5 YouTube Makeup Gurus You Should Check Out

Whether they’re teaching us how to master the perfect smoky eye or they’re raving about their most recent trip to Sephora, YouTube’s beloved makeup guru’s not only entertain - they educate.

They make us laugh, they make us cry, but most of all, they help us feel better about ourselves. With so many YouTube beauty channels to sift through, it can be difficult to find your go-to guru.

We’ve decided to make things easier and narrow down the choices to five YouTube makeup gurus we think are just plain awesome.

1. Jarmaine Santiago (JLovesMac1)


Watch 20 seconds of a JLovesMac1 video and the girl behind the camera is guaranteed to make you laugh. Jarmaine’s uncensored approach to giving beauty tips and tricks is a refreshing escape from the boring, often scripted, beauty channels we’ve come across.

When the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) student isn’t busy praising the mysterious UPS man (watch a few of her videos and you’ll know what we’re talking about), she’s giving us outfit inspiration, showing us her mind-blowing dance moves, and sharing her secrets on how to get a firm booty. Fans turn to Jarmaine for everything from fitness tips and beauty advice to fashion videos and real girl talk.

Our favorite JLovesMac1 video: “My Rainy Day Outfits ♥”

In this video Jarmaine shows six different outfits to wear on a rainy day. Each outfit is styled to perfection, and we even get a glimpse of her cute dance moves. Just like all of her videos, this video incorporates Jarmaine’s bold sense of humor.

2. Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi)


Ingrid’s bubbly personality and impressive GIY (glam it yourself) videos have got us hooked on her YT channel. We love hearing about her must-have products, latest beauty buys, and favorite fashion trends.

Wondering what the deal is on that new foundation? Her product reviews will do the research for you. They’re thorough enough to let you make an informed decision on a beauty product yet they’re concise enough to keep you interested.

We especially love her “Get Ready With Me” videos, as they’re fun to watch and let us see products in action!

Our favorite Missglamorazzi video: “GIY Cute Printed Tights”

In one of her infamous GIY videos, Ingrid shows us how to spice up traditional tights with cute, customizable prints. Her instructions are easy to follow, and she shows different prints you can use to make these winter must-haves fit your personality.

3. Carli Bybel (CarliBel55)


We love everything about Carli. Not only is she just plain gorgeous, but she offers a good variety of helpful videos including perfect makeup looks, easy hairstyles, and stylish outfit of the days.

Her videos center around her love for makeup, and her passion for sharing her beauty tips is clear in her tutorials. Whether you’re a beauty newbie or a makeup pro, there’s something for everyone on Carli’s channel. She will show beginners step by step how to get the perfect winged liner and demonstrate how to achieve a dramatic makeup look for makeup lovers who want to kick things up a notch.

She also hosts a ton of giveaways, puts inspirational life quotes at the beginning of her videos, and has a to-die-for jewelry collection.

Our favorite Carlibel55 video: “How I Contour & Highlight!”

Though it was hard to choose just one of Carli’s videos as our favorite, this one ended up taking the cake. Throughout the video Carli shows which products she uses to achieve a contoured, highlighted face, and she even shows affordable alternatives for the more expensive products she uses.

4. Annie Jaffrey (AnnieJaffrey)


Annie’s DIY skincare solutions and love for all things natural and healthy is what draws us to her channel. She has an amazing ability to educate viewers on how to take care of their skin and body in a way that is fun, entertaining, and motivating.

An inspiration to all, Annie’s carefully edited videos are easy to follow, and we often find ourselves taking mental notes on her well put together outfits and chic hair styles. We appreciate her honest product recommendations and foolproof makeup tutorials.

Our favorite AnnieJaffrey video: “FOUNDATION For Flawless Skin! ♥”

In this video Annie demonstrates how to achieve flawless yet natural looking skin. She goes through each step in-depth and also offers valuable tips throughout the video (such as how to avoid pulling on your skin and applying concealer in a triangle shape to brighten up your eyes). We also get a sneak peak of her nail polish rack —love it!

5. Dulce Candy Ruiz (DulceCandy87)


When we’re not lusting over Dulce’s unique sense of style, we’re going through her videos learning a thing or two about how to apply makeup. If you’re wondering how to achieve Kim Kardashian’s sultry smoky eye, don’t know whether to splurge on the latest beauty product on the market, or stuck on how to do your makeup for Valentine’s Day, Dulce has got you covered.

Her celebrity makeup tutorials, product reviews, and beauty looks for different occasions are practical, easy to do, and entertaining. Oh, and we’re a sucker for her beauty and fashion hauls — they’re our guilty pleasure!

Our favorite DulceCandy87 video: “My 3 Minute Top Bun”

Here’s an example of a DulceCandy87 tutorial that’s concise, easy to follow, and informative. The hairstyle Dulce demonstrates in the video is perfect for polishing up bad hair days, as it’s quick and easy yet still looks elegant and chic.

The YouTube beauty community has flourished over the years and there are a ton of talented makeup guru’s we’ve yet to discover. Leave a comment below and let us know who your favorites are!

Cover photo: anniejaffrey.com

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