Cute DIY Updos for Medium Length Hair

Are you sick and tired of going to the hairdresser’s to do your hair for hours before a big event? Or would you just like to spice up your everyday hairstyles for work? Well, you are at the right site. Read about 3 cute and easy updos for medium length hair that will make you feel like you are walking the red carpet wherever you are.

If you have medium length hair, you are lucky, because you can make a variety of styles, practically anything you like. And if you like updos, here are a few styles that are quick and easy to make and you will easily dress them up or down, depending on the occasion, by using the right hair accessories. Look and feel chic and shine for a special occasion or simply break the everyday routine that got boring.

Tools: a hairbrush, bobby pins, elastic bands, hairspray, hair clips, and, optionally, hair accessories like pins, bows or headbands.

How to Prepare Your Hair

Wash your hair, apply your usual products, and leave to air dry or blow dry. Leave your hair slightly damp. To add volume and texture, you can curl it with large barrel curling iron or medium to large rollers. Or, to avoid heat, you can simply twist your hair into high bun over night. Now you’re ready to try out your hairdressing skills or maybe your friend’s, sister’s, or mum’s hairdressing skills.

Bohemian Braids (Let’s Take a Note from Nicole Richi, the Bohemian Queen)


1. Start by taking about an inch of hair above your ear and braiding it. Then take the braid over the crown of your head and pin it behind the other ear.

2. Repeat the same on the other side and you’ll have a braid headband.

3. Now take the part of your hair in front of one of the braids (decide if you want to leave the bangs and a few strands out) and pin it back over the beginning of the braid. Your aim is to hide the place where one braid starts and the other is pinned. Repeat the same on the other side.

4. Take the rest of the hair and twist and pin into a low bun at the nape of your neck.

5. You can leave a few strands out around your face for a more romantic look.

Chignon (Let’s Add some French Chic)


1. Divide your hair into two halves, then slick it back and tie into two low ponytails. You can leave the bangs out.

2. Take one of the ponytails, twist it and make a messy bun out of it. Do the same with the other one. Secure them both with bobby pins.

3. Make sure that the buns are close to each other so they look like one big bun (like in the picture). Also try to hide the bobby pins with hair as much as you can. And voila you’re finished!

Twisted Elegance


1. Divide the front part of your hair into three sections, one on top of your head and two on the sides. Separate them with clips.

2. Now take the section of hair on top of your head and divide it into two sections. Take each of the two strands and twist them away from your face all the way to the end. Pin them at the back of your head.

3. Now take the section of hair on one side of your face and again twist it away from your face and pin it at the back. Repeat the same on the other side.

4. Finally, gather all of your hair, twist it into a low messy bun and secure with bobby pins. Hide the bobby pins as much as you can.

Finishing Tips

All of these styles will look better if your hair is a little messy. Finish off every style with a little bit of hairspray and make sure the bobby pins are well hidden.

You can wear them as everyday styles without accessories or with a cute bow pin. But if you add a more elegant pin or a headband, you can achieve an amazing look for any special occasion.

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