5 Beauty Tips that Cost Nothing

We’re here to help you painlessly tighten your purse strings this holiday season with 5 amazing beauty tips that won’t cost you a cent!

Let’s face it, being a beauty junkie can be a very expensive hobby – especially during the holiday season when money is tight and gorgeous limited edition gift sets are lurking around every corner. With so many things tugging at your purse strings this Christmas time, we’re going to show you a few ways that you can save money on some of your beauty essentials.

Interested? Keep reading as we reveal our Top 5 Beauty Tips that won’t cost you a cent.

1) Improve your skin with water

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It can be very tempting to throw every beauty product that promises clearer, younger and more radiant skin into our shopping carts. But, the truth is, sometimes all our skin needs is a little bit of love. You can nourish your skin from the inside out by increasing your water intake to around eight glasses a day. Beauty experts believe that well hydrated skin leads to more flexible pores. Don’t panic, that doesn’t mean ENLARGED pores, just pores that are able to release dirt, impurities and sebum more easily. This means less blackheads and tighter pores in the long run.

2) Experiment with DIY face masks

A trip to the spa or salon can be seriously expensive. Did you know that you’ve probably already got everything you need to make an awesome DIY face mask in your cupboards? We’re going to share two super simple and fabulous face mask recipes with you so you can pamper yourself at home:

  • Egg White & Honey Face Mask

Egg whites are great for tightening the pores, while honey is known for its soothing and anti-bacterial properties. To make this face mask, just combine one egg white with 1.5 tablespoons of honey in a bowl. Apply it liberally to your face and give it fifteen minutes to dry. Finish by rinsing.

  • Banana & Honey Face Mask

Banana is great for moisturising the skin and purportedly even helps fight wrinkles. Combined with honey, it makes an effective face mask for all skin types. To make it, mash up one ripe banana into a bowl then add a tablespoon of honey. If you’d like an added brightening effect, you can also throw in 5-10 drops of lemon juice. Apply your concoction to your face and neck and leave for fifteen minutes to dry before rinsing it.


3) Address the cause, not the symptoms

When we’ve got issues with frizzy hair or frequent break outs, the first thing we do is buy a product to treat the issue. However, more often than not, these products fall short of our expectations and only offer temporary relief. Sound familiar? That’s because most of us are guilty of trying to treat the symptoms of our beauty woes instead of addressing the root causes.

Next time your hair is frizzy, instead of reaching for a product, ask yourself (or our good friend Google!) why. For example, you might be using the wrong brush for your hair type or drying your hair on a fabric that creates a lot of friction and static. Put some time into researching the cause of the problem and eliminating it. You might even find that you don’t need a product after all.

4) Get the most out of your existing products

Another awesome way to save money on beauty products is to repurpose them. For example, most of us have a tin of Vaseline/petroleum jelly lying around the house. This innocuous little tub has a whole host of uses most of us don’t know about. It’s great at everything from treating dry or psoriasis prone elbows to keeping lipstick from sticking to your teeth. Some beauty gurus even swear by it as an eye primer that actually intensifies pigmentation.

Another example of a multi-purpose product is olive oil. It’s incredibly effective at removing eye makeup.  It might seem odd, but it’s often less abrasive than the actual removers on the market. For optimum effectiveness, mix just under half a cup of extra virgin olive oil into a 600ml bottle of aloe or filtered water and shake vigorously. Apply your solution to a cotton pad, then use it to gently remove your makeup.

5) Think outside the box


On the subject of repurposing, a little creativity can go a long way. Need somewhere to store your make-up brushes? Why buy an expensive brush holder when you can achieve a similar result by recycling something you’ve already got? Just take an old mason jar, rinse it out and remove the label. Decorate it with paint, studs, magazine cut outs, or even just a simple ribbon. Have fun with it and show off your personality. When you’re done, fill the bottom third of your jar with clear marbles or beads to keep your brushes in place. Voila, you’ve got yourself a brush holder minus the price tag. Don’t know where to start? Check out these neat examples on Pinterest.

With these 5 beauty tips that won’t cost you a cent, you can save a little more of your hard earned cash to spend on family, friends, charity and that beautiful new eye shadow palette you’ve been lusting after all season. Good luck and happy saving, beauties!

We wanna know: Do you have any beauty tips that cost nothing?  

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