Creative Summer Manicure Ideas

All you need for the perfect summer style are a few sundresses, a pair of sandals, sunglasses and – summer nails! Keep reading, and get inspired by these amazing summer manicure ideas!

Fashion is not only about clothes, shoes and accessories; it’s also about creative makeup and amazing manis! When it comes to summer manicures, the possibilities are endless!

Be creative and try out something fresh and new. Here are a few trends that may inspire you: pastel nails, neon nails, or unbelievably cool nail stickers.


Pastels are so big this summer they’re everywhere – on our clothes, shoes, bags, in our make-up bags and jewelry boxes… And it’s about time we had them on our nails, too! Choose your favorite pastel shade and enjoy it, or – if you’re brave enough – use a different pastel shade for each nail.

Pastels Manicure


Neon clothing items and accessories have been popular among fashionistas for some time now. So why not keep up with this trend using your nails? Choose a crazy neon nail polish, and color your nails! It will look amazing after a few days of sun bathing.

Neon Manicure

Color Blocking French Manicure

The classic French mani always looks good, but why don’t you try out something fresh, and new? Fashion the color-blocking trend on your nails! You can do literally any color combination, from the simple ones – black and white, or black and red – all the way to the crazy, unexpected color combos!

Color Blocking French Manicure

Here’s another French manicure idea to try out – do a nude base and use a different color for each nail. This mani definitely pops out!

Color Blocking French Manicure 2

Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are a great choice for those days when you want to do something cool with your nails, but don’t have the time, or the patience to color them.

Nail Stickers

There are various nail sticker designs – from animal and floral print, stripes and polka dots, to flags and cartoon characters! You’ll definitely find a style you’ll love.

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