4 Foods That Stain Your Teeth

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but in reality how many of us end up doing just that? Yes, we’ve all been there. Saying hello to someone either for the first time or repeatedly, we would probably notice the way they smile. And, what compliments a smile better than a set of pearly whites? But how do you keep them white without using hundred different products?

Having those pearly whites isn’t always as easy as we think.  There are many things that influence the color of our teeth. Now take a step back and consider the food that does more harm than good to your smile. Keep these foods in mind and you will soon give yourself the smile you deserve.

So, either avoid these foods all together, or simply brush after consuming them. The solutions are simple, so why not give them a try!

1. Acidic Foods

Woman having a nibble of a lemon making a grimace

Fruits such as oranges and lemons tend to contain a high amount of acid. However, you don’t have to stop eating these foods, as they are extremely healthy. But you should try washing your teeth more frequently if acidic food is present in your meals. Dark colored fruits such as different berries also have a strong discoloring effect. Consume them in smaller portions to keep your teeth glistening.

2. Carbonated Drinks

Refreshing Brown Soda with Ice

Linking in to the acidic foods, these drinks contain such a high level of acid and sugar that even the light colored soda’s can affect your teeth. Drinks such as these contain ingredients that if held in the mouth for too long can have an erosive effect on your teeth. Not something you want when you smile, right?

3. Coffee

Redhead Woman Drinking Coffee

Next time you feel the need for a pick-me-up you might want to choose wisely. Coffee has the tendency to discolor teeth. My advice, drink moderately and wash promptly. If coffee is a vital part of our day, then I try to drink more water in comparison to coffee so that over the duration of the day you will have washed off possible residue from the coffee. Popping a mint in your mouth will also reduce the chance of bad breath, which might follow a cup of coffee!

4. Red Wine

Young beautiful smiling woman in red vest sits in armchair and has control over glass with wine

To put it simply if you can stain your tablecloth, chances are it contains something that will discolor your teeth. Though it may go well with your meal, consume less or optionally change for another drink to keep your smile the way you want it.

So to put it lightly, if you want to avoid staining your teeth just keep in mind what the food you are eating or drinking can do. If you choose to drink something that might be harmful, use a straw or simply don’t leave it in your mouth for too long. Follow that and you will enhance the brightness of your smile without using any products!

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