say they are the hardest sign to be with.

    • I went through the same thing your boyfriend did, just because we stop talking to you for a while doesn’t mean we aren’t crazy about you, it means we want to know if you’ll be there when we get back. And we HATE expressing our feelings a great deal of the time, if he told you he was thinking about you, chances are that he couldn’t get you out of his mind and was indeed thinking about you. Give the man a chance and remember we don’t like to show our emotions all the time because it makes us feel odd, fluffy, or vulnerable, plus if he says he loves you, he means it. That’s one “l” word we don’t just toss around.

  • Reminds me of the guy I’m currently with, we were friends as well before we got together (odd to say the least :P)

  • Its so funny reading the comments because I can relate! I’m an aquarius girl so I kinda understand and have some of the traits an aquarian man does! I dont text back.. Kinda detached stubborn.. and my partner that I’m dating now is an Aquarius! He is totally detached I cant even tell if he likes me! No emotion! Sex is A+ However! I know how aquarians are nd we like our space! Number one rule with dating us! I sure this isnt the match for me but I know where u ladies are coming from

  • Hey ladies, I’m a sag women and I’ve been interacting on different levels with an aqua man. What I’m trying to convey is I don’t no what were doing he sends mixed messages,or at lest that’s how it feels. I need some help! It’s been only a couple of months and I can’t believe how fast I fell for him.We have been sexual and our connection, outside of the bed room has a scary yet magnetic connection.I feel as if we are Soulmates and his eyes seen to conform my notions.Even thou in the begaining he did state it was sexual his actions and comments suggest differently.He says he wants to be friends and that I am special to him,but when I say I don’t want to be his friend.I want a relationship ,he can’t seen to accept that I can’t be his friend Only,or at certain times and condictions.When i am head over hills in love with him.Ps.I tried that i could not do it.Pss.Im 38 and he is 22,help me somebody i am drowing!

    • Why ask women? Ask an Aquarius yourself. I’m an Aquarius, according to my female friends I send mixed signals to literally every girl I meet. Sex to us is just fun and that’s all we want it to be. After sex we aren’t looking to complicate a relationship with a label and commitment, because our lack of emotional skills we will almost never settle down until we want to. Also we are more lustful creatures don’t confuse that with love, unfortunately️.

  • I’m dating an Aquarius man right now and after reading this, I see a lot of these traits with him. He really doesn’t show emotions at all and I’m usually the one that has to get him going. Doesn’t take much though. The sex is amazing, every time, and he loves being in control. But it would be nice to have someone that actually understands your feelings. I’m a Sagittarius dating an Aquarius… We’re pretty compatible, but bot always.

  • I am a Sagittarius woman (31) and am currently dating an aquarious man(32) who is just amazing. At first, I noticed that I did all of the talking. When I brought it up to him, he told me that he was working on being more open with me. And I was patient because this is a man worth waiting for. Yes, he is quite. But he is smart, funny, kind….and damn is he sexy in bed!! He has opened up more and more with me because I try not to push him. Sex with him is incredible. I have never worn so many different outfits in my life!! This article shed some light on his personality and I am going to try the ankle thing very soon! I had never dated an aquarious man before, this one is a keeper!

  • So true.

    I have been with an aqua for almost a year. He used to drive me crazy….I am an Aquarius too and couldn’t figure him out. Thanks goodness for the internet and the peeps who have dealt with them.

    When we are together…things are awesome. We talk and cut up and laugh…sing and dance together…cuddle..etc. But as soon as we part…well it will be a week before I hear from him…no more than that.

    This is just how he is…I am used to it now. I will text him here and there like have a good week or something like that.

    Sex is awesome.

    Let them come to you…this is so true. Yes there are times I want to touch base…but I feel that he has to miss me and want it. Besides…since we don’t talk and text constantly…we have so much more to talk about when we do see each other.

    Now this did start as fwb..he caught feelings..if you wanna call it that..Lol. He has admitted to liking me…a plus.

    When we first started it was I am busy…so busy…sorry I have been busy…excuses galore. Now that I understand him…he doesn’t do that. I even told him if its a way of protecting himself I understand…he has completely quit.

    Now…we see each other maybe one or two weekends a month..I wish it was slightly more…but I think in time it will be….as long as he continues to slowly drop his guard.

    Yes yes…the ankle thing works..and calves too..just saying. Good luck… if you understand this man and have patience..not question him when he gets distant…he will be yours. I have never asked…and I always reply with the sweet response. Then he will say the sweetest things…I miss you my love

    During a drunken night…I asked him casually…so how to I get to be your girl…are you ready…his response…don’t push me or I will go the other way…its true. My response was….have I ever?!?! He said no not at all. :)

    There is a point of no return with them…try breaking it off with them…you will see. We have broken it off several times..mostly due to me being emotional before I understood him…guess who came back every single time.

    They have big hearts…you just have to follow them there ;)

  • Oh my god im going to have to show my fiance this shes constantly wanting make love and just jumps right to the point honestly this is 120% true i myself am an aquarius and this is exactly how i tick thank you you may havesaved my sex life :).

  • Woow! Pisces female 44yo here, and he’s 28…3 yrs of now you see me now you dont…we worked together became frnds to we are talking about living together nd having babies.not to sure how the ladder will pan out…but I’m willing if God…..reading this and the comments really clears some already perceived things about my aqua young man..i cant wait to try the ankle calf thing myself..just wen I thought I had him just behind the b*lls too!lol..

  • I’m an Aquarius and let me just say, that this lady knows her stuff. My girlfriend must’ve been reading up :) I’m trying the Rub-a-dub position tonight ;)

  • As an Aquarius, I’m naturally stubborn and never give up in an argument, but my girlfriend will vouch for me that although Im bad with sharing my emotions sometimes, I am a good listener when she does, and the only girl I’ve ever had problems dating was a cancer… I felt like nothing in bed or out of bed could please her it was unbelievable. I rolled out and now I’m with a Saggitaurus girl.

  • Hi everyone, I’m a 44 y/o Pisces female that has been with a 35 y/o Aquarius twice for a mutual fetish that didn’t require intercourse. He contacted me 6 days after our first encounter and I had honestly forgot all about it. I didn’t think we would see each other again because we have a distance problem. He told me he really enjoyed spending time with me and that he had been thinking about me. I had asked him what his zodiac sign was even before we met and I met with him knowing it was solely for our mutual fetish and didn’t have any other expectations, specially since I knew our signs were not compatible and after reading about his, I know we would not end up good. I’m also coming out of a LTR with an Aries and I really want to grow old with a water or earth sign this time around, I just feel that life is too short to constantly go against the current, I would like for my life to be more peaceful for a change. My Aries relationship of 20 yrs gave me enough insight for me to realize this now. Prior to my Aries I was with a Gemini, I don’t know why I always attract fire or air but good luck to everyone finding love here.

  • I have a question … How do I get Aquarius men to stop being attracted to me… I am a Scorpio woman and it seems like an elephant with water, an Aquarius man will find me anywhere. The other problem is that once they find me, I am done for… I am so drawn to them back I can’t stand it. So much so that my abnormally high attraction to a man who’s hitting on me is actually my first warning signal that he is an Aquarius. Our relationships are so hard I am actually halfway afraid of Aquarius men because I know it’s going to suck and that I am going to do it anyway. The sex between us is always fire but so is the relationship and try to tell that sh*t to an Aquarius man … I promise it’s not going to stop his pursute in the slightest. So either I need to learn how to make them stop loving me or learn how to start hating them… Suggestions?