How to: Simple Large Dutch Bang Braid

Do you remember Rihanna’s hairstyle for the 2011 Met Gala, that beautiful braid that framed her face and went down to her waist? If you’d like to try it out yourself, you are on the right spot!

First thing’s first: for this style you must master the art of braiding. It’s not hard, but practice makes perfect. And you won’t regret it, because braids allow you improvisation, you have the room to play, combine, invent, exaggerate, or just be yourself. And the bonus is that your girlfriends will adore you!

So, today we are making a Dutch braid, which is the opposite of French braid. It is like the French braid turned inside out, meaning that you are braiding the side strand (left or right) under the middle strand, instead of over. You might want to try this out by making a regular braid before you try a Dutch braid. After practicing, gather these few basic tools and we can start.


  • a hairbrush
  • elastic bands
  • bobby pins
  • a hair clip
  • hairspray

What to do?

Step 1


It will be easier to make this style if your hair is not freshly washed (this goes for, pretty much, all the styles with braids). Brush out your hair to remove any knots.

Step 2

Make a deep side part. This style will hold your bangs even if they are short. If you don’t want all of your hair in the braid, you can separate it with the clip, which will make the braiding easier

Step 3

Take the small section of the hair at the beginning of the side part, and divide it into three strands. Start braiding along your face by inserting the side strands under the middle strand. Keep adding sections of hair from the sides as you braid along (like you do for the French braid).

Step 4

When you are satisfied with the length of your braid secure it with the elastic. You can braid all of your hair into a long side braid. You can add a long ponytail extension and braid it if you want a very, very long braid. The other option is to stop braiding at your ear, secure with the elastic and bobby pins, and leave the rest of the hair down.

Step 5

If you decided on the style of your large Dutch bang braid, now it’s time for the finishing touches. Start gently tugging the sides of the braid to make it look bigger. If you have a layered cut, strands of hair might start coming out, but don’t worry, you can fix it with hairspray and bobby pins.

Step 7

Spray some hairspray on the hairbrush and smooth out the frizz. Bobby pin the strands that came out of the braid.

How to Wear this Look?

This style is pretty versatile and has a bohemian feel. It can help you keep your hair out of your face, especially if you are in the process of growing out your bangs. So, although it takes some time and skill to make, it is suitable for every day.

But it can be an extremely glamorous look with a little exaggeration in some elements. Just ask Rihanna with her fiery red, super long braid. Pair it with the equally glamorous attire, and be the belle of the ball.

And don’t worry if you don’t make it at the first attempt, try it out a couple of times, and if you loose patience you can always ask a friend to help you. But trust me it’ll be worth all the practice and effort once you become a braiding master.


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