5 Easy Ways to Whiten Your Smile

You don’t have to go far to get the ingredients you need for a brighter smile. There are plenty of items you can find in your local grocery store that can help make your teeth white and looking good.

There is no need for searching for the best whitening kits, or reading lengthy instructions. You don’t have to bother with the application of indigestible tooth lacquers. Just simple try including some of these foods into your diet and you will be one step closer to enhancing the brightness of your teeth. Easy right?

1. Water

attractive caucasian smiling woman drinking water

The obvious answer to almost any health and beauty problem. Water has the ability to keep your mouth moist and fresh as it triggers saliva production. This helps to regulate your gums along with many other things. Consuming water on a regular basis clears the acidic contents that you might have had earlier and keeps your mouth free of stagnant particles. Drinking water will help flush-away unwanted particles from causing harm to your teeth. Its good for your entire body and should be part of your daily diet anyways so keeping your teeth clean is an added bonus.

2. Dairy Products

Happy young housewife drinking milk

Milk, cheese, yoghurt etc, all these products contain a large amount of calcium that is great for your teeth. Another important factor is that harder cheeses also assist in cleaning your teeth as they brush firmly against your tooth forcing food particles to come off. Now there’s my excuse to eat more cheese!

3. Green Tea

Pretty Blond Holding White Cup of Tea

A highly beneficial beverage, adding green tea to your diet will increase antioxidants in your body. Antioxidants not only fight the build up of plaque on your teeth but also decrease bad breathe. Drinking this tea can also counter balance that acidity in your mouth and lower the chances of your teeth decaying.

4. Apples, Carrots, Cucumbers, Celery etc.

Smiling young woman holding slice of cucumber

These saliva-creating foods help to reduce the acidity levels in your mouth, which is a vital part of a healthy set of teeth.  Fiber rich foods also have the consistency that will scrub your teeth clean.

5. Mint Leaves

Woman biting Mint Leaves

Though this is not an obvious ingredient to purchase at your grocery store, it is guaranteed to help. Chewing mint leaves or simply including them in your drink/food will give you good breath. Mint also consists of an ingredient that is used in tooth whitening product and can therefore do the trick without the hassle of buying the whitening kits.

Include these items on a day-to-day basis and you’ll notice a difference not just in your smile but your overall health as well. Merging looking good with staying healthy makes life so much easier. Now there’s nothing stopping you from batting those lashes and shining that mega-watt smile!

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