How to Have the Hottest Legs

Summer’s here; time to put on your denim shorts and sexy mini skirt but you avoid it because your legs are full of cellulite?? I know how you feel. Don’t hesitate; you can have the hottest legs in just a few weeks if you follow these tips.

For centuries women paid special attention to their legs; in ancient Egypt they used honey and oil to remove hair, in India a special mixture of sugar, water and lemon were served as wax . At the beginning of the 19th century, women started asking their pharmacists to make a remedy for condition we now call “the cellulite.”  Nowadays, you can find creams and lotions against cellulite in the nearest shop.

So, use everything at your disposal to have the legs everyone will turn to look at.

Let’s start:

1. Fight Cellulite

If you are one of the 99% of women who struggle with cellulite, you should use specific products. Quick survey I conducted among my lady friends showed that these three products are the most effective ones:

  1. Guam Seaweed Cellulite Mud
  2. Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Cream
  3. Revitol Cellulite Solution

All the ladies agreed on one thing; the creams, even the expensive ones, will not give the satisfying results if you don’t change your dietary habits.

So, ladies, stay away from fast food restaurants, soft drinks, fatty salad dressings and a “comforting” bowl of ice cream. Celery sticks, carrots, low-fat yogurt, water and green tea are your allies against cellulite. Make sure you always have some in the fridge. To make things easier, allow yourself “a sinful” meal once a week but don’t make this a rule. Manual massage in a beauty parlour will also help you remove toxins but if you can’t afford it try doing it yourself (this video may help).

For those of you who can’t spend 1 hour a day smearing and massaging various creams and lotions, here is a great 5-minutes trick that is proven effective:

Every day, while taking a shower, massage your legs from toes toward thighs with cold water for a few minutes; this will help blood circulation and toxins removal. After this, smear the appropriate cream or gel; if you have the time you can do a gentle hand massage.

2. Do Simple Exercises

Maybe you are not into working out, but if you want your legs to look good, you’ll have to get them moving. Swimming, Pilates and running are all excellent sports for the whole body, legs especially. “I don’t have the time for gym.” I can almost hear you saying. Surprisingly (or not) you don’t have to spend hours exercising to get into shape; a 15-minutes walk on your way from work, climbing the stairs instead taking the elevator, walking on the tips of your toes for a few minutes every day will also help you get the desirable look.

To get the best results in a short time try incorporating these 3 exercises for great legs into your daily routine. You will notice a difference in just a few weeks.

3. Hydrate and Firm Your Skin

Woman  applying cream on legs

Use appropriate body lotions or body butters daily to make your skin silky smooth. The moment you notice that your skin has loosened, e.g. after a weight lose or pregnancy, start using firming products. Most of the popular body firming creams and lotions are rich in moisturizing ingredients so you don’t have to spend money on two different products.

4. Apply Self Tanner

Really hot legs are nicely, evenly tanned. Because of its harmful effect on skin and general health, sunbathing and going to solarium can have more harm than good. That’s why self tanning creams are very popular. Follow these 3 great tricks on how to apply self-tanner to avoid mistakes.

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to apply self tanner try this trick.

Spread a body lotion liberally on perfectly shaved and smooth skin.  Wait for 10-15 minutes until it is fully absorbed. Dip a wide, big brush into a bronzer or loose powder you use, shake it off and apply on your legs. Pay special attention to ankles, areas behind knees and the inner side of the calves.

5. Put Shimmer

The hottest legs are always shining. In spring and fall, you get the shiny look by wearing nylon, but during the summer, shimmer is a must. Your legs will look natural if you follow the less is more rule. Squeeze a bit of shimmer into your palm and spread it along the bone. For special occasions and evenings you can spread it more liberally but even then be careful not to overdo it.

Now that you’ve prepared your legs for summer, go out and show them. Remember that self-confidence is a secret ingredient of a sexy look. Many celebrities are worshiped as ultimate sex bombs in spite of their imperfections (Have I heard someone mentioned JLO?) So, put on the shortest skirt you have, imagine that you are on the catwalk and leave the world under your feet.


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