Natural Solutions: 10 Home Remedies For Weak And Brittle Nails!

Are your nails prone to breaking, splitting or peeling? You’re not alone. Brittle nails are, sadly, a common problem! But before you head out to buy the latest expensive nail treatment, take a look at these 10 home remedies! You just may have everything you need to nurse your nails sitting in your kitchen cupboards!

I know how satisfying it is to finally have your nails at the desired length when you’ve spent a long time growing them! I also know the feeling of sheer devastation (followed by the slightly melodramatic reaction) when they start to split and break one after the other!

Unfortunately brittle nails are a frequent complaint and it’s not surprising when so many factors influence their strength! Our age, diet, obsession with nail polish; exposure to water and even the weather all wreak total havoc on them! It’s really no wonder so many women rush to have durable long acrylic nails applied even if they do ultimately damage your real nails further!

However, we actually don’t need to spend all this money having falsies applied for a quick fix, nor do we need to invest in fancy expensive nail treatments to keep our natural nails long and strong! You’ll be amazed by the ingredients and products you already have in your home that can be used to both prevent and treat brittle nails! So let’s take a look at 10 home remedies for weak nails you can try right now!

#1 Daily Olive Oil Soak


Seriously is there no end to the benefits of good ol’ olive oil? It’s truly the most versatile ingredient and one which is likely to be sitting in your kitchen right now! Not only is it well known for its ability to both lower cholesterol and effectively moisturise the skin and hair but it is also highly capable of penetrating, repairing and ultimately strengthening your nails!

Simply soak your nails in extra virgin olive oil for 10 minutes a day and watch the magic happen!

#2 Weekly Hot Oil And Lemon Treatment

It’s not just cold olive oil that works wonders! The hot variety is even better, especially when mixed with lemon juice to create a nourishing weekly nail treatment!

Mix hot olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice – fresh or bottled, your choice. Dip cotton wool in the mixture, place it on the nail and secure with a piece of foil. Leave it on for 10 minutes and remove. You’ll notice your nails will look and feel healthier, not to mention wonderfully shiny! Plus the lemon juice will get rid of that awful yellow tinge caused by overuse of nail polish!

#3 Fortifying Sea Salt Soak

Sea salt is commonly used in the bath as its well known for its healing and rejuvenating properties so you may just have some on hand in your bathroom!

Simply mix 4 teaspoons of sea salt with some warm water (as well as a few drops of wheat germ oil if you have it) and soak your nails for 10 minutes. You’ll soon begin to notice they look and feel lot healthier as well as considerably more robust!

#4 Strengthening Milk Bath


Why not immerse your nails in a bath of calcium by submerging them in a bowl of warm milk for around 5 minutes?  You’ll find your nails will be far less likely to peel or split, not to mention they will look whiter! You can even try mixing in egg yolks and let the added protein really toughen your nails up!

#5 Tea Tree Oil Drops

Tea tree oil is another versatile ingredient used for everything from clearing up acne to treating chicken pox! It’s an effective antiseptic and a fabulous moisturiser so apply a few drops to your nails a few times a week to heal the damage from previous cracks and condition your cuticles at the same time!

#6 Vaseline

Dehydration is a primary cause of brittle nails and if you’re partial to a bit of nail polish then you may have noticed your nails dry out super quick. Applying Vaseline to your nails at night is a simple trick to help keep them hydrated and prevent them from splitting.

#7 Treat From The Inside

Despite all these nourishing topical treatments, you can also make a big difference to the strength of your nails by eating the right foods. Eating food rich in the B Vitamin Biotin, for instance, can work wonders on strengthening nails. It’s found in a wide range of produce including cauliflower, peanuts and lentils. Saturated Fats are also essential for healthy strong nails so try to incorporate things like avocado and coconut oil in to your diet.

#8 File


Something as simple as keeping the edges of your nails filed (and preferably rounded) means they will be far less likely to peel. Only file in one direction though, as a back and forth motion actually weakens the nail.

#9 Massage

Did you know that massaging your nails in a circular motion will stimulate blood flow to the area helping them grow stronger? There isn’t a much cheaper remedy than this so get to it right now. Use any moisturiser you have to hand but if you happen to have one which contains Shea butter then that’s even better.

#10 Wear Dish Gloves

It may surprise you to learn that it is water that does the most damage to your nails. The science behind this states that our nails expand when in water and contract when drying; it is precisely this process that makes them weak and brittle. Now, we’re not suggesting you do anything drastic like avoid the shower. Just simply wear gloves when you wash the dishes. There are some fabulous pink frilly dish gloves out there too so what better excuse to wear them.

Sometimes we’re all too quick to buy the fancy brand named treatments in pretty packaging, but as we’ve shown, when it comes to brittle nails there’s no need! So raid the cupboard, dig out the simple stuff and start the healing process-your nails will be long and strong again before you know it. 

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Jane Glover is a 25 year old yummy mummy with a passion for writing and all things beauty related. A literature lover and fuchsia fanatic, Jane is happiest with a novel in one hand and a deliciously pink cocktail in the other.

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  • Hi, I need a help. I am a woman who has been suffering from brittle nails for almost many years now. I have tried all tricks in the trade and nothing seems to be working. I was advised to be on a calcium rich diet and also take vitamin D supplements to help overcome the problem. However the problem never really got any better and over the past years it has been only getting worse. Frankly speaking, is there any which can be done to get my nails back to my original shape?