These Are 5 Types Of Guys You Meet On Tinder

Not all guys on Tinder are bad. But, not all guys on Tinder are necessarily good, either. We made a list of 5 types of guys you meet on Tinder and yours is just to pick the right one for you.

Tinder has become a staple in the everyday lives of teenagers and young adults. It’s used as a means to meet people around us. We use it in hope of finding friends, a relationship or a hook up. Not everyone on Tinder is on it for the same reasons as we are.

It’s hard when you’re using Tinder to talk to guys or find a relationship and some of them only have interest in an easy hook up. It should be noted, though, that there are guys on Tinder who are not like this at all. We made a list of five types of guys you meet on Tinder, check it out.

1. The guy from high school


Since you have to enter your location when using Tinder, you’re bound to come across guys from high school you never thought you’d see again. This is especially likely if you’re home for break.

There are two things that may cross your mind when you see this guy: You either think it’d be funny to see if he swiped right on you, or you immediately swipe left because you’re so weirded out by having him know you’re using Tinder.

2. The pushy guy

This guy is the cute boy you match with whom you think is going to be a really genuine person. He likes to talk to you about how your day went, compliments you often and seems really interested in you.

After what seems like a good conversation, he starts to get more and more direct with you. He talks about how he’d love to meet you, hang out or go on a date. If you don’t respond, he continues to message you.

He asks you for your number or gives you his in the hopes that you’ll meet up. This guy does not take no for an answer. He will message you nonstop. You can recognize this guy by looking for the following sentence in his bio: Only in ________ for the weekend!

3. The hot-but-vocal-about-his-sex-life guy


These guys are really disappointing. You’re so excited about the fact that a really attractive guy matched with you. It gives your self-confidence a little boost—even more so when he messages you. He often messages something along the lines of “Hey cutie ;)”. He tries to be smooth and really wants to talk to you about anything related to sex.

Back when moments were a thing, he would always post pictures of himself without a shirt on, pictures of his crotch and pictures asking if anyone wants to meet up. He will do and say anything to make girls understand that he has sex often, and that he can get any girl that he desires. Trust me: stay away. He’s definitely compensating for something.

4. The useless-info guy

Not having a bio on Tinder can be a serious red flag. What kind of person goes on a dating app without giving out any information about themselves? It’s just odd.

A person who thinks that you can get enough information about someone by the look of their pictures is not someone I trust. Something else that I’ve noticed is that only guys who are pretty tall will only have their height listed in their Tinder bio.

Tinder is not something that many people take seriously. At the end of the day, not having a bio on it is not going to stop people from swiping right.

However, a guy without a bio and a guy with a bio giving his height and a slew of emojis suggesting what he enjoys doing are things that make women less likely to swipe right because it shows that he can’t even try with something as simple as a bio. They’re not exactly off to a great start.

5. The diamond in the rough


There are some genuinely cool guys using Tinder! I have started talking to plenty of guys who simply enjoy the conversation and don’t make things weird at all. These are the types of guys who have put thought into their bios, and don’t give off the wrong vibe. They don’t constantly talk about their sex lives and ask you vulgar questions. These are the guys you should be talking to.

I have met plenty of cool guys in person who I would consider myself to be pretty good friends with. Not every guy on Tinder is going to be a tool who just wants to get something wet.

Plenty of people meet on Tinder, and these meetings sometimes blossom into relationships. It’s possible, and it happens. I’ve been on nice dates with some guys on Tinder. Why they didn’t work out in the long run just came to individual differences.

What I would suggest is not to feel embarrassed for using Tinder. The curiosity surrounding it is enticing. For a certain amount of time, it can make you feel a little bit better about yourself because it validates that other people find you attractive and interesting.

There is nothing wrong with using Tinder unless you are not being safe with it. If you want to meet up with someone you meet online, make sure that the picture really is of the person, and don’t give your number out to just anyone. Make sure you don’t meet up with the person alone, or let people know what you’re doing.

Have you ever come across some of these types of guys? Tell us all about it in the comments down below.

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