11 Fabulous Makeup Trends for Fall 2013: Pick Your Favorite

Makeup trends come and go with each passing season. Wondering which ones you should be sporting this fall? Here are our picks for this season’s most fabulous makeup trends!

Summer will be on its way out soon and with the new season comes new clothes, new shoes and new makeup trends. Of course, a few classics will continue to be in vogue while a few others will take you by surprise.

From bold colors to lovable nudes to sultry classics, there’s something out there for everyone this fall. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to try these out!

1. Say meow

Cat eyes are have been around for sometime now and I can’t say I’m surprised. They really make your eyes stand out and give it this “Come hither” look that’s hard to ignore.

This season, the cat eye is no longer limited to black eyeliner. Just pick a color (hint: it looks amazing in blue) and meow away. If you’re really skilled, try achieving this look with eyeshadow.

The results are simply spectacular!

2. Lady in Red


There’s a reason why red lips never get old. It exudes confidence and is versatile enough to look gorgeous with practically any skin tone. It’s also elegant, sexy and fun all at the same time and really, can you think of a better way to add a pop of color to your ensemble?

Give the glossy reds a skip this fall and opt for a matte shade instead. Don’t be shy to embrace this classic trend. All we can say is Oo la la!

3. Pretty in purple (and plum)

The best thing about purple and plum eyeshadows are that you can wear as little (to keep your look fairly natural) or as much (for that big night out) as you want.

It looks amazing with and really brings out every eye color and we especially love purple blended with a little brown or bronze. If you can’t see yourself wearing purple eyeshadow just yet, try purple liner instead. So much fun!

4. All that glitters is…

Gold, silver and metallic. I have a HUGE crush on this trend and c’mon, a little bling never hurt anyone, did it?

Again, you can keep this look as subtle or eye-catching as you’d dare and it’s the perfect way to add an oomph factor to your look.

Even just a dab of silver in the inner corner of your eyes will brighten it instantly! If metallic eyeshadow isn’t quite your thing, why not try a metallic lipstick instead?

5. Pinot Noir Lips

Purple is not just for the eyes this season but for your smackers as well. Just don’t wear them together unless it’s Halloween.

From mulberry to berry to aubergine, it’s all about the purple spectrum and with all the different shades available, there’s no reason to be intimidated by this bold and fabulous trend.

6. Strong brows


The days of over plucking your eyebrows to get them pencil thin is over! Hallelujah! It’s all about bold, strong, Cara Delevingne inspired brows that make a statement. Just remember that bold doesn’t in any way mean unruly.

If you are blessed with full brows, keep them in place with a good brow comb and gel. Clear mascara will do the trick too. If not, fill them out with a brow pencil or brow powder that is closest to your natural brow color.

If you want a look that’s more impactful, go for a darker color.

7. Stained lips

Perfectly filled in lips are passé. Uneven, haphazard lips with a hint of color will be huge this season and I personally love it because it’s a great way to try bolder colors without going all out.

All you have to do is prep your lips by exfoliating well, put on your selected shade and play with its intensity by blotting it out. Continue to do so until you get the desired result.

Shades of purple and plum work best for this trend and are a great throwback to the grunge era of the 90s.

8. Bright eyed beauty

Bright eyeshadows are no longer limited to spring and summer. Cold, bleak days lie ahead and the only saving grace could be a dash of color on your eyes. We’re talking indigo, lime, green, neon pink and just about any other color that makes you happy!

9. Minimalist Makeup

The best kind of makeup is the natural kind. Of course, the hardest part of this look is achieving that flawless skin that most of us aren’t naturally blessed with. So, fake it!

Start off with primer, use a little bit of concealer to hide your flaws (it is your best friend, no matter what diamonds say), brush on a little bronzer for that “natural” glow and use a highlighter to bring out your cheekbones.

Finish off with mascara and lip gloss and voila!

10. Nude Nails


Perhaps the easiest, most hassle free and my personal  favorite nail trend this season is nude nails! The key to getting this trend right is to pick a shade that’s closest to your skin tone. If you’re fair skinned, opt for pinkish nudes with blue or yellow undertones to cancel out the red in your skin.

If you’re darker skinned people opt for coffee colored hues. Either way, this is one versatile nail trend that can be pulled off by everyone.

11. Floating eyeliner

This one is certainly not for the timid but it can be so much fun! All you have to do is take your eyeliner (it works best with bright colors) and sweep it above the eye’s natural crease.

It was first seen in Michael Kors Spring ‘13 show but a similar look was also sported by models at the Rag & Bone Fall ‘13 show. I guess this look is here to stay. Yay!

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