How To Become A Fashion Blogger: 12 Crucial Steps

If fashion is your thing, and you’ve always wondered how to become a fashion blogger, then this is the article for you! It is not as difficult as you think!

When you feel a strong urge to write, then it’s something you absolutely have to follow through with. The tricky part is figuring out what exactly it is that you want to write about.

You may find one topic more interesting than the other, and have quite a few great things to say about one particular interest of yours. In this particular case, you already have a passion for fashion, so don’t let me keep you waiting.

You’re obviously reading this to find out how to become a fashion blogger. However, not just any fashion blogger. You ideally want to become a successful fashion blogger and combine both of your passions – writing and fashion. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Determine your personal brand

how to become a fashion blogger

One of the most important steps in becoming a fashion blogger is coming up with your own personal brand. There are so many bloggers out there who just start writing without any plan, and expect personal success.

However, without a personal brand, it’s very difficult for readers to associate you with a specific topic. That makes your quest to become a professional blogger extremely difficult.

Step 2: Think of a name

Another important thing to remember is choosing an appropriate name for your fashion blog. Whether you choose to be associated with your own name or choose an alias, having something to be called is important.

Choose wisely, though. Your name should complement your brand, not create a lot of confusion.

Step 3: Find a suitable platform

how to become a fashion blogger

As a fashion blogger, there are so many different platforms to choose from – depending on the style you’re going for. Tumblr is a particularly popular platform for fashion bloggers with its easy-to-use and funky functions.

If you’re not very experienced at blogging, then I’d suggest trying something simply to start off with, and gradually learn how to manage other, more complicated platforms.

Blogger, although a popular choice, not one of my favourites due to its boring layout. Boring isn’t something you want when trying to portray a fun fashion image. However, fashion has many forms. So depending on the particular style you’re going for, Blogger might just be your answer.

WordPress is a more advanced option, for more advanced bloggers. It has many functionality options with various plugins to optimise your blog. Regardless of how complicated or intricate it may be, I’d definitely suggest starting a WordPress fashion blog if you want to become a successful fashion blogger.

Step 4: Ideally, get a logo

I can’t possibly give you tips on how to become a fashion blogger if I don’t suggest getting your own logo design. This can either be in the form of your name or an image logo.

Either way, you need to be consistent when choosing your logo. This will go on every social post, every YouTube video if you choose to make any, and will definitely be placed on your blog page. So make sure it not only matches your chosen name but carries through to your brand.

Step 5: Design your page

how to become a fashion blogger

This is where the fun part comes in. If you’re using WordPress, you may want to get someone who knows a little bit more about HTML than you do in order to choose a theme. However, Blogger and Tumblr is a much easier choice.

These platforms have an array of free templates to choose from to turn the ‘how to become a fashion blogger’ into ‘how to make money from fashion blogging.’ Which is another incentive to become a professional blogger.

Step 6: Learn a few things about keywords

It’s easy to start writing about anything your heart desires, but if you don’t have specific keywords within your writing, you may not be noticed by Google or anyone on Google for that matter.

Although SEO is a lot more complicated than I’m going to explain in this particular article, knowing the basics will help your fashion blog get noticed by your desired audience.

Step 7: How to become a fashion blogger? Write!

how to become a fashion blogger

Without content to add to your blog, your ideas won’t go anywhere. So the next step is to start putting your ideas on ‘paper’ so to say. Ensure you have a reliable grammar checking program to review your work before publishing it online.

As a writer, your reputation can easily take a few knocks if you have bad grammar as well as awful spelling. Remember to add descriptions to your images, such as keywords, for those images and your blog to be seen on Google.

Step 8: Create social media pages

It’s not enough to have a blog with a few articles on there if you have no way if sharing them with the world. So create multiple social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest in order to use those platforms as sharing options.

Any writer on the internet, regardless if you’re a fashion blogger or write business articles, should have a Google+ ID in order to gain a reputation online.

You also need to ensure that your specific ID is entered into your WordPress user profile, along with your other social media pages URLs.

This will give readers an opportunity to find you elsewhere with just a click of a button.

Step 9: Share your content

how to become a fashion blogger

Get to know Facebook’s ‘insights’ option a little bit more in order to know the ideal times to share your articles – increasing your chances for them to get read.

Remember not to post too many times within one week for your audience to get irritated, but not too little for them to forget you. Share your articles on your Google+ page, Twitter, as well as Pinterest (essentially being the most important platform for a fashion blogger)

Step 10: Grow your audience

When trying to grow your audience, remember to treat each and every new follower with the same love, respect, and appreciation you’d treat the first one with.

The number of followers is not as important as having real, engaging fans. So remember not to focus completely on gaining an enormous fan base, but rather on creating a community of individuals who truly enjoy your work.

Individuals who’d help share your ideas and support you on your journey to becoming an expert fashion blogger.

Step 11: Connect with fans

how to become a fashion blogger

When it comes to wanting to know how to become a fashion blogger, one of the most important steps is to remember to connect with the fans or followers that you gain.

Send them appreciative messages when they choose to become a fan. Act like a human being on social media platforms instead of a robot, and become more of a friend to each person on your social pages – if you can.

They’ll be your backbone when your fashion blogging turns into an income, so never underestimate the power of connecting with your fans.

Step 12: Remember why you write

When you’ve written a few articles, shared them on your social media pages, and have grown an audience you can be proud of, remember to never forget the whole reason why you started writing in the first place.

That will get you through the moments when you feel too tired to write, or when being a fashion blogger starts feeling generic. There’s a reason why you wanted to know how to become a fashion blogger in the first place, so never let that desire go.

how to become a fashion blogger

As a true writer, there’s nothing more rewarding than changing lives through your words and ideas. Without realising it, you may be inspiring someone to make an effort to look pretty again. Or, you can give someone else useful ideas when they’re feeling frustrated about their own fashion choices.

Perhaps someone has an important date coming up and they’re seeking some inspiration, or you’re helping to improve someone’s self-confidence.

Either way, the more you practise how to be a fashion blogger, the more you’ll become an expert in your field. Being an expert in your field is something you should strive for. And, honestly, who wouldn’t want to be an expert in fashion blogging anyway!

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