The Secret Ingredient That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

If you struggle with acne, dry skin or even limp and lifeless hair, this lesser-known product will banish all your beauty concerns. Trust us, it will leave you speechless.

Let’s be honest, here. Nobody looks in the mirror and is 100% happy with how they look—and that’s perfectly fine! Everybody wishes that something about themselves looked a little better. However, if you want to do something that will make you look and feel better, then you’ll want to use this amazing product.

Not only is this product cheap, very easy to find and ridiculously versatile, but it’s also 100% natural. So, for the all-natural DIYers out there, this one is especially for you.

What is this supposedly miracle product already? The one ingredient that will forever change how you do your beauty routine is vegetable glycerin.

What is vegetable glycerin?


You may have heard of this ingredient before, and you may not have. For those of you wondering what this handy little product is, I’ll tell you. Vegetable glycerin—also known as glycerol—is a thick, clear, slightly sticky, water soluble substance that is derived from the oils of vegetables. You can get vegetable glycerin at many pharmaceutical stores and will find it in the vitamins/minerals section.

Benefits of glycerin

Although it’s a lesser-known ingredient on its own, vegetable glycerin is used in a large number of cosmetics. If you pick up a bottle of face wash or lotion, you’ll likely see that “glycerin” or “glycerol” is listed on the back. Here’s why so many different products use this powerhouse of an ingredient.

1. Moisturizer


One of the main reasons that vegetable glycerin is useful in so many ways is because of its ability to moisturize. It’s a humectant, which means that it actually draws moisture to itself.

If you use this on your skin, it will not only lock in the moisture that’s already there, but draw even more moisture into it. You can mix some in with your regular moisturizer, or simplify it even more and mix one-part vegetable glycerin with nine-parts water in a little spray bottle to spritz your face with post shower.

2. Antibacterial

A surprising property about vegetable glycerin is that it’s actually slightly antibacterial. It kills off unwanted bacteria on your skin and leaves the skin fresh and clean. This helps with a number of skin problems.

3. Anti-acne

Because of the antibacterial property, it’s a powerful acne fighter as well. You can mix it with your everyday cleanser to give it an extra boost. Not only does it fight acne by preventing it, but it also reduces the redness and swelling of existing breakouts.

4. Reduces blackheads

Woman with spotty skin with deep pores and blackhead and healed soft skin

Nobody likes unsightly blackheads! One of the main causes of blackheads is excess oil mixing with dry, flaky skin and clogging your pores. By keeping your skin healthily hydrated, you’re reducing your body’s need to produce oils and reducing the amount of dry skin that is left on the surface. Bye-bye blackheads!

5. Helps to prevent signs of aging

Moisturizing is a key component in keeping wrinkles at bay. Since glycerin is such a powerful tool when it comes to this, it aids in staying off wrinkles for a few more years. It also keeps your skin looking plump and glowing throughout the day.

6. Makeup primer

Due to the humectant properties of glycerin, it has a bit of a sticky texture, which some people might not like. If that’s the case, you can reduce the amount of glycerin you use. However, the stickiness is especially useful for those who wear makeup often as it works to keep your makeup in place and prevent it from running and smearing.

7. Shiny hair

If your hair is a little lackluster and just not how you want it to look, then glycerin might just be the thing you need. Since it’s a wonderful moisturizer, it will add that extra “oomph” your hair is missing and make it a bit shinier.

It will also add a shine to your hair since glycerin is already shiny. You can mix this in with your conditioner or use it with water in a spray bottle as a leave-in conditioner.

8. Soft hair

picture of beautiful woman beautiful woman in spa salon

In the same way that it can add shine to your hair, it can also make it much softer. Moist hair = soft hair and there’s no better natural moisturizer than glycerin. Mixed with water and your favorite essential oil in a spray bottle makes it a perfect, hair softening leave-in conditioner.

9. Longer hair

Most of us wish that we could grow our hair out to amazing lengths. But, damaged hair and split ends stunt our hair’s growth before it ever reaches our desired length. By using glycerin regularly to moisturize your hair, it will be healthier and, therefore, will grow longer.

10. Dandruff

A dry and itchy scalp accompanied by those annoying white flakes isn’t fun to deal with. If you use a glycerin scalp mask weekly, you can add that much needed moisture to your scalp and get rid of those pesky flakes once and for all!

Vegetable glycerin is such a beneficial and versatile product that it’s surprising that more people aren’t aware of all the incredible things it can bring to your beauty. Now that you know all its benefits, get out there and stay beautiful.

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