10 Little Known Beauty Hacks that can Change Your Life

Every meeting and relationship a woman holds throughout her life has an impact or is influenced by her beauty in some way. Don't leave it to chance!

Transform your life without spending hours in front of a mirror trying to perfect your look. Each woman develops her own unique way of doing things; that applies to makeup and beauty routines as well. Although there are some processes that may be a bit problematic to get 100% correct, there is always a way.

Makeup Off


We all have days where we come home, kick off our shoes, walk to the bedroom, flop down on the bed and drift off to a dream world without even removing our makeup.

This can seriously damage our skin!

Keep a bottle of makeup remover in the nightstand along with some cotton balls. While lying there, before drifting off, remove your makeup. However, do not make this a daily routine or habit; it is to be used for emergencies only!

Quick Dry

When life is rushed, you just don’t have the time to wait for beauty products to dry completely, and this can be a hassle. Products such as makeup, moisturizers, self-tanners and even toners must dry before the next step can begin, but time may not always be a friend!

Next time you find yourself in such time constraints grab your hairdryer! Yes, your haidryer—but please do not use it on the hot setting. Set it on the coolest setting and dry your arms, legs or face within seconds then move on to the next step.


Your skin is sensitive to the elements and women tend to put their faces through some rough times with a variety of daily products. Therefore, moisturizing is vital for a healthy skin. In fact, not moisturizing can cause dehydration of the skin!

Moisturize your skin straight after cleansing your face. If your skin starts to feel dry and tight, the life is being sucked out of it. So, moisturize daily ladies!



Highlighting your face is a great benefit before applying makeup. You can do this easily with a couple of concealer sticks. Get one about two shades lighter and one about two shades darker than the color of your skin. The lighter one will be used to highlight and the darker one to add contours!

Draw three lines with each color. Use the lighter one just above the jawline, centered on the cheekbone and just above the brow. Use the darker one just under your jawline, across your temple and under your cheekbone. Now blend the lines and shades, creating a smooth and stunning look!


Lipstick is a marvelous thing, yet it never seems to last as long as we would like! So, what do you do?

It’s easy really. Once you’ve applied your lipstick, simply place a tissue over your lips and very carefully and softly, add pressed or translucent powder on top of the tissue. Then, remove the tissue gently and wham—your lipstick is sealed in place!

When time is short, you can also use your lipstick as a ‘wonder stick’! Add lipstick to your lips, but also to your brow bone and cheekbone. Rub gradually with your fingers either in a circle or in gentle strokes for a delicate color glow. This is a quick fix for skipping your whole makeup routine!

Another option is to use lipstick as a concealer! Yes, this works, but try orange or red. Merely add some lipstick with a brush, under your eyes where those dark circles love to appear. Once this is done, add your normal concealer over it, blending it to your skin!

Intense Eyes

Have you also noticed that eye shadow sometimes looks brighter in the container than on your eyes? This is due to your skin tone. Simply add a coat of white eye shadow or even eyeliner to your eyelids before applying your color.

Another beauty hack that helps is to dip your eye shadow brush in eye drops prior to using it. It makes the color shine vibrantly and will not affect your eye shadow.

Make your lashes appear longer by coating them with baby powder before adding your mascara. You can ‘wiggle’ your mascara brush as you apply it from left to right, this will also help to give a longer eyelash appearance.


Eyeliners are not new to women’s makeup cases. However, using them correctly is a whole different story!

Use white eyeliner in the corners of your eyes to enhance the color and appeal of your face. This will also aid in accenting your eyes.

Erasing eyeliner mistakes are easier than you may think. Simply use petroleum jelly with a cotton swab or cotton butt and remove any excess eyeliner. Replace eyeliner gel or liquid with mascara. It’s easy: just grab your eyeliner brush or pencil and dip it into your mascara.

Nail Art


Quick dry your nails with ice water, but no ice. Fill a bag with ice-cold water and once you’ve completed your nail art, wait a minute and dip your fingertips in the water. This helps to harden the nail polish quickly. You can add glitter nail polish to obscure chipped or damaged nails and manicures.

Hair Color

I am sure you are aware of the fact that seawater- and chlorine-filled swimming pool water removes your hair color! This is due to your hair being thirsty in a way.

Before going swimming, try wetting your hair with conditioner or water that can basically fill it, leaving no room for the damaging effects of the chlorine or salt. Once you are done swimming, just rinse your hair again to ensure there are no traces of chemicals left on them.

Extra Beauty Hacks

Summer’s here and along with it comes sunburn! Apply a cooling mask of sour cream on the areas of your skin that are sunburnt. The cold sour cream nourishes the skin and helps to alleviate itching along with the feeling of tightness usually associated with sunburn. Take a soothing cool shower after your sour cream mask.

Do you battle with eczema? Shampoo formulated for dandruff can help to calm the irritation of eczema. Look for a brand that includes pyrithione zinc. Wash the affected areas with the shampoo and calm your eczema outbreaks.

We hope this article has given you great new beauty hacks to try. Share your beauty hacks in the comments section below.

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