5 Beauty Resolutions Worth Making in 2014

Ready to jump into 2014? Kick start the year with our list of 5 Beauty Resolutions that are really worth making!

With the December 31st looming, it’s time to start thinking seriously about our New Year’s resolution ideas for 2014. This year, instead of making a bunch of optimistic promises that you probably won’t keep, why not commit to incorporating some simple but effective new habits into your beauty routine? You’ll be amazed at what a big impact a few small changes can have on your complexion.

We’ve come up with 5 Beauty Resolutions that we think are really worth making:

#1 Clean Your Makeup Brushes Weekly


Let’s be honest – few of us clean our makeup brushes as often as we should. We get it, it’s a hassle. However, it’s one of the most important things you can do for both your wallet and your skin. Why? Because makeup brushes are a total breeding ground for bacteria. They pick up all the dirt and oils on your face, day after day, then transfer them straight back onto your skin, causing breakouts and other nasty side effects. Gross, right? Furthermore, makeup brushes that haven’t been cleaned for a while may become scratchy from product build up and cross-contaminate your eye shadow colours for a muddy finish.

Washing your makeup brushes weekly can go a long way towards fighting break outs, as it helps you limit the transfer of dirt and oils onto your clean skin. Even better, frequent cleaning can also dramatically extend the life of your makeup brushes by helping them stay in tip top shape.

You don’t need to buy an expensive brush cleaner to give your brushes a thorough cleaning. Simply pour a tea spoon of baby shampoo, mild conditioner or gentle liquid soap into the palm of your hand or onto a plate, along with a drop or two of olive oil. Swirl your brush across your palm or plate and through this mixture. Then, rinse with lukewarm water and squeeze any excess moisture out of your brush. Repeat this procedure as many times as necessary. Clean your brushes overnight, so they have time to dry before you need them again.

#2 Adhere to Makeup Expiry Dates

While we’re on the subject of cleaning, if you can’t even remember the last time you sorted through your makeup, it’s time for a fresh start! Most of us are guilty of keeping that one, crusty old mascara (or several) in the back of the cupboard ‘just in case’. Toss it! We know it’s hard, but you don’t even want to think about all the nasties that could be lurking in your expired cosmetics.

Remember, mascara has a shelf life of around 3 months, while lipstick, gloss, eye shadow and liner pencils can last for around 18. Your foundation is good to go for around a year, but your liquid liner should be discarded every six months.

The best part of a make-up purge? Splurging guilt-free on replacements!

#3 Always Remove Your Makeup Before Bed


After a big night out or a long day, it can be oh-so tempting to just roll into bed without removing your makeup. In fact, recent studies hinted that up to a third of women regularly go to bed without cleaning their faces. However, few of us realise the dramatic impact it can have upon our skin.

Recently, Anna Pursglove, a reporter for the DailyMail and overworked mother, took it upon herself to test the impact of not washing her face or completely removing her makeup for a full 30 days. She reported enlarged pores, drier skin and areas of hyperpigmentation. Even scarier, skin experts informed her that, “ …[her] skin was biologically approximately a decade older than before [she] began [her] no-cleansing experiment.”

If that’s not a good reason to up our skincare game, nothing is! However, on nights when you can’t bear to do your whole cleansing routine, you can limit the damage of makeup build up by running a cleansing makeup wipe over your face to remove as much of your foundation and mascara as possible.

#4 Be Kind to Your Body

A huge part of maintaining a gorgeous complexion is being kind to your body. Our skin, hair and nails often reflect what’s going on inside us, whether we realise it or not. For example, if you’re constantly suffering from dry, cracked lips, investing in a heavy duty lip balm seems like the most obvious solution. That’s fine for a temporary fix, but dry lips are often indicative of dehydration, so you need to address the cause. Up your water intake and you’ll soon notice a huge difference in both your lips and your skin.

By the same token, countless studies have shown a link between skin quality and hours slept. Sleep gives your body has a chance to rest and repair cells. Sleeping also causes your body to increase production of the human growth hormone, which is a vital ingredient in the construction of collagen. More collagen = more skin elasticity and fewer visible signs of aging.

So, next time you’re feeling guilty about having a lie in, think about all the benefits of being a sleeping beauty!

#5 Love Yourself


When you love yourself, you radiate an aura of confidence that no amount of makeup can replicate. So, if you’ve been hard on yourself in 2013, make sure to love yourself in 2014. It may not happen overnight, but if you’re committed to it, it will happen. Remember, you deserve it. Don’t know where to start? Check out our article on How to Learn To Love Yourself for some pointers.

Back on the beauty side of things, people who love themselves are also more likely to adhere to resolution number 4: Be Kind to Your Body. Bonus, right?

If you’re still looking for New Year’s Resolution ideas, jump on board our list of 5 Beauty Resolutions worth making in 2014. Not only will these top five beauty resolutions improve your complexion, but they’ll also put you on the path to loving yourself and treating your body the way it deserves. Have a wonderful New Year, beauties!

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions this year?

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