How To Look After Your Skin In Summer

Summertime skin is something we all yearn for. However, it can come with some uncompromising risks. Find out how to look after your skin in summer!

That time of year is quickly rolling around again, and the thought of sun-kissed, glowing skin can easily overtake the logical thoughts of how to look after your precious skin during the summer months.

As much as we all need some sun and it’s nourishing vitamins, it can rapidly become harmful to our well-being if we expose ourselves to it without caution. On top of this, it ages you speedily, which is something we all want to avoid!

Here are five ways you can take care of your skin while still reaping the benefits of the luscious summer months.

1. Sunscreen


You may be thinking this is obvious—and it is—but you’d be surprised as to how many people actually forget or don’t bother with sunscreen at all. Depending on your skin type, you will need to pick the right SPF for your needs.

Remember that sunscreen can also be oily, so washing off after a day in the sun is a must. After all, this article is all about taking care of our skin, and a sun-kissed glow won’t sit as well on an oily canvas.

2. Headwear

Personally, I don’t need an excuse to wear my western straw hat or opt to adorn a floppy beach hat, but what better reason than to protect your precious skin?

The permanent shade above your head will prevent the sun from glaring on your face and causing irreversible ageing as well as helping you to look uber chic. Premature crow’s feet that are avoidable isn’t something that I intend to welcome!

More than just a fashion accessory, summer hats are a must for the clued-up beachgoer. 2016 has even seen a rise in the trend of baseball caps—these are also a great way to grab some shade (if worn the correct way around—take note, Kylie Jenner!).

3. Fake tan


If you’re dying to get bronzed in time to bare your skin, don’t hit the sunbeds—this has the same effect on your skin as prolonged tanning, and will only leave you looking leathery and aged in the long run. Instead, pick up a bottle of fake tan and give yourself a risk-free glow in the comfort of your own home.

There are number of tanners out there, and depending on your skin tone and type, the right one is out there for you. If you’ve never fake tanned before and are a bit apprehensive, there are ‘gradual’ tanners available that will slowly make your skin darker over time with each application. This gives you a fantastic level of control over your tan—something the sun doesn’t offer.

There are tanners for those with sensitive skin, too, as well as tanning mitts and other accessories available to ensure a natural and even glow. There are also fake tans available that tan you as you shower. I was surprised when I found this out. I recently used the St. Tropez In-Shower Tanner and the results were pretty impressive—just remember to wash it off thoroughly!

4. Water

It’s easy to let the sun and the laid-back summer feeling entice you into cocktails and cold beers, but it’s extremely important to stay properly hydrated with water.

Both the sun and alcohol dehydrate, and will leave you feeling worse than sluggish if you don’t take care. A lack of water during summer months can lead to breakouts and dull skin, so remember to keep up with your water intake, and ensure your skin stays glowing all summer long.

5. Examine yourself

Checking benign moles

Remember to keep a check on your skin during these months in particular. Moles changing shape and places that itch or bleed are all warning signs you should get checked out. While a mole that moves isn’t always abnormal, it’s something to keep an eye on and consult your doctor about if it begins to become a cause for concern.

While this article is about taking care of your skin, regular skin checks also take care of your overall health, which is the most important thing! If you make sure you remember all of these things, you’ll undoubtedly have glowing skin that will wow all year round—not just in summer.

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