8 Tips to Make Your Legs Look Longer

When summer comes, one of the things girls pay most attention to is how their legs look like. We would all like them thin, tanned, stretch marks free and long, very long. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with mile long legs, so we have to apply a couple of tricks. Here they are.

These tips are easy, but very effective. If you follow them, I guarantee that your legs will look not only longer, but also prettier. Check it out!

1. High Heels and Platforms

Let me start by stating the obvious – yes, wearing high heels and platform shoes will make your legs look longer. They will give you a couple of inches in height, but they should not be worn at all times.

High heels and platforms are not that good for your health and wearing them often can cause pains in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and even in your spine. Try to save them for special occasions and choose more comfortable shoes for every day.

2. The Color of Your Shoes

It’s not all about wearing high heels, your legs can look visually longer in flats too, only if you hit the right color. Believe it or not, black is not the best choice. Wearing black shoes actually makes you look shorter, because they make your feet look smaller. Great for tall girls, but for short ones – not so much.

The shoes you are looking for are as closest to the natural tone of your skin as possible. That way, the line between your legs and your shoes will not be so obvious. The result – your legs will look longer.

3. Shorts and Skirts

Woman wearing white skirt

Logically, the shorter your shorts or skirt, the longer your legs will look. However, you can’t really walk around in something that looks more like underwear than like shorts, so here’s another solution.

Buy shorts and skirts that have high waist. That way, you’ll make the part of your legs above your knees visually longer, because it will seem that your waist line is higher than it is.

4. A – line Skirts

Another great trick to make your legs look longer is to wear a – line skirts and dresses. The length of the skirt or the dress itself here is not really of great importance, it could very well be down to the ground, the pattern is what matters.

A – line skirts and dresses are tight at your waist and then go wider. It is exactly that wideness that makes your legs visually longer. Embrace the a – line pattern.

5. Jeans and Pants

Young Woman Wearing Jeans And Black High Heels

Unlike the skirts, jeans and pants that are wider at the bottom actually make your legs look shorter. When it comes to jeans and pants, your choice should be dark skinny jeans and straight pants that are just little bit longer than they should be.

There’s a great trick hiding in here. If you put on a pair of jeans and pants that are just 1” longer than they should be and combine them with high heel shoes, so that you don’t step on them, your legs will get that 1” in length. However, don’t go crazy with this, because if you are stepping on your pants, you’ll get the quite opposite effect.

6. Black Stockings

They are elegant, they are sexy and they make your legs look longer – the black stockings are your friends. These are especially effective if you have short, slightly chunky legs. The stocking itself will nicely pack your leg and hide all the imperfections, while the dark color will make them look both thinner and longer. Great, right?

7. Discreet Glow

If you’re not really a fan of stockings and prefer your legs to be naked, there’s a great solution for you too. It is called the discreet glow.

Buy a body glow or a sparkling body lotion and apply in a very thin layer (remember the key word here is discreet) along the outer line of your legs – from ankles to hips. This thin vertical line of glow will give a discreet accent to the longest line of your legs, thus making them look longer.

8. Attitude

As with any other beauty problem, your attitude is the best solution. The best products in the world will not help you unless you are a confident individual. So, put that pretty skirt and your favorite pair of shoes on and walk into a night club as if your legs were the longest legs on earth. Trust me, this works like a charm.

Well, those are the tips I have for you. If you can contribute with your own tip on how to make your legs look longer, feel free to do so in comments.

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  • Wearing same colour high heels as your jeans can make your legs look longer.but then make sure that is definitely of some contrast colour .