How to Do a Pedicure at Home in Seven Easy Steps

Spring and summer are the seasons of sandals, peep-toes, sling-backs and flip-flops, so it’s about time you took care of your feet. Don’t have the time to do it at a salon? Here’s how to do a long-lasting at-home pedicure.

A salon pedicure is a treat, but why spend loads of money, when you can do a really good at-home pedicure? Follow these seven easy steps and treat your feet once a week! You’ll be walking in sandals in no time.

Beautiful girl cares for toenails with scissors in bed at home

You’ll need:

  • acetone-free nail polish remover
  • a nail clipper; a nail file
  • a small bucket and some bath salt
  • a cuticle remover
  • a foot scrub
  • a moisturizing feet cream
  • nail polish

Seven Steps to a Long-lasting at-home Pedicure:

Home Pedicure

  1. Remove your old nail polish. Try to use an acetone-free nail polish remover, since the ones with acetone tend to leave your nails and cuticles very dry.
  2. Clip your toenails, and then file them. Don’t forget to file in one direction only; this way you’ll avoid cracked nails.
  3. Fill a small bucket with hot water and some bath salt, and then soak your feet in it. Leave them in for 10 minutes to soften the dry skin on your feet. Pat your feet dry.
  4. Treat your cuticles. They should be really soft after the hot bath and easy to remove; if not, use a cuticle remover.
  5. Use a feet scrub to exfoliate. If you don’t have a foot scrub, make one at home – just mix olive oil and some raw sugar. If you find extremely dry spots on your feet, treat them with a feet file or a pumice stone, but be very gentle, since the hot bath left your skin very sensitive.
  6. Exfoliation will leave your skin smooth but dry and sensitive. Hydrate it using a moisturizing feet cream. Your heels and cuticles are usually the driest parts of your feet, so make sure they are well moisturized. Give yourself a massage while moisturizing; massaging will give you a total spa-like feeling and help you relax.
  7. Finally, polish your toenails. Start off with a base coat, and then choose a nice, bright summer color and polish your nails. Protect your nail polish with a topcoat. Use quick-dry drops to help your nails dry, and give them 10 to 20 minutes before putting shoes on.

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