Five Good Reasons Why You Should Change Your Hairstyle

Our hair is our crowning glory, the epicenter of our natural beauty. But what do you do when your hair is feeling significantly less glorious than usual? Well, then change could be on the wind.

Because after all, our hair is not a static item. It’s not a bunch of silicon that we’re born with and then unable to change ever again. Hair is hair. And hair can be beautiful in many shapes, lengths, cuts and colors.

So why not investigate the various ways your hair exudes beauty? To help convince you that a new hairstyle is the right decision, here are five good reasons you should change your hairstyle.

Change is good

Pretty Young Woman With Dark Curly Hair

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” – Lao Tzu

According to a study by UK hairstylist Andrew Collinge, women change their hairstyle as much as 104 times during their lifetime. 104 times. Can you think of how many times you’ve changed your hair so far? It’s probably a fair few times, right?

Collinge also found that women change their hair color at least three times and change either the cut or color of their hair twice a year.

But why? Why do we feel a need to change our appearance so often?

Well, ideally, the point of changing your hairstyle is that you will discover something that is completely, uniquely and beautifully you. The hairstyle will match your skin coloring perfectly, flatter the angles of your face and bring out the stunning color of your eyes. It will be low-maintenance, glamorous and make you feel incredible.

This is the ‘hairstyle dream’.

And of course, what we all aspire to achieve. But what happens once you’ve achieved hair happily ever after? Do you keep the same style for the rest of your life? Well, why not, right? It’s the perfect cut and color for you!

But what many people don’t realize is that what is perfect today, might not necessarily be perfect in the future. Which is why we change our hairstyle 104 times.

Consider how much you’ve changed. Things happen to you, and your body, that can influence how your hairstyle looks.

The cute hairstyle that looked amazing on your 16 year-old face, looks a little unflattering now that your face has rounded out more.

The long, silky locks that were once your pride and joy can suddenly seem a little difficult to maintain with your busy lifestyle.

As the days pass, our face changes. Our body develops; we grow taller and slimmer, or sometimes maybe even wider. We acquire a golden tan on our holiday in Hawaii or cultivate porcelain skin by spending our days indoors working.

Our high-flying job allows us to dedicate muchos moolah to maintaining the perfect ‘do, or our busy go-go-go lifestyle means that we barely have time to run a brush through our hair every morning.

Who we were yesterday is not who we are today. Who we are today is not who we will be tomorrow. So why should our hairstyle remain the same?

Embrace change. You will be rewarded by the effort.

Boost your confidence

Life isn’t easy.

We encounter challenges, conflicts and trials every single day of our lives. And while this is essential for growing and developing as a person, it also means that sometimes life can leave you feeling a little flat.

One too many disastrous first dates, a client that cancels at the last minute, a promotion that you missed by the skin of your teeth and even the great job that was awarded to someone else … all of these things can drain our confidence levels.

And once your confidence meter is sucked up dry, then you kind of just want to curl up under the covers and pretend you’re not an adult anymore. We get it.

Because even the most confidence of us needs a little boost every now and then.

And an easy, simple and effective way to boost your confidence is to book in at your local, decadent salon and get the heck pampered out of you. Unless you book in for a bowl cut, it’s almost impossible to walk out of a salon without a little added spring in your step.

Not only is your hair softer, silkier and bouncier than ever, but you’ll also spend the next week graciously accepting compliments from your friends, family and co-workers.

“Oh, that color looks amazing on you!”

“Those new bangs really bring out the color of your eyes!”

“Wow, you have such beautiful features.”


What’s not to love?

Transform your image

woman at professional hairdresser

According to Andrew Collinge, one of the top five reasons that women change their hair is because they want to reinvent themselves. Fair call, really.

Whether it’s a break up, a new boyfriend, a new job or even just moving houses, sometimes we want our hairstyle to reflect our changing status too.

I had a friend who bought a new car, moved houses and changed her hairstyle every time she broke up with a boyfriend. And believe me, her break ups occurred quite frequently. But every time, like clock work, she wanted to shed her old image and transform into something new. She didn’t want to be such-and-such’s girlfriend, live in the same old neighborhood, or be labeled by a job title. She wanted to feel, and look, completely different.

While there are definitely better (and less costly) ways of transforming your image, it does show that we all get that yearning every now and then for something ‘different’.

It’s why we do change jobs, switch careers, redecorate our homes and try new clothing styles.

And changing your hairstyle is a huge aspect of an image transformation. Besides, who wants to look the same for their entire lives? Our style choices change, as do our wants, needs, attitudes and perceptions.

We can go through different stages, like having a punk rock stage, or an Upper East Side stage. There are times when we want to look sophisticated, and other times when we want to accentuate our sexiness. Sometimes our life demands that our appearance be professional and other times we are giving the freedom to be creative with our look.

And above all, we don’t want to remain stagnant. We love the newness of things, including our hairstyles. Everything loses its oomph after a while.

So, a new hairstyle? Definitely one of the easier (and fun) ways to transform your image.

Make an age adjustment

Who ever wants to look their age?

When we’re young, we want to look older. Nobody wants to be 16 and look 16. How are you meant to sneak into clubs then?

And when you’re older, well d’uh you want to look younger. Nobody in their 30s or 40s wants to be told that they look their age (or worse, older!). Younger, younger, younger, baby.

And as for those in their 20s, well they don’t want their age to matter at all. “I am the sum of my experiences, energy and efforts, I am not my age,” says Gen Y.

The good news is that you can add and detract years just by making adjustments to your hairstyle. They don’t have to be big ones either. Changing your hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to lop off your beloved locks, or color your naturally blonde hair red.

All you need to do is visit a trusted salon and tell them what you’re hoping to get from your look. They will be able to make a judgment based off your facial features, coloring and style to choose a haircut and color that will achieve your goals.

And then? You enjoy the benefit of looking younger or older. Your choice.

Cool, right?

Change your life

Pretty Blonde Woman with Makeup

Last but not least, while it may sound far fetched, changing your hair can actually change your life.

Sometimes we can use our hair as a shield. Our comfort blanket against the uncertainty of life. We cling to the sameness even if it doesn’t suit us anymore, because it’s what we’ve always done. And maybe, at one point, it suited us.

But our confidence, attitude and personality is all inextricably linked to our hairstyle. Think about it: how much chattier, confident and smiley are you after a trip to the salon? Compare that to how you feel when you slink out of the house with lank, dull and untamed locks.

But there are plenty of stories of women who changed their hair and in turn, changed their lives.

The shy girl who hid behind a curtain of long hair emerges as a confident, feisty woman.

The lady who loathed her curls appears younger and happier when she embraces her natural, curly, beauty.

It’s happened and it could all happen to you.

So why not change your hairstyle and transform your life? Capture the confidence, passion and energy that you’ve always wanted by trying a new hairstyle. Enjoy feeling sexy, comfortable and poised in every situation.

Apply for the new job because you think you can; ask out the guy you’ve been lusting over for months. Why not?

In fact, your new hairstyle insists you do.

Because a new hairstyle isn’t just a cosmetic adjustment, it’s a transformation of our entire being.

Think about your face shape before choosing a hairstyle, and check out our infographic.

So what transformation are you going to make?

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