Things Guys Notice When They First Meet You

Do you ever wonder what things guys notice the first time they meet you? This article written by our male contributor will tell you exactly what men notice every time they meet a woman.

The first time a guy looks you in the eye and shakes your hand, there are a lot of things going on at once that he picks up on. Maybe you don’t even come into physical contact, maybe you just nod to each other from a short distance or exchange a wave.

No matter what the conditions are, it’s a pivotal moment that will undoubtedly shape the way he views you. There are things happening on many different levels, consciously and subconsciously.

Although some of them are things us men are not even aware of, they still mold our opinion of you. Here’s an inside look at what guys are thinking and feeling when they meet you for the first time

Eye contact

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Eye contact is the most important thing. If you meet a guy and for some reason don’t look him in the eye, he will feel like he hasn’t even met you yet, and in a big way, he hasn’t. If you don’t look him in the eye, he hasn’t had the chance to communicate attraction, unless of course, he takes action to make it obvious in another way, which is unlikely.

Once you do establish eye contact, trust your gut. You of all people will know if he likes you. Did he give you a deep look or a fleeting glance? If he thinks you’re really beautiful, he might purposefully ignore you in an effort to draw your interest.

That’s assuming he’s playing some kind of game. If he gives you little to no attention at all, he’s either not interested at all or extremely interested and is using his willpower to avoid looking at you.

He may think that showing too much interest in the beginning of getting to know someone can be unattractive. If this is the case, he’ll drop the game altogether and head straight for you when he feels the time is right.

The shape of your body

This might be the first thing guys notice about women. We can notice your body type with peripheral vision only. If a woman has an attractive figure, we will turn and look based on what we saw from our peripheral vision.

If we find your body attractive for whatever reason, that’s often the start of our interest in you, but not always. Different guys are into different things. Most guys really do care about personality. A beautiful body is just a big bonus.

Your face

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We notice things like the shape of your lips, the color of your eyes; just the basic physical features of your face. Guys don’t really have a big hang up about any one particular thing regarding a woman’s face. You’ll probably never hear a guy point out one particular facial feature and rule out all women who look that way or don’t look that way.

Your voice

Not only the sound of your voice but especially the intonation used when you say hello if any. We will definitely remember the way you greeted us and what you said after that. That will be the foundation for how we might imagine any dialogue with you in the future. Even if all you said was, “Hi,” that one sound will stick with us until we have a chance to speak to you again.

Body language

We definitely pay attention to whether or not you adjust yourself, play with your hair, anything like that. We notice how close in proximity to us you seem to feel comfortable with. We look for indicators of interest, anything that tells us you want to talk to us.

What you’re wearing

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Guys like clothes that make you look sexy or cute, but we don’t really care that much beyond that. We don’t care at all about the brand, who designed it, or where you bought it. We don’t care much about your shoes either.

Some women have a huge obsession with shoes. Men barely notice what kind of shoes you have on. The only people who are really noticing your shoes are other women. We are aware that women really notice our shoes, though.

The feel of your hand

We pay attention to the way you shake our hand, the way your hand feels in our, and the texture of your skin, but most of the really important things we notice occur elsewhere, lie in the eye contact.

Although not all guys think the same way, we seem to have similar impressions when we meet women, especially those we are interested in. Most importantly, we look for signs that you’re interested in us too, but the number one thing is most definitely eye contact.

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I’m a Florida native who can’t help but get myself into romantic trouble everywhere I look. During football season, I allow my weekends to be consumed with sports. During the long months in between, I focus most of my energy on trying to find the perfect match. So I’m here to share some of my knowledge with you, because I know deep down you’re just like me.

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