How To Get Rid Of Body Scars Naturally

Have you tried every cream and product recommended even by doctors with little to no effect? Are you tired of looking at scars that embarrass you? Get rid of body scars naturally.

Each scar on your body has a story to tell and some are not happy memories, while others may leave us feeling self-conscious. Not all scars go away easily, and many of us do not want to use chemicals or laser treatments. Face the world with newly found confidence and get rid of body scars naturally by using these tips.

Natural removal

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A scar forms on the skin when it suffers trauma and many scars will get lighter and less obvious in time but sometimes a scar may need a little push to get going.

You have to know what type of scar you have so that you can use an appropriate method to get rid of them. Scars can be caused by surgeries, injuries, insect bites, acne, illnesses, burns and many other things in life, and are categorized into the following types:

Bruises: The skin changes color slightly due to some kind of impact.
Hypertrophic: The skin may be slightly raised and dark, usually caused by an infection.
Stretch Marks: This is a type of scarring that comes from losing or picking up weight in very short periods of time.
Astrophic: This scar is a lot like stretch marks but is indented.
Keloidal: These are usually dark, elevated and large scars found on the back, chest and behind the ears, and are also called benign tumors.
Blemishes: These are caused by skin conditions or hormone problems.

Natural methods

There are many household products or rather food that can assist to get rid of body scars naturally. Here are some you might want to give a try!

1. Onions


Did you know that onions contain anti-inflammatory properties? This boosts the skin’s natural collagen, which, in turn, reduces scarring. It can even be used to remove old scarring on the skin.

You can rub your skin with onions and allow the naturally healthy juice to assist your skin with the healing process, or buy onion cream or gel and use it on your skin.

2. Olive oil

Use 100% pure olive oil twice a day, and watch your scars fade away. Olive oil is healthy not only for your body but also the skin, nails and hair.

3. Lemon

Lemons are known to contain high amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants and alpha hydroxyl acids. These ingredients assist in removing dead skin cells and revitalizing the skin while also lightening it, and will get rid of body scars naturally.

Clean the area of skin where you’ll be applying the lemon, then apply lemon juice using a cotton swab. Wait 10 to 15 minutes then wipe the skin with a wet cloth. Do not go into direct sunlight after using this unless you apply sunscreen.

4. Honey


Raw natural honey has been used for centuries to reduce and remove scars naturally. To use, mix an equal part honey with the same amount of baking soda and gently massage onto the scar area. Apply for about 5 minutes then cover are with a hot towel and wait for the towel to cool. Once cooled remove and wipe area.

Honey and baking soda rejuvenate the skin and stimulate tissue growth. It can also be used on minor wounds, insect bites or scratches. You can also use the honey on its own; with regular application, your scars will soon fade and become unnoticed.

5. Eggs

The white of an egg contains a lot of protein that can restore your skin. It can be used two or three times a day. Apply to scarred areas, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe clean and see your scars disappear in time.

Natural plant oils

There is also a variety of other natural products that can help your skin to regain its normal look and feel. Here are some oils to consider trying:

1. Castor oil

castor oil

For this application, you will also require a food plastic that does not contain Bispherol A and a heating pad. Apply natural castor oil to the scarred area and wrap the area in food plastic. Use the heating pad as hot as is comfortable to warm the area. 20 to 30 minutes is all that you need once a day and you will see the scar slowly lighten.

2. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is rich in natural healing properties, will fade the scar and, in time, remove all traces of it. Massage it into the scarred area of skin.

3. Tea tree oil

This plant oil has a great anti-bacterial property. With regular use, it will remove acne and surgical scars. When using this on the face or sensitive skin areas, it is recommended to dilute it with some water before applying.

4. Flaxseed oil

flaxseed oil

This oil can be found at most health stores and can be applied many times a day. It is especially recommended after a bath or shower and re-application just before bed.

Make those body scars disappear

You can also use organic cocoa butter or shea butter. Applying it to your skin regularly will not only remove scar marks, but also moisturize the skin. Tropical creams high in vitamin K is another great product to remove scar marks as are gooseberry extract/juice and vitamin E creams.

There is a wide range of products you could use to get rid of body scars naturally. Say goodbye to your scars, embarrassment and face the world with a renewed look. Let us know if you know of any other products that are good for removing scars naturally.

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