We Reveal 5 Beauty Secrets To Learn From Your Grandma

A slimmer waist and flawless skin have their own secret formula! We reveal 5 secrets women have passed on for centuries.Did your mom pass these secrets on to you?

Women learn many things from their mothers and grandmothers. These “secrets” that have been passed on have helped each and every one of us tremendously in one way or another.

When I was a kid, there were certain tips that my mom and grandmother shared with me. Through the use of these tips, I was able to overcome many physical challenges while becoming a more confident woman.

Together, let’s unveil those secrets that have helped us so much at a given point in our lives.

1. Wear undergarments beneath your clothes

woman wearing corset

As uncomfortable as undergarments may be, they help us to achieve the illusion of a slimmer figure. Of course, wearing these every day becomes quite impossible as modern trends get in the way. However, being consistent with these hidden accessories can help our figures tremendously.

Think about it, back when our grandmothers were enjoying their youth, they had tiny waists. This was simply because they had a constant corset that cinched everything together.

These days, we have the famous waist-trainers, which, in a way, help our bodies to appear curvier, but they can be quite painful. Without a doubt, the secret of wearing undergarments is one that we should pass on to our daughters so that the benefits can be enjoyed for generations to come.

2. Carry pads with you in case of an accident

woman carries female pads

Imagine getting your period while on a date and having nothing to protect yourself with…. Sounds like a horror movie, right? This is why my mother was very specific about always being prepared.

It is important to carry pads with us always—even if we don’t end up using them. When I was in school, I always had friends asking me for these intimate products because they always knew that I had them with me.

Somehow, having a small bag with everyday necessities inside your bag seems like a great idea, not to mention that it’ll prevent us from feeling embarrassed.

3. Wear a bra to bed so that your boobs stay perky

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Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of wearing a bra to bed, but there are women—like my mother—who’ve practiced this for many years—and it actually worked out for her. While wearing a bra throughout the day will keep your breasts in the right place, one of the many benefits of wearing a bra at night, is that it will prevent premature sagging.

Gravity is not our best friend, and what better way of fighting the signs of time than with one of the oldest tricks in the book. Following this tip is crucial, especially if you’re at a point in your life where you want for things to remain the same physically.

From today, wear a comfortable bra (that has no wires) to bed. As time progresses, you’ll notice how your two bffs will remain perky.

4. Wear high-waisted underwear every day

high waisted underwear

Muffin tops are not fun, and they might be caused by the types of clothing you wear. Opting for styles that have a higher cut will ensure that your waist is secure. When I was younger, low-waisted jeans were a trend that everyone loved.

Sadly, once the trend made its exit, it took amazing figures with it. You may be wondering how this is possible, but it’s fairly simple: fat tends to accumulate in areas that are loose.

As part of a wardrobe makeover, I decided to purchase underwear that’s a bit longer than usual. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I can’t wear sexy pieces; you’ll be surprised by the immense selection many stores have. Looking sexy has never been easier, and it’s all thanks to a secret that my mother shared with me.

5. Use rice water for smooth skin

rice water

Rice is known for having many vitamins that are perfect for the skin. During puberty, I suffered from a lot of breakouts. Although I visited a specialist, there were still home remedies I used to alleviate the burning sensation of most of the topical medications that were sent to me.

Using the water left over after having soaked rice helped me to achieve a smoother canvas. During the week, or when I feel that my skin is very stressed out, I always apply rice water. The results are amazing, and what I love most is how smooth my skin is afterwards.

In life, it is always important to listen to the advice of those who’ve been around longer. Honestly, I’ve always admired the hourglass figures that our grandmothers sported so proudly.

Even though it’s hard to achieve their looks, because of modern trends, we can start by incorporating these tips into our weekly routines. For instance, wearing underwear that doesn’t fall below our belly button will help to prevent that dreaded muffin top.

Looking beautiful has never been easier! What beauty secrets were passed on to you? Share your comments with us!

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