How To Pick The Best Fragrance For You

Choosing the right perfume can be a daunting task, but with these guidelines on what to consider you'll learn how to pick the best fragrance for you like a pro.

Have you ever stood in front of the perfume aisle at Sephora or Ulta and were overwhelmed by all the choices you have to pick from? How can you possibly choose just one perfume? Are you a wood scented type, or is a floral scent more suitable? And how do you even determine what scent is your scent?

When the average cost of a perfume is between $60.00-$90.00, you want to make sure that you choose the right perfume for you!


Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Flora by Gucci

Floral is one of the most popular scents out there. The scent contains rose, gardenia, lavender or an assortment of flower scents. The reason florals are the most popular is because they are extremely feminine, soft and romantic. If this sounds like you, then try Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Flora by Gucci.


Flower by Kenzo and Oriental Lace Perfume by Oscar De La Renta

Oriental scents are the muskier ones that have spicy hints of vanilla, cinnamon and clove. They are bit more daring than floral scents. However, oriental scents seem to be a popular scent choice among women considering that vanilla is one of the main scents in a lot of perfumes. If this scent sounds up your alley, then try out Flower by Kenzo or Oriental Lace Perfume by Oscar De La Renta.


Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci and Dahlia Divine by Givenchy

Chypre is characterized as an earthy, woodsy scent that offers hints of oak, moss and citrus. These are as natural as they come. If you are someone who only wears a scent that resembles the aromas of Mother Nature, then you will most likely be a fan of the earth bound, woodsy type. Suggested perfumes to try are Gucci Rush 2 by Gucci and Dahlia Divine by Givenchy!


Indian Summer Green by Priscilla Presley and Comme Des Garcons by Amazingreen

Think fresh, airy and green. If you’re a fan of the natural scents, such as fresh cut grass, the smell of an ocean breeze or the way the air smells right after a rainfall, then you’re probably a fan of green scented perfumes. These scents tend to be lighter than Chypre. If this sounds like you, then try Indian Summer Green by Priscilla Presley and Comme Des Garcons by Amazingreen.


Havana Pour Elle by Aramis

How many times have you, or someone you know said that they love the smell of cologne and would prefer to wear it over some perfumes? Well, if that is the case, you would most likely be drawn to Fougere-scented perfumes. This is a scent that is often used in men’s fragrances. Compositions include notes of lavender, geranium, oak, moss and wood. If this sounds like you, then I recommend trying Havana Pour Elle by Aramis.


Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue and Beach by Bobbi Brown and Salt Air by Demeter

It’s not hard to figure out what scent this would be—anything that is influenced by the sea and makes you feel that you are at the ocean (sandy beach and salty air). Oceanic scents are clean, almost-masculine with hints of spice and citrus. If you’re the type of gal who likes to smell like she is sitting on the beach, when in fact you’re sitting at your desk working, then I suggest trying out Dolce and Gabanna’s Light Blue, Beach by Bobbi Brown or Salt Air by Demeter.


Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black and Kiehls Vanilla and Cedarwood

If you like the scents you smell when you walk through the woods, then you’re probably the woody-scented type. If scents like pine, cedar and sandalwood speak to you, then you are drawn to the earthy and musky scents. I recommend trying Elizabeth and James’s Nirvana Black and Kiehl’s Vanilla and Cedarwood.

Important tips for applying perfume

Once you have chosen the perfect scent for you, here are some helpful tips on how to apply perfume to your body, to get your money’s worth:

First, make sure you are applying the fragrance to fresh and clean skin.

Second, you want to apply to places on the body that will keep the scent fresh and lasting, which are the warm points of the body, such as the neck, below the ears (not behind!), the wrist, inside the elbow and the back of the neck. Some people even apply it behind the knee caps.

Knowing what scents you’re drawn to will help you out a lot. You can finally narrow down the frustrating part of picking out a fragrance and find the scent that fits your lifestyle and personality. So, when the time comes to look for a new perfume, remember these seven categories and which one sounds most like you. Who knows, maybe perfume hunting will be a fun activity for once!


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