How to Be the Girl Next Door He Falls in Love With

What is it about 'the girl next door' vibe that men are attracted to? Do you have the vibe? How can you get it and make the guy of your dreams fall in love with you? It's all here in this article...

I have something to tell you… we are all ‘girls next door‘! We just don’t necessarily understand  the concept, or know why men find it attractive, and so we end up covering it all up with what we think men want. Crazy stuff. In our attempts to attract men we end up disguising the natural things they find most attractive about us!

Who is ‘The Girl Next Door’?

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Well she doesn’t necessarily have to live next door to him. The term refers to the fact that whenever he sees her it is accidental and she’s just doing her thing.

The girl next door’ refers to a girl who is natural and carefree, not too concerned with looking good to attract a guy’s attention, and someone who is just herself and who doesn’t change the way she behaves or looks around a guy, especially in an everyday situation.

Why do men find this attractive?

  • A girl who is comfortable with herself, even when she is not made up to the nines, is sexy. When you pay too much attention to your perceived flaws you only end up drawing other people’s attention to them. And more often or not you will only end up looking like you are overreacting because your own flaws are always magnified to you. It is unlikely that he sees your body in the same way that you do.
  • Insecurity and a lack of confidence is distracting, especially when the thing that most attracts a guy to a girl is her personality at the end of the day. A guy wants to be with a girl he can feel relaxed around, someone he has things in common with and can have a laugh with or enjoy stimulating conversation.
  • It’s the little things a guy finds attractive about you – your personality quirks and the mysterious things you do behind closed doors, when you are just yourself, with no audience. All those things you like to hide, that’s what makes you unique and attractive!

How to Get the ‘Girl Next Door’ Look

Now I know I have said that being a girl next door is more to do with your personality, but your appearance reflects whether you are a low maintenance girl or a high maintenance girl. If you are going for the girl next door look then you want to aim for low maintenance.

Note: This does not mean be someone you’re not – it means precisely the opposite. It means stop trying to be something you’re not, don’t try too hard to ‘create’ your look. Go with your natural features instead of trying to create ones that aren’t there.

Tips to tap into your ‘natural look’…

  • If your hair is naturally curl or has a wave in it that you always straighten out with straightening irons, letting your hair so it’s thing could be just the trick to get him to sit up and pay attention! Pin it up and let tendrils fall free, or let it all loose and the wind whip through… wild hair is sexy, it reminds guys of raw sex.
  • Tone down your make-up so that you can see the real shape of your eyes. Make-up can totally change your natural features and you could be covering up freckles he’ll fall for…
  • Wear clothes that are casually suggestive rather than skin tight and obvious. When you leave a bit to their imagination it has more of an effect, and any guy will enjoy the secret thrill of spotting the sillhouette of your body under a baggy but sheer top!
  • Go for casual footwear. Part of the girl-next-door-allure is her down-to-earth attitude, so get rid of anything pretentious and be comfortable for a change. A guy will respect you for your individuality and confidence to wear slacks and trainers once in a while.
  • Find lots of things to laugh and be happy about. Changing your outlook on life and appreciating the simplicity of it can transform your vibe and make you seem so much more approachable.

What Else Does the Girl Next Door Do That Is Attractive?

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Being a girl next door isn’t just about looking the part. Here are some extra tips to give you the girl-next-door edge…

  • Kick back and be one of the boys! Don’t be afraid to muck in and have some fun. Order a beer and drink out of the bottle if you’re normally a glass of wine girl. Be happy with a takeaway and a Sci-fi flick or horror movie every now and then. Challenge him to one of his computer games, but don;t be all girly about it – get your competitive streak out! It’s all about making each other feel relaxed and at ease, and having plenty in common.
  • Be a good neighbour! This means showing compassion to people around you rather than showing judgment. Offer help when it’s needed, lend a hand or an ear or a shoulder. Human qualities are just as important as all the others when it comes to attraction.
  • The girl next door wears her reading glasses in public because she’s not vain or concerned with what other people think. Sorry but reading glasses are cool and sexy! I wish I needed them.
  • In a downpour she doesn’t mind getting wet. High maintenance girls shriek because their perfectly straightened hair is getting frizzy. Low maintenance girls walk straight through the middle of the biggest puddles, stomping, with a cheeky grin on their face!
  • Don’t be afraid of getting messy, mess is fun, whether it’s out the garden getting muddy or in the kitchen getting yummy!

BOTTOM LINE: Just be yourself! Rediscover the child within. That cheeky innocence will make you approachable and endearing.

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Scarlett Robinson

I am inspired by the ways people interact. Human behaviour and emotions are wonderfully complex, and I want to dig deeper and understand more. This is why I explore intimate relationships in my writing. (I’m also ever so slightly kinky.)

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  • Its a guy over here where I live and he always making eye contact with me and be smiling and last night he walk almost too the end of the side walk and look dead at me. an turn back around an I said too myself that’s strange, but before that I was outside by myself me and my baby an he was talking to someone but when he got ready to go up the steps he just paused all of a sudden make like was messing with his phone an finally he went on in the house i m guessing he wanted to say something I don’t know I just need a little advice and what does all this mean?