Top 5 Eyebrow Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Your eyebrows are a defining facial feature. Are you sure that they look their best?

Eyebrows take up a very small portion of the face, but they can define your entire look. They can frame the face, making it appear neat and clean; they cause your eyes to look droopy or make you look angry depending on how they are styled. Because of this, it is important that you be very cautious when grooming your eyebrows to make sure that they do not look overly tweezed.

Today, I will share some of the most common mistakes than anyone can make when grooming their eyebrows. You may be guilty of a few (as I am), but don’t worry – everyone slips up sometimes. The list also comes with suggestions on how you can correct them. Stat.

Mistake #1: Misplacing Your Arch

Misplacing your arch is one of the most common mistakes among women. Some pluck their brows to get that rainbow or paisley shaped eyebrows, which causes the face to look perpetually surprised. Some also place the arch right on top of their iris – too close to the center of their eyes. This leads to a rather furrowed look.

Fix it: Your arch should not be on the center of your eyes. Find your natural arch by looking for your brow’s highest point. This is usually around two thirds away from the inside of your brow. Once you find it, tweeze below the brow to produce a lift. Take note that you may have to let your brows grow back in to do this.

Mistake #2: Tweezing All the Tails Off

Displeased young woman tweezing eyebrows

Some women end up with brow tails that are too short, which causes the “half brow” look. However, brows with tails that are also too long can make your eyes look droopy.

Fix it: Hold a pencil diagonally from the outside corner of your eye. The spot where the pencil intersects with the brow is where your actual brow should end. If the tails of your eyebrows are too short to reach that spot, fill it in with eyebrow pencil as you wait for the hairs to grow back.

Mistake # 3: Plucking Too Much

Many women (and men) are constantly on the lookout for stray hairs that they find themselves plucking their eyebrows every day. It is, indeed, a strangely satisfying habit for many. Professionals warn against it, as hairs grow in different schedules, so it’s best to wait for them to grow so that you get an even look.

Fix it: If you’re tempted to tweeze and pluck every stray hair that appears – stop! You may end up with over plucked brow that does nothing to frame the face. Eyebrow hairs grow at different rates, so it is best to wait for most of them to grow so you even things out when you tweeze.

Mistake # 4: Using Too Much Pencil


It’s easy to transform yourself into an artist and have fun while drawing on your eyebrows. I’m guilty of this because I love drawing on my face!

Some women take it a notch higher and end up with brows that look like they have been stenciled on – too thick, too dark, too conspicuous or just too fake looking.

Fix it: Remember – all you need are a few feathery strokes to get that well-defined look. Pick a brow pencil or brow powder (not an eye pencil, since the pigment is different and doesn’t stick on hairy skin) that is one shade lighter than your eyebrow color. You want your brows to look natural – not dark, harsh and fake. Use light and feathery strokes to trace your natural brow shape and shade into patchy areas. The main point is to shadow your brows, not draw in and completely change the whole shape of your brows.

Mistake #5: Not Seeing a Brow Professional

Most of us are tempted to take matters into our own hands – by plucking, waxing or shaving our own brows. This is what usually causes problems – especially when you’re just starting out or rectifying something like over plucking or creating a wrong shape.

Fix it: If you think you have made a mistake when plucking or are unsure of the overall look of your brows, it is probably best that you see a brow professional. Even if you visit a brow bar just once or twice a year, an expert can help you find your natural brow shape and provide you with helpful tips to remember when you go DIY at home.

Do you do your own eyebrows, or do you see a professional? Tell us, what’s the biggest brow challenge you have encountered?

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