Hair Care For Different Hair Types – All You Have To Know

Women all over the world are taking a stand and are embracing their natural hair. Read on to learn how to style and keep your natural hair healthy.

Ladies, let's be honest, we sometimes need help taking care of our natural hair. We all care about our hair because it helps to not only portray who we are  but to also make us look and feel attractive.

When it comes to the world of hair, there are so many different processes and treatments that you can do: semi-permanent straightening, blowouts, perming, colouring, and then the most common process – straightening or curling on an almost daily basis.

However, despite all of these treatments being readily available and quite popular, many women have decided to stop doing these treatments and to just embrace their natural hair for the sake of keeping it healthy.

Regardless of what the day calls for, the struggle remains, and the question that we all ponder is asked, “how can I take care of my naturally straight/wavy/curly hair”?

Well, look no further and stop pondering this question, continue reading to learn all about hair care for different hair types.

Naturally straight hair

There are three types of straight hair. All of these natural forms of straight hair have different features, meaning there are different methods of keeping each type of hair healthy and there are also different methods of styling each of the types.


Type one is the type of naturally straight hair that can be seen on celebrities such as Dakota Fanning and Gwyneth Paltrow. This type of straight hair is described to be baby fine hair and the thin strands are almost impossible to curl and style.

Women who have this type of straight hair call it limp, so a good way to take care of it is to wash it only when it gets oily, and to comb it on a daily basis just to avoid knots which are very easy to see.

When it comes to styling this type of hair, a good way to give it a boost is to use dry shampoo and to even reapply it throughout the day so your hair won’t go flat on you.

Another good way to take care of this type of straight hair is to avoid using thick conditioners as this can actually weigh down your hair and make it look greasy very fast.


Type two of naturally straight hair is described to have fuller strands with slight bends at the ends.

In order, to take care of this type of naturally straight hair, you don’t need to actually comb your hair every day, and you can wash it as needed when it gets oily.

A good way to style your hair, but also keep it healthy at the same time is to use a texturizing spray in order to get more volume and texture.

This will not damage your hair and will look great especially if you use the spray mainly on your roots. Type two of naturally straight hair can be seen on celebrities such as Lucy Liu, and Kendall Jenner.


Type three of naturally straight hair can be found on celebrities such as Rachel Bilson, and Sienna Miller. This type of straight hair is thicker, and basically all straight, but it does have some waves hiding underneath the top layers.

It's recommended to wash this type of hair every 3 days and to try to comb it when it’s wet to avoid any fuzz/puffiness. This type of naturally straight hair is very thick and it can also be very frizzy.

However, this type of hair can hold curls really well, just be sure to use the right oils that protect against heat when using a curling iron so you avoid damaging your hair.

As well, a good way to avoid the frizz, but to keep your hair healthy is to use anti-frizz serums or smoothing serums while using the cool setting on your hair dryer.

Naturally wavy hair

Most people think that people who have wavy hair have it lucky due to it being in between straight and curly. However, people who have wavy hair also face the common struggles of hair.

In fact, wavy hair is actually quite tricky since you have to work hard to get the waves to not puff up and to not go flat, all while keeping your natural hair healthy.


Type one of wavy hair is what people consider to be classic, but also cute, bed head with the occasional bends and kinks. Most women straighten this, but that isn’t a good way to keep your hair healthy.

Instead, a good solution would be to just air dry your hair and let it be. This type of hair can be seen on actresses such as Kate Hudson, and Amanda Seyfried.


Type two of naturally wavy hair is surfer girl waves, this type of hair can be seen on a celebrity, Joss Stone. If this is your natural hair, take care of it by washing it only when it’s oily, and combing it only when it’s wet.

The best way to style this type of hair is to just use your hands, luckily for you, this will look awesome and do no damage to your hair.

However, if you’re going for a night out and really want to do something different you can finger style it by also using mousse and a diffuser which still keeps your hair healthy.

Another way to keep this type of hair nourished would be to use hair oil which will keep your hair smooth and will prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.


Type three of wavy hair is described to be thick and lush. This type of hair is luscious with waves, and even some random curls. The best way to keep this type of natural hair healthy is to finger style and to use hair oil to prevent any breakage or damage.

It’s also recommended to do a deep conditioning treatment once a week and to comb your hair only when it’s wet. This type of hair can be seen on singers Shakira, and Lorde.

Naturally curly hair

The past decade has brought upon various new hair trends, and a big one has been embracing naturally curly hair.


Type one is the largest curl type in diameter as it fans and puffs out while keeping lots of the curls and waves defined, it can be seen on Taylor Swift.

To get your hair to not only look great but to still be healthy, use the scrunching style. All you have to do is wash and comb your hair (only comb your hair after you wash your hair every 4 days), and then apply any hair product or preferably hair oils and then scrunch your hair in your hands.

It's also recommended to use a towel to dry this type of hair or air dry it so you don’t actually cause more damage by using excess heat which will dry your hair out, just not in the way that you want.

This type of hair should also not be straightened very often as there will be lots of damage caused by the excess heat if you chose to use any straightening or curling methods that involve lots of heat, use a heat protecting oil.


Type two of naturally curly hair is a stretched out spiral that cascades towards the shoulder instead of fanning out. You are supposed to wash this hair and comb it as often as type one and to also only air dry or towel dry, and when it comes to styling it's recommended to only use light gels and leave in conditioners to ensure minimal breakage and also smooth curls.

It is recommended to use hair oils and the hair styling products when your hair is wet for the best effects and protection. This type of naturally curly hair can be seen on Halle Berry.


Type three is the thickest and curliest of all curls, this means it is also the most prone to becoming frizzy. This hair has curls that are a clearly defined corkscrew which could from as wide as a pencil to as wide as a marker.

To avoid any frizz, crunchy curls, or lots of dead ends, wash your strands with a cleansing conditioner. This will reduce any flyways and frizz, while also hydrating your hair. This type of hair can be seen on Thandie Newton.

If you have any more tips on how to take care of natural hair, feel free to share!

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