7 Ways to Enlarge Breasts Without Surgery

Voluptuous bosom without going under the knife? Yes please! Now you can visually enlarge your cleavage and wear your bust as a royal crown – just read the following instruction and chose two or more methods to combine. Using chemicals and unnatural procedures is potentially dangerous. I recommend only what is healthy and safe.

Since the internet is filled with different advice on how to naturally enhance your breasts, most girls get confused with the multiplicity of options. This are my top 5 ways to enlarge breasts without surgery.

1. Wonder-Bra

 enlarge breasts without surgery

Today, there are bras on the market with a variety of inserts that can make breasts look bigger for the whole number. Try to find one that fits best and is most comfortable. Remember, breasts should look natural, not like you are pursuing a career in porn.

2. Shake

Certain studies have shown that one of the best natural ways to increase breast is blending papaya juice and milk. Vitamins that are found in these two ingredients can enlarge your cleavage if you drink it on daily basis. It’s healthy and super-tasty.

3. Training

brunette woman doing push ups
It’s unnecessary to repeat how important exercise is for each body part, especially for the breasts. Pressing one palm against another is an excellent exercise you do even at work, but the best effects are shown by doing push-ups which will certainly strengthen your muscles. Start slowly and each day add a few more pushups. You’ll se the first results in about 2 weeks. Be persistent! It pays out.

4. Bronzer

Make-up brush and bronzer can visually increase your cup size. Apply body milk or lotion to your cleavage, and then bronzer two shades darker than skin color. After putting your bra on, apply glittery powder, loosely. Do not overdo the bronzer, it may achieve the opposite effect.

5. Creams

woman putting a body-lotion

If you try natural creams specially designed for the cleavage area, you might not notice a huge difference in cup size, but your breasts will certainly grow stronger, skin softer and more resilient to gravity. Products containing vitamin A, C and E are what you are looking for.

6. Herbal supplements

Some herbs, such as fenugreek, fennel, and saw palmetto, are believed to promote breast tissue growth and can be taken in supplement form.

7. Breast massage

Massaging the breasts regularly can help stimulate blood flow and promote breast tissue growth.

Those were my top 5 advices on natural cleavage enhancement. Keep in mind that your cup size does not equal happiness. Learn to love your body the way it is and use these little tricks to your advantage, not as tools for self-confidence boost. Good luck!

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  • nice article, thank you, i would like to suggest you Brestrogen, is a natural breast enlargement cream. I tried it and i am very happy, of course your boobs don’t become a 6+ but you can earn a size if you use it every day.

  • I am 38 and have 30A size after having two kids. I live in New Jersy and a pure vegetarian in diet.My hubby is not happy with cup size.pls help.

    • I don’t understand when a husband is not happy with the breast size of his wife. Are they his breasts. Does he play with them to make himself or you happy. If you’re not happy with and love your breasts, no one will do that for you. The need to enhance the size of your breast should first be for you before anyone else.

  • im 21 years old.im a dancer.but my boobs size is small.bra size is 30.i want to enlarge it.please help me

  • My breasts are small & I’m 18 years old. My breast size is 29. I want to my breast enlarge. Plz help me.

  • Please can u suggest if any remedies or the brestrogen cream can work on a 40+ year old.