Beauty On A Budget: Turmeric To The Rescue

Looking for a cheap and effective way to treat all your beauty woes? Turmeric just might be the answer. Learn all about amazing turmeric benefits.

I bet if you pried open your medicine cabinet, it would be littered with beauty products from various places. You might have serums, creams, lotions, oils and all sorts of goods that claim to be the saving grace to your specific beauty concern, but somehow nothing seems to work for you.

This is exactly why they’ve all accumulated in your cabinet with no hope of ever seeing the light of day again. But, what if I told you that the answer to all your beauty problems could possibly be solved with the help of one little spice you might already have in your kitchen cupboard?

It’s true. Turmeric is a powerful yellow spice that’s mainly used in curries in India, but has been gaining popularity among the beauty DIY-ers of the internet in recent months—and for good reason, too.

There are SO many incredible turmeric benefits on your beuaty that it might be difficult to cover them all, but I will certainly try!

Clears acne


Due to the strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, applying it topically in a mask and even adding some to your regular cleanser can do wonders in treating and healing acne.

If you’re an acne sufferer, head straight to the kitchen! Turmeric is waiting to work wonders on your stubborn skin.

Reduces oily skin

Turmeric actually helps to regulate the oil production within your sebaceous glands. By using a turmeric face mask regularly, it can limit the amount of oil produced by your skin so that you will no longer have to live with a super shiny face!

Anti-aging turmeric benefit

With all of the antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that turmeric contains, it makes for a powerful anti-aging product! A lot of aging stems from dry skin and too much inflammation for too long, turmeric can help with both of those.

Since it regulates oil production, you will have the perfect amount of oil for your dry skin, and it will keep the inflammation in your skin down to avoid fine lines and wrinkles in the future.

Skin-tone corrector


If you’ve suffered from acne and have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or have wound up with age spots, turmeric is going to be your best friend. It has a light bleaching effect, so when used in a face mask or even with your daily cleanser, it will help to reduce these marks a lot quicker.


Due to the finely grounded texture of turmeric, it makes for an incredible exfoliator. When you use it on wet skin and rub in a circular motion, it helps to slough off dead skin cells to reveal new, radiant skin.

This also helps to speed up cell turnover, which can help you look younger.

Turmeric benefits on your hair

That’s right! Turmeric can even help your hair grow faster. Hair growth is generally genetic, but many people have scalp conditions that actually inhibit their hair growth.

Turmeric’s antibacterial and exfoliating properties help to clear the hair follicles so that your hair can grow freely. It also provides needed nutrients to your scalp in order for your hair to grow strong and healthy.

Dandruff treatment


Dandruff is usually the result of fungus or too many dead skin cells built up on your scalp’s surface. Luckily, turmeric is also a strong antifungal that can prevent dandruff.

Since it’s also a great exfoliator, it can help get rid of all those flakes that have built up on your scalp. Just remember to rinse well since it has a very strong yellow color.

Internal health = outer beauty

Turmeric doesn’t only have to be applied topically for users to reap the benefits of it. In fact, you can do a whole lot for your beauty regimen by adding it to your diet on a regular basis.

Turmeric is chock full of antioxidants that reduce free radicals. It’s also anti-inflammatory, which can aid in a number of different beauty ailments like acne and related issues.

It also helps your body to flush out toxins, which will leave your skin clear, your hair healthy and you feeling top-notch. It also speeds up healing throughout your body due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

There are so many amazing turmeric benefits that it’s a wonder that it’s just gaining popularity as an all-natural beauty product now. Have you whipped up any fantastic DIY beauty recipes using turmeric? Let’s hear about them!

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